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  1. We're going to try our best to deliver content by posting a promotional video of our properties every day! Today on the list: Our spacious and modern apartment located in Del Perro, Cougar Avenue. Priced for a quick rent, the apartment has a large living area with a fitted and equipped kitchen, a balcony with a great view over the Del Perro beach and district, 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. The apartment comes together with a large private parking space. It is about 1 minute removed from the Del Perro beach and pier. This apartment is currently AVAILABLE on the market! Renting price: $25,000 per week. https://streamable.com/thrrza Song: ''Never let you go'' by LeCamp Contact PH: 2398
  2. 205 Bay City Avenue is now available on the market. This beautiful apartment is located in Del Perro, right next to the beach. Obviously, it comes with a great sun-screen view. Too lazy to walk? There is a large swimming pool right outside your doorsteps! Price: $23,500 per week. Exclusive for a single tenant or couple. Contact PH: 2398, or 81679512 if unavailable https://streamable.com/2ndodl EDIT: Rented out, no longer available!
  3. Not at this time haha, but it can be done if you have serious interest in one of our apartments!
  4. The following apartment is already taken at the moment, but we'd like to showcase you our work either way. Watch and enjoy the beauty of this one! https://streamable.com/r2t2ix We're working tirelessly to release our newest properties as soon as possible to you!
  5. Recruitment is currently OPEN Hiring: Interior Designer Positions for Real Estate Agents & Interior Designers Have you reached your potential in your career? Are you making the money you deserve? Do you have the tools, leadership, and supportive environment to help you succeed in this lucrative and exciting industry? If you answered “No” to any of these questions, Farley Real Estates is your answer. At Farley Real Estates, You Can: Make a six-figure, commission-based income Have a flexible schedule Find the best free training and support to become a Real Estate Agent (no previous experience necessary) Work full-time or part-time In Order to Join Our Team, You Must: Have a desire to work independently and have control over your professional growth Have a strong work ethic and desire to be successful Have excellent communication skills and the ability to network to build your business Possess previous experience if you're applying for ''Interior Designer'' This is not a salaried position. Your income is entirely commission-based and provides unlimited potential.
  6. Farley Real Estates Inc. launched in 2020 and is headquartered in Morningwood, Los Santos. Welcome To Farley Estates Farley Estates creates a way through trust and expertise towards a perfect lease management platform where tenants find their dream home. When our expertise in leasing and renting meet your needs, property deals becomes a less tedious job for you. Farley Estates thus becomes an adept solution. OurMission Create a legacy, by being the most trusted and unique space for customers and clients across the world, to carry out their property deals at ease. To make the leasing and renting process a hassle free trade by making it comfortable at every stage. OurVision Create an avenue for customers to meet the best properties available across LS partnering with the most trusted and reputed real estate company with a prime focus on customer centricity and satisfaction. ✆ 816-79512 📍Magnolia Studio, Morningwood Boulevard, Morningwood, Los Santos ✉ [email protected] (PM Gamble) Now on Discord! Our discord is now available to the public view. Please feel free to join us to take a look at our properties and to reach out to us (OOCly) or follow the development of our company. Furthermore, our Discord users get a priority on renting and purchasing properties! (( Please note that we adhere to the server rules in our Discord. )) https://discord.gg/PZfkGMf BusinessCertificate_919-2020-06.pdf
  7. Interested. PH: 53132277
  8. GALLERY (CLICK ME) 1 bedroom apartment for sale, Cougar Avenue, Del Perro, Los Santos Starting bid: 100,000 USD. Spacious and modern apartment. Priced for a quick sale, the apartment has a large living area with a fitted and equipped kitchen, 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom. The apartment comes together with a large private parking space. It is located nearby the Del Perro beach and pier. Bedrooms: 1 Bathrooms: 1 Work Required: None Air Conditioning Private Parking space(s) 30 seconds walk to the Del Perro beach & pier Located next to fast food restaurants & local shops Market price: $115,000 Starting bid: $100,000 Buyout: $200,000 Minimum increment: $2,000
  9. GTA is rated M so you can already assume people are mature enough to play on the server if they own the game. So it's not the server's responsibility.
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