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  1. Selling my Penumbra, Registered & Insured. Starting bid will be $45,000 Buyout is set at $60,000 OOC Stats:
  2. Highest Bid is $65,000 then, if I don't get any further bid I will contact you via PM.
  3. I have recently gone through the recruitment process and can attest to this fully, at no point was my nationality disclosed or required to be. From experience, it was based mainly on character portrayal, backstory, understanding of the English language to a reasonable degree and overall quality of your RP. This is coming from someone who is from a Caribbean island, making me a minority; the nationality differential is really a scaled down version of what the server's representation on a whole is in my opinion.
  4. Vapid Dominator Buyout :$100,000 Features: Maxed speed racing transmission and clutch Engine modifications Turbo Upgraded suspension and braking system Registered, insured, clean title.
  5. Cyber Security Student.
  6. Keep it coming, loving the shots.
  7. As is being said, there are enough LEO type factions within the game right now. LSPD serves its purpose and LSSD also serves a good purpose offering more niche type gameplay as well. Simply no need to make another addition, even if it would be part time.
  8. Really support these ideas having a cyber war between law enforcement and criminals on the server would open up alot of new avenues for character development and roleplay.
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