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  1. Selling 248 Spanish Avenue, West Vinewood. Best location (West Vinewood). Close to the market and cafe. Parking available 24/7. Crime free area. Police station nearby (Rockford hills) Hospital nearby (Rockford Hills) Here are some pictures clicked on my phone. Starting bid : $100,000 Bid Increment : $10,000 Buyout is $180,000 Will be sold to the maximum bidder, if none bids in 24 hours. ((Market price is $115,000)) ((Furniture worth $0)) SOLD for buyout.
  2. And when will bid end? Make mine 520,000 then.
  3. Bid increases by? 510,000.
  4. This will be a total time waste in my opinion, even for staffs. While, they can already get logs, teleport or etc. If they see some char aged less than 18 gets involved in ERP. Instead of writing a wall of text in application then waiting to get approved, why don't take care of your character and don't involve him/her in ERP or any under age activity? Issue solved, right? And yeah, there are already lots of things which are taken care by staffs, I don't think they gotta add more burden on themselves for this small little thing. Like, you have to wait for days (sometimes for weeks if you are not lucky) to get answer on your requests. So, staffs are already doing tons of things.
  5. Thing is, OOC and IC are two different entities, early you remember it would be good for you. But yeah, as Flow said you gotta be bigger man and let it happen, but just take care for next time, at least you will be learning something from the situation which you can keep in your head. I was being nice to everyone OOCly and ICly when I was new here, but you really can't do anything, just learn from past situations and be careful about it next time. At the end, we all are playing a game.
  6. Avoiding some group of people means avoiding RP? Nice understanding, you can avoid them RPly, like if someone is irritating you, you wanna avoid him, what you do? Call cops right? So ultimately he is RPing with cops.. But in extortion case, so you guys yourself are saying theres no way to win over extorts.. Yeah, someone pointed out few ways, which were.. 1. Hiding? Extort people can easily get one's information. If you are hiding, as a result you wont be able to open your business. So, business man loose here.. 2. Security.. Okay, suppose some business paid to security and got them. Extorters will somehow get information about business owner and start finding him. They can easily pick him up when ever they see him outside his business and can CK him easily.. 3. Cops.. Duh, I never saw any business person reporting to cops and getting a win over extorters, by doing this, he is approving his own CK. Maybe extort people can have some cops under them? Who knows?
  7. Yeah so you guys agree there's no proper way to avoid them right? What if someone wanna avoid them in RP? He'll end up getting a CK. Uh, I asked one way and you made whole paragraph saying to ask them for favors...
  8. Nothing aggressive! Just asking, please give me any one way that business owners can pass this extortion thing. That's it.
  9. Kuldeep


  10. Schwartzer for sale! Fully upgraded, lock system as well! Custom plates! and My offer is 140,000$ Contact me for more! 1522626.
  11. Kuldeep

    [BUYING] Felon GT

    Phone number changed ^
  12. Hey, I am looking for Felon GT. Please SMS/Call me 1522626 Or email me at [email protected]((FORUM PM)) Thank you, Jareen Wood.
  13. Thanks for your service! I am recommending this company to everyone who is in need to get a nice apartment for a good price!
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