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  1. Crooks

    BT About To Ged Shit Poppin?
  2. Crooks

    Hit Em Up, Serve Cuh Wid The Finest Exotic. Just Earning a Lil Change For Grandma
  3. Crooks

    First Day In Wya Rell We Stay Active Fuck It We Ona Pardy Time After All This Drama Mondre Ain Had No Job No Mo, Fired From the 24/7 So Lil Cuzz Went Out To Try N Eat Lil To No Time After Mondre Turnt To YBG MAFIA SSTOMP N Got Put On The Set By The Big Homies
  4. Crooks

    The Program In The Hood Mondre Geddin Wid The Big Homies, Shit Turned Souf Done Got Fuckt Up, Mondre Wid His First Charge Lockt Up #FreeMondre
  5. Crooks

    Plottin w/ VON
  6. Crooks

    Family ties
  7. Crooks

  8. Crooks

    Good Tree