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  1. MomoIsHere

    26.05.2020: Tag on a roof near Legion Square: https://imgur.com/muqzFSV
  2. MomoIsHere

    The Lynx got sold and is no longer up for sale, as its not in my possesion anymore.
  3. Hey, Im selling a green Lynx for 190 grand. It got the best aftermarket parts you can find. Its well kept and clean overall. It has neons, a spoiler and a custom plate fitting the theme of the car overall. Mail me at [email protected] if you are interested. (( Forum DMs )) Preview: https://imgur.com/oumFZGs https://imgur.com/X1omqhD
  4. Hey there, Im offering my service as a professional Graffiti Artist. After getting in contact with me you will need to give me the rough idea of the piece and the planned location. I will work out everything else, including: Planning, creative process, paint variation and more. The price depends on the piece on its own. If you are interested, get in touch with me over [email protected] (( Forum DMs )) (( OOC Note: The piece of graffiti wont be visible ingame, but will only be received as an image. )) Showcase of previous pieces:
  5. MomoIsHere

    Chapter: Contacts.
  6. MomoIsHere

    Chapter: Fire.
  7. MomoIsHere

    J-그린 - Korean Graffiti Artist that follows her own rules.
  8. MomoIsHere

    24.05.2020: New tUP in Legion Square. Is it just me or is it burning in here?: https://imgur.com/wEH1zXg Another one in the canals: https://imgur.com/ITkqqOD Quick notif: I built in a small comment feature into my archive. So go ahead if you feel like you want to share what you think.
  9. MomoIsHere

    User: JGreen Comment: A lot of weed went into making this video. Bet.
  10. MomoIsHere

    1/10 Some kind epilepsy is triggered while looking at that. And I shit my pants everytime theres his face for a split second. I have nightmares of this.
  11. MomoIsHere

    User: JGreen Comment: He looks like me when one of my spraycans overkills. Oof.
  12. MomoIsHere

    23.05.2020: Me and Frijol have been at it in the canals: https://imgur.com/3V4riIv Guns Direct paid me to cover something up, these are the results: https://imgur.com/aU3Y6W0
  13. MomoIsHere

    When you just want to threat someone with a bit of graffiti and then get called up. Mom, pick me up, im scared.
  14. MomoIsHere

    22.05.2020: Signature tag I did in K-Town: https://imgur.com/OVFL5Ds Tag in the canals. The stuff to the lower right is from a friend that snatched my paint can: https://imgur.com/gn8GJFq K-Town, behind the LTD in the alleyway. Fuck A Fed <3: https://imgur.com/18H0xit K-Town, in an alleyway. First piece I did with colour back in LS: https://imgur.com/1iwTgxD
  15. MomoIsHere

    Hello, stranger. Welcome to my personal hell that I created for you psychos to look at my work. Have fun looking through my stuff. And if you want to contact me about my stuff: Fuck off. And to the FIB Agent that is watching me: Fuck off, aswell. So, this is the starting post. Just scroll through the page, im sure you will find something that you like. And if you dont, fuck off. Gonna add every piece I make here, so atleast it doesnt get lost inbetween all those other pieces. And if you still dont know whats going on: This is a graffiti archive, I archive my graffiti here. Sincerly, J-그린