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  1. Username: JosephHoffmanOFFICIAL Comments: Hello Arrow. You are currently misinformed. Chief Arthur Perez holds a seat as one of my staffers and will be working closely with me on addressing Native American concerns. City Council was only inaugurated this past Sunday and we're still in talks with the City Manager on establishing our budget. I can assure you that I am working as hard as I can to get our office running as soon as possible, I ask that you be patient. Thanks, Joseph Hoffman We invite you to like our page in order to keep up with the latest news. - https://face.gta.world/pages/BCDC
  2. PRINT NAME & TITLE: Joseph Hoffman, County District Representative SIGNATURE: SIGNING DATE: Oct. 3rd, 2020 COMMENT: I fully support this pledge.
  3. Joseph Hoffman's Meet & Greet @ Hookies!
  4. Username: JosephHoffmanOFFICIAL Comment: https://face.gta.world/jhoffman This is the official response from the Joseph Hoffman, Republican Candidate for the County “Because unlike the Republican candidate, I'm not an all talk and no show. I say what I want, and I get what I want. Increasing the amount of guns will not solve all the issues, as promised by the Republican candidate. Can an increase in guns improve education, jobs, give you houses or money? No.” Living in a democracy it is crazy, if not borderline radical, for someone to say that they can “say what they want” and “get what they want”. Resources available to us are finite and I believe it is the politician’s responsibility to utilize these resources to best cater to the needs of his/her constituents. Believing you can incite or promote change just because you believe you “get what you want” is a poor mentality for any politician to have. Change requires understanding the system and being able to navigate the system through the correct due process. If we do not follow the appropriate due process to make change then we no longer live in a democracy that is supported by checks and balances. With all due respect Mr. Khan, I believe you’re the one that will be “all talk and no show”. I strongly believe in the Second Amendment as granted to us by the Constitution of the United States. Every citizen should have the right to bear Arms at their own discretion. I have never stated that I believed in the increase of firearms. I also have never stated that I believe in the reduction of firearms as the democratic candidate has expressed. I believe it is every private citizen’s right to have the option to keep and bear Arms. The number of firearms a private citizen holds should be at his or her own discretion and not something the government should have any business in. “The current law states that you are within your rights to defend your property and lives. I believe guns should NOT be taken away. They're permitted for open carry as they are now and only to be used as self defense. There are more issues than just safety measures. We have talked with the sheriff's department and there are assurances given that safety will not be an issue.” The term open carry refers to the practice of “openly carrying a firearm in public”. You have been misinformed in believing that open carry is legal in San Andreas. As dictated by SHAFT regulations open carry is NOT legal. Carrying a firearm is legal when carrying out lawful activities as stated in the SHAFT regulations. However, currently the LSPD’s regulations on carrying a firearm dictates that one must have a valid license to carry their firearm. For example, an individual who expresses an interest in hunting must carry a hunting license. Or a person interested in sporting must be at a lawful location. The issue here is there is no government agency that grants hunting licenses nor does anybody dictated lawful locations for sporting. Therefore this ambiguity prevents lawful citizens from carrying out these activities thus making it illegal. I will outline two of my agenda items that my constituents are all familiar with. First I will be pushing towards the legalizing of open carry. There has been an increase in crime in Los Santos County. The LSSD is well aware of this issue and as I’ve been assured by an LSSD Lieutenant they are working very hard in addressing these problems by increasing patrol shifts in commonly targeted areas along having detectives work on making arrests on repeated offenders. The issue is not the lack of police presence as said by the democratic candidate. The issue is the population density of the County. The entire county is vast therefore it is not feasible for the LSSD to have every region fully covered with a two minute response time as you might expect in places such as Strawberry and Davis. In response to this, I believe that enabling open carry to the incorporated areas of Los Santos County is a step in the right direction. Giving folks the right to have a loaded open carry at their waist will have thieves thinking twice or thrice before they attempt to perpetuate their crimes. Our tentative plan for execution is to grant the Sheriff of LSSD the power to enable any citizen of San Andreas to open carry in Los Santos County through state law. We then intend to work closely with the LSSD and provide any support they need from us. Second we will legalize hunting by introducing a hunting licensing system executed by one of our government agencies. “It's not hard for a Democrat in the county. The problem is that the Republicans like talking a lot. But as I said, they're no-show. I'm looking to resolve all of their issues, which includes giving veterans and those in need better and new housing, providing them with better education, more jobs, and more safety as well.” I’ve been campaigning in the county ever since I was confirmed to be the County candidate by the Republican Party. I have spoken to numerous business owners, managers, employees, sheriff’s deputies, fire department personnel, and private citizens from all over the county. This includes but does not limit citizens in Paleto Bay, Grapeseed, Sandy Shores, and Chumash. I have spent all this time listening and learning from my constituents. You’ve referred me as a ‘no-show’, therefore with all due respect can you tell me how active you’ve been when it comes to spending time with the citizens of Los Santos County? I’ve asked numerous citizens if they’ve heard from you and throughout my campaign, I have not met a single citizen who had met you face to face. The Republican Party has and always will stand by our nation’s veterans. This includes law enforcement officers whom have given so much to promote the safety of society. If the Democratic Party expresses the same interests then why is Chloe Collins still a director for the party? “No. If anything, taxes will be reduced. As you see, Blaine County is blessed with natural gifts - mountains, scenery, beaches and whatnot. My plan is to use Tourism to our advantage. Now I know we, the county people don't like tourists hanging around. Frankly, who even likes people roaming around at their house? No one. But the thing that people have got to understand is that tourism means money. Money makes houses. Houses accommodate people. Money also makes businesses. Businesses give jobs. So as you can see, all of this is very interlinked. We get enough money from the Tourism sector, we boost our other sectors up. Tourism can also help to establish educational institutes in Blaine County through the money produced. So all the problems resolved. No tax increase. Everyone's happy.” The Republican Party believes that the tax rate as it is should remain as it is. Tourism is potentially a huge industry but it is important to be mindful of the long-term residents of the County. What I don’t understand with this response is how tourism will fund enough money to fund and enable growth. The first possibility is that Mr. Khan wants to add taxes to existing tourism companies but that goes against his initial statement of reducing taxes. The second possibility is that Mr. Khan wants to introduce government-funded tourism companies but that will hurt the private sector. We at the Republican Party strongly believe that the free market is best without government interference. Introducing a government-funded agency for tourism will hurt small business owners. And even then it is unclear if the money generated will ever be enough to fund all the promises Mr. Khan is attempting to persuade us with. I agree with one sentiment which is that the County is vast and beautiful. There is tremendous potential and my policy on businesses is to incentivize growth. We do not want to fund or start businesses of our own but enable growth through smart decisions. Most of the negotiations when it comes to business growth will be taking place between the City and State government. My first action item when it comes to businesses is to reduce or remove licensing costs for County businesses. Our goal is to promote growth through this act.
  5. Username: JohnTravolta Comment: Chloe Collins hates our military. To refer to our veterans as "mass murderers" is a disgusting remark to give to our brave troops whom have sacrificed so much for this great nation. She has still retained her position as the "Democratic Party Committee Assistant Director", which shows us that the democratic party is formed by weak leaders and simpletons whom do NOT stand by American values.
  6. ((The max buyout isn't 3x (furniture + MP + business script). It's 3x MP + furniture + business script)) I can offer $475,220 if the deals don't go through.
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