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  1. Darius

    Default textures.
  2. Darius

    Tried to install vehicle skins which were working in the singleplayer, but not in Rage:MP. (Obviously after ArchiveFix'ing it accordingly). I haven't got any errors, the skins just weren't appeared within the server.
  3. Darius

    It doesn't work with vehicles..
  4. Do you have proof of what you just said? Just post here proofs for your claims about 5600 XT and 5700 XT. You said that "the fans are terrible for consistent usage" - you can always buy other better fan for the cpu, rather than using the stock one.
  5. Well if you're looking at that from this angle, then it's something else. But when talking about budget, performance, etc, then AMD is the choice.
  6. You can take a look on Youtube and see that Radeon 5500 XT, 5600 XT, 5700 XT, are not less good than GTX 1080 TI, 2060 and 2070 super. The Radeon cards are /MUCH/ cheaper than the RTX cards, at least in my country. For example:
  7. Whatever PC you're going to build, always remember to pick AMD graphic card, because it's much much cheaper than NVIDIA RTX's set, and it obviously has the same performances just like RTX cards.
  8. Darius

    Fully upgraded, excellent condition, however comes without an insurance.
  9. That's brilliant mate, well done.
  10. Darius

    EDIT: Delete this.
  11. Darius

    EDIT: Delete this.
  12. Darius

    Vehicles can be installed?
  13. I have custom vehicles installed on my GTA but when playing the server I can see that it doesn't appear. Is there a method to install custom skins and actually see them while playing in RageMP server?
  14. Well as the title is written, I was thinking about why PD/SD don't have an actual garage with their cruisers, and instead they have to teleport their cruisers constantly? Second is, why the county jail doesn't look like a real prison, and why everyone who wants can enter its area freely? (The gates don't block any traffic at all).