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  1. Looking to buy a standalone house anywhere in LOS SANTOS aside from the following areas: Davis Strawberry Rancho El Burro The County Budget is a flexible $330k. Email details/offers to [email protected] ((forum pm))
  2. I feel like that's the issue. If a faction doesn't fit your vision, join it anyway and try to make changes from the inside out. Help them expand their roleplay, don't just jump in and make your own faction.
  3. Banned for generic Rick & Morty avatar. ?
  4. Figured out where I was going wrong. Seemed to be a user error on my part. I assumed the folder structure inside this modloader's Mods folder was the same as the OpenIV Mods folder. However with this modloader all you do is put the dlc folder and the update.rpf for it directly under Mods. For those who may run into an issue with the mods not loading: For example with OpenIV my mods folder looks like; mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/mpbiker/update.rpf (for my kutte mod) However with this modloader, my folder structure ignores everything before mpbiker. It now looks just like Mods/mpbiker/update.rpf So make sure your Mods folder structure with this modloader looks like: Mods/yourmodname(must match the one under dlcpacks)/yourmod.rpf
  5. Not sure I follow what you mean by you injected the files, can you clarify? I don't see an option to manually inject them. Just the option to 'start game'.
  6. I think it depends on the person. I typically don’t do any serious relationship RP unless it happens naturally through a way that progresses my characters story. However there also needs to be some form of connection oocly even on a casual speaking basis to make sure it’s sustainable. Call me the minority, but I’m not all about eradicating erp. If it happens between two consenting parties I see no problem with it.
  7. Unfortunately this did not work for me with the Social Club version. I followed the instructions, booted up without issues, however the mods are not present in game. ?
  8. A GUI is just one more thing to close. I personally don't see an issue with it being in the chat.
  9. +1. I would like to be able to describe some of my tattoos, however due to the current limitations I'm not able to do so because the patches on my kutte take up so much text. I see no reason why the character limit can't be increased to 500 - 600.
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