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  1. Sure, there needs to be consideration of the amount of objects. But in all honesty, so much more could have been done to add some color contrast while being mindful of the objects. With all due respect to those that made it, walking into the mall feels like a knock off palace that someone only half finished.
  2. So, $1 on GTA:W is equivalent to $1 IRL. So when you buy a gram of weed you ARE in fact buying it for $300, not (($30)). While $1 = $1, the economy is unique so prices are inflated.
  3. God, please no. The drug prices are currently pretty high, sure. But it's what happens when you have an open market where people can set their own prices. It's up to someone else to come in and undercut the competition to drive prices down. We don't need admin intervention to change things.
  4. Because it’s the ONLY mall in all of Los Sant- hell, all of San Andreas, right now?
  5. Exactly. Honestly moving to bans from ajails isn't that big of a change. What is an ajail? You get temporarily taken out of the community to 'learn a lesson'. However you're required to stay logged in and in essence punished outside of GTA:W. What is a ban? You get temporarily taken out of the community to 'learn a lesson'. However you're not required to stay logged in, and in essence you're free to go about your life outside of GTA:W. The second option just seems more logical and fair. Imagine you were "ajailed" on Call of Duty because you kept trolling your team and team killing everyone. If Blizzard froze you and forced you to wait IG for 2 hours before you can play again, people would lose their shit. Why is it any different on an RP server?
  6. Nope. From my understanding you need to be logged in for the ajail timer to go down. Sure, there's rules. But those rules shouldn't affect me outside of GTA:W. Find me one game that has ajails? You won't. You just get banned. 100%. And that's why ajails should be replaced with temp-bans, where you get a long-term ban if you accrue to many temp-bans. Disclaimer: I've never been punished on GTA:W. Just playing devils advocate.
  7. Sure, take away my IRL un-GTA:W related fun because of an action on GTA:W. No thanks.
  8. So speaking as someone that's worked in the community management side of MMO's and MMORPG's for over ten years, ajail has and always will be in my opinion, a torture rather than a punishment. By utilizing ajails, we're taking away people's freedom outside of GTA:W. For example, say I get ajailed for 2 hours for DM. If I don't have a solid computer that can handle two games at once, I am now forced to only have GTA:W open on my computer during my ajail, thus removing my ooc ability to play other games simply because my spec's can't handle it. So now my IRL life and happiness is being affected by my GTA:W actions. Kinda' shitty and archaic. For example one game I worked on, Habbo Hotel, was very similar to GTA:W in the sense of people that liked to RP. When someone broke a rule, they were kicked (which would result in about a 5 - 10 min temp ban where they couldn't log in) or they were banned for "X" amount of time. They get punished by not being able to play the game. There's no reason GTA:W can't have the same thing. Sure, like you said above, most offenses don't required a ban. But that's because of the rules. If the rules were adjusted to replace ajail's with short-term bans that can't be appealed, I believe it would be better. Sure, let me play devils advocate and say that someone can just ignore the ban and come back later and pick up where they left off. Well - that's why we adjust the rules to state that if you get X temp-bans in X time, you get an automatic un-appealable ban of X time. Example: 2 temp bans in 1 month = 1 month un-appealable ban. When you remove the right to ban appeals for certain actions, people will think twice. If I get banned right now, I know I at LEAST have a chance to appeal it and come back which makes the ban easier to swallow. However if you tell me I have one ban this week already, and if I get one more this month I am going to be banned for a month without appeal, I'll be on my best behavior.
  9. I mean, why not just ban someone for 2 hours? It’s the same thing except they’re not forced to be in game.
  10. You're right. It's an archaic thing. However what's the difference between what you propose as a suspension compared to a temp-ban?
  11. Your screenshot was from March. The penal code about lights was updated in May. At the end of the day, if there is a contradiction it needs to be settled by @Nervous or someone in Management.
  12. Disclaimer: I’ve been in PD for about a month. However I’ve had illegal chars prior to PD. I have to disagree with a few things you’ve said. Firstly, traffic stops do take a while. 20 minutes? I find it hard to believe. It sounds like if it took that long, the officer was writing up the actual report we have to fill out when doing a stop. Most officers do it after however there’s no solid rule about when to do it. Insurance is your responsibility. You’re given an alert when your insurance runs out. Like EVERYTIME you enter your car after it expires you get an on screen message. There’s 0 excuse for not paying it aside from you choosing not too. As for the speeding, you were going 10 over so it’s not a lot. But officers have discretion on ticketing ICly. The officer could have decided to not give you a ticket depending on how you acted during the stop. As for the lights, we do have them. Sure we don’t have a ton of traffic but what we DO have are shit tons of accidents every day. Traffic laws exist because one; it’s realistic and two; they’re needed. Traffic lights are in fact synced. The rule of thumb is if it’s green you just need to slow down and continue. If it’s red, you need to come to a full stop and treat it like a stop sign. Depending on how you act and your driving record will often denote if you get a ticket. I rarely ticket someone who doesn’t give my character a BS reason for breaking the traffic laws. Just be chill and honest and it usually works out in your favor. Also don’t forget you can fight the ticket and suspension via the court system ICly. I’ve had 2 illegal characters on this server and never once been arrested. I’ve only gotten a ticket once. You can avoid getting ticketed and dealing with what comes with it if you’d obey the traffic laws.
  13. I somewhat disagree. As someone who invests in businesses IRL, I’ve purchased businesses in industries that I had 0 skills in, with the goal of fixing up and flipping the business. It’s all about retaining the proper staff that DO know the business. Likewise I have a friend who bought a business without having the required skills, and he learned as he went along and now it’s a successful business that’s split off into multiple franchises. It should be up to the person selling the business to decide if the buyer is the right person. Not an OOC rule. If someone buys a business they have no understanding of, let them fail and learn a lesson.
  14. I fully support names being shown when using a mask over a radio. There was a time where myself and two others went to burn down a rival MC's clubhouse. We were obviously all wearing masks at the time to conceal our identity. We used radios to communicate since we were all in different areas before the assault began. It was extremely cumbersome and tiring OOCly to have to memorize the mask ID's for each individual so I knew who was talking over the radio. It was more trouble than it needed to be.
  15. Fergie

    Case Files

    I think there is a very large difference between WANTING to take down a faction, and going after those that actually make noise and become an issue in Los Santos. I have no doubt that if a faction started making too much noise and presenting actual problems, that they would get on the LSPD's radar and actual take downs would happen rather than just injunctions.
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