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  1. TakeTwo

    This is one of those ideas that sounds good in theory but doesn't translate into rp well because it's difficult to do right. Similar to hospitals, doing this would require setting standards on the information taught to be realistic. Following that sitting through an actual lecture isn't really that appealing after you've done it a few times. Then add in consideration for timezones/scheduling especially if you try and make it a requirement for faction application. Why do you think most factions do a manual and exam format for initial training? I would see more benefit into alluding to classes with a posting of departments/classes/schedules that people could talk about and then focus on the social aspects of college. Then again I don't think elevating realism is synomous with improved rp experience. I feel if not balanced well it just makes things tedious and limits creativity.
  2. TakeTwo

    90% of the usage I've witnessed is signs. Whether outside a bar stating entry fee and age requirement. Or in a business giving instructions on menus etc. Why would signs be an issue? These are all forms of "advertising" and representation of things that would be visible if not for script limitations. Why make it script abuse when it helps [email protected]
  3. Looking for a high end apartment or house to rent exclusively in the Vespucci or Del Perro area. Interested parties can email ((Forum PM)) or text me at 253 3748.
  4. Exactly! This change seems to hurt rp more than help and it's not like these little details for sake of realism are actually consistently enforced on the server.
  5. @EastBoys I'm not sure what that link proves other than 7-11 policy but the actual state regulations say beer, wine and liquor with no other stipulations. And I stated that simply to point out that it would be realistic to sell liquor in a convience store in Cali if one so chooses. Obviously California state law isn't strictly used on this server since you can't sell or serve alcohol in Cali between 2am and 6am. Or drive on city beaches.. Or on the beach walk that runs along the edge of vespucci beach if you're staying true to gta 5 gameplay and the laws for Venice beach which vespucci is based on. Basically if it's not in the penal code then arguably it's not enforced in LS.
  6. There are tons of businesses where the exterior name isn't used and is something completely different. Half the juice bars are used as just bars!! So the exterior signage obviously doesn't matter on this server. He'll there are tons of custom interiors that don't even match their exterior. Cool beans in vespucci for example. Doesn't fit the look of the exterior or the vibe of vespucci and its a leased business. Which begs the question, why the change when it's obviously counter productive to roleplay being done! On a related note... You can sell liquor in a convience store in California...
  7. TakeTwo

    Why is this a topic? The server has a set time. The script/what happens on the server dictates what happens in rp. Are the distances unrealtic to irl? Yes, but so is the population density and we've been told in the past that we treat the map as what you see is what's there.
  8. TakeTwo

    Market Price?
  9. TakeTwo

    (( Isn't that the motel exterior? PM let you turn a small motel room into that interior? ))