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    I'm selling an Ubermacht Oracle [new generation; not the XS]. This vehicle is an amazing and luxurious machine. Runs great and has been completely modified with top notch equipment for better performance while maintaining comfort. This include tastefully modified wheels. Vehicle also has top of the line anti theft that allows you to remotely stop the vehicle and track. Vehicle is registered and has 17 days of insurance left. Looking for [SOLD] for it. To more info/offers send me an email at [CONTACT INFO REMOVED]. (( ))
  4. LochnessMonsterr

    I'm selling a Vapid Sandking XL. This is a great vehicle; it's excellent for offroading and comfortable to drive around on the streets. Seats 4 people and clean inside and out. Vehicle is modified with top notch equipment. It has registration and insurance left for 6 days. Black in color with immaculate paint. Looking for [SOLD] for it. To more info/offers send me an email [CONTACT INFO REMOVED] (( ))
  5. LochnessMonsterr

    I'm selling a Declasse Tulip, excellent condition with a completely rebuilt engine, transmission, and suspension, and a turbocharger. Tastefully modified, one of the few, if not only, 4 door muscle cars. Vehicle has about 90 miles on it, currently registered, and 9 days of registration on it. Vehicle also has security upgrades on it. Car is wheelie fast. Looking for $100,000 OBO. [Contact info removed] SOLD (( ))
  6. LochnessMonsterr

    I'm in the market for purchasing a Ubermacht Oracle. Please send me an email at [email protected] ((Forum PM)) or send me a text at 18700 with what you have for sale. I am interested in the newer model and not the XS.