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  1. Oh, such a lifesaver. I never knew about that until now. And oh yes, correction from my previous post, its 20 slots! ?
  2. You're given a total of 19 slots. Which means you can have 19 different outfits, make sure you "Purchase Outfit" to a different slot if you want to keep the previous one. Tip is to switch the slot of "Select Outfit" first to a specific slot you want to change, then switch "Purchase Outfit" to the same slot when you're changing (press Enter on the "Purchase Outfit" only when you're ready to save it), that way you won't be confused on what outfit you're editing and which slot you're saving them.
  3. Single tenant looking for a place to rent within or near Sandy Shores area. Any kind of property (house, motel room, trailer) is agreeable. Send me the details through email. ((forum PM))
  4. Rating: ★★★★★ Name: Lee Bender Review: Very accommodating staffs. Fast and easy transaction.
  5. First name: Lee Last name: Bender Expected pick-up date: As soon as possible Phone number: 78591647 Vehicle: Picador Notes:
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