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  1. Vapid Stanier 1st Generation $22,000 (( OOC STATS )) BF CLUB GTR $55,000 (( OOC STATS )) PH: 25551829 EMAIL: [email protected]
  2. Edit: Bought a Faggio Sport. Still looking for an Asbo! Also looking for a Karin BeeJay XL.
  3. Also looking for a cheap Pegassi Faggio Sport.
  4. Buying a Maxwell Asbo and a Karin BeeJay XL Contact me if you have one for sale! Email ((forum pm)) or #03318772
  5. Vehicle has been sold!
  6. Still available! Price has been lowered.
  7. Selling a Bravado Paradise, barely used. Well-maintained overalls, fuel-efficient, and has convenient storage capacity. The perfect van for travelling, vacations, and transport of goods. Drives well in the city and county, as well beaches and off-roads. Asking for $35,000 $28,000 or a trade for a Youga Classic 4x4. Price is negotiable! ((OOC STATS))
  8. I'm looking for a Blista Kanjo, preferably with aftermarket parts. Contact me if you have one for sale!
  9. Sold, please leave your contact details, we can discuss about the transaction there. You can also reach me through my email: [email protected] ((forum pm)) or phone: 03318772.
  10. Selling a Benefactor Panto, good as new. The interior is well-maintained, windows and mirrors are newly changed, with no scratches on its surface. Overall performance is great. Suitable for quick transport within the city, very light and easy to handle. Asking for $25,000 or a trade for a conditioned Maxwell Asbo with aftermarket parts.
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