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  1. Price lowered to $140,000 (including taxes)
  2. We're just discussing man, relax. Before clogging the suggestions thread it's better to discuss certain topics - so if you don't have any arguments or opinions to state, please don't bother making rants in caps and bold - you're just being counter-productive.
  3. MartosG


    Could you please provide the market price?
  4. Almost brand new with only 30 miles no record and a full month of insurance, includes performance improvements and security upgrades. Price: $140,000 (Includes the tax)
  5. There's already the insurance system and it works fine in my opinion - the idea was to extend these costs to properties and businesses. That's not a bad suggestion. The majority of mid-wealth people remain unaffected until they reach a certain amount, and it offers more challenges for people that want to roleplay being extremely wealthy.
  6. There are tons of cheap places in the city, to buy and to rent. Debuff? Not necessary at all. Incentive? Perhaps doable.
  7. I'll start off by saying that this isn't another complaining topic about the economy, as far as I know the economy is healthy on the server, but there can always be improvements, and I don't see any downsides of discussing about them. There's a few different points I'd like to mention, I'll keep them short and precise for the sake of simplicity. Noteworthy topics, the relation between IRL money and IG money, and the addition of more taxes (upkeep costs). There's nothing wrong with the relation being 1$:10$ - however this does cause some confusion. I've encountered a numerous number of people that decide to roleplay actual values (ex. complaining about a drink being $400) instead of the IG ones, and while I don't necessarily agree with this I understand, but it still bothers me. There are no defined bank notes from the dev team, I think it would be nice for them to define these (ex. 100$ note, 1,000$ note, 10,000$ note), even though these don't exist IRL - this would help everyone being on the same page. A random idea I've had, which is rather absurd I admit, is deducting everyone's money by a set percentage, and lowering the prices of vehicles and market price of properties by the same percentage, along with other identical readjustments. Taxing more assets such as properties and businesses. A weekly tax based on the market price of the property. The general idea being so that citizens have increased expenses, rather than their net worth just steadily rising. Realistically if you own 2 properties and 3 vehicles, you will need a decent paycheck to maintain them. This could potentially open up the possibility of a new division under the government based on the IRS. These are just things I've been thinking of lately and I was curious to hear the input from the rest of the community.
  8. Let's see if @Salvador plans to put another offer, if not I'll sell it to you for 185
  9. Apologies, but the starting bid is $150,000, as stated:
  10. I am selling my F620. It's a beautiful, unique luxury sportscar. It was bought brand new, only used for a week. Very fast, I'm selling it because I have too many cars and barely get to use it, however I am completely satisfied with it. It includes numerous performance upgrades including the engine and transmission, as well as security upgrades. Starting bid: $150,000 Minimum increments: $5,000 Buyout price: $230,000
  11. Here's a few things that really frustrate me (I'll try to stick to server sided things rather than ragemp things): Opening phone breaks animation Inconsistent vehicle spawning Having to type /togidlecamera every login Having to /equip every login (at least make it so it doesn't make an /ame and not pull it out) Having to type /fixinvi every time I enter an interior (Make it automatic perhaps?) Having to use the /deposit & /withdraw UI by clicking instead of being able to type the amount Door locks not being synchronized for players that have entered after it's unlocked
  12. I believe fixing the payphones to work would be a huge step towards helping with this until a reasonable solution is found for the visitations.
  13. Sold for $245.000 Can be L&A
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