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  1. I'm selling an apartment on 1799 Forum Drive Room 7 - The apartment complex is standalone and VERY private. Residents are rarely out and a personal parking spot for your vehicles is available. Auction details Starting bid: SOLD! Buyout: SOLD! Property details Market price: $35,000 Furniture value: $67,252 Here's a video showcasing the property: https://streamable.com/meyjcl
  2. Cool, can't wait. I know like myself many others have been waiting this feature. Thank you!
  3. I’ve always wondered the same. It seems lifeless up there in Vinewood.
  4. SOLD. ((Please L&A))
  5. Dinka Double-T for Sale! - Registered & Insured with various aftermarket parts. Starting bid = $40,000 Buyout = $64,000
  6. I'll be supporting this. Good stuff.
  7. Hustle

    car wash

    This is cool but instead of having an NPC at the car wash make it an official job that people can role play working at.
  8. If this isn’t bought email me and I will come purchase this ASAP for $43,000 [email protected] ((Forum PM))
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