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  2. LSPD IGNORES CRIME, GOES AFTER TRAVELLERS INSTEAD ROAD PIRATES IN UNIFORM? CORRUPT POLICE OFFICERS CRACKING DOWN ON INNOCENT AFRO-AMERICAN TRAVELLER BECAUSE HE COULD NOT AFFORD TO BRIBE THEM THEIR LUNCH MONEY LOS SANTOS - While the rich & powerful continue to enslave the populace, control our minds with their television and video games and become richer on our backs by the day, the Los Santos Police Department, people disguised as them and private soldiers turn their eyes away from the real crimes in this city and instead cracks down on innocent travellers, forcing them at gunpoint to pull over and demand papers without any proof of their authority or explaination of the reason the innocent traveller has been forced to interrupt their travel. No consent was asked for during these 'Traffic Stops', which were completely unreasoned as no crime has been committed, the travellers finding themself captive. ___________________________________________________ "ENGINE OFF!" - Officer Felony ___________________________________________________ One such traveller has found their rightfully purchased vehicle stolen from one of those 'Officers', now given to the Private Military Contractors ruling the streets at Gruppe Sechs and Executive Security for target practise. __________________________________________________ "As I rolled down my window, they spat at me, looking at me like I was a terrorist. Their gun was held right at my temple as the registration and proof of insurance was demanded, and I think I could... I could hear the click of a disengaged safety as I reached for my papers..." - Karl A. ___________________________________________________ In the spirit of the second amendment, we the people are supposed to form militias, raise up our arms and fight back against such tyrany. We must raise up now and change this broken system! Give America back to the people! FACEBROWSER LEAVE A COMMENT! USERNAME: [If blank put ANON#XXXX] MESSAGE:
  3. ALZHEIMERS AND CARROT VICTORIOUS OVER RATIONAL MAN??? LOS SANTOS - Just a single look is enough to tell what is going on. In a corrupt system run by who can pay more money for more votes, there can only be shit. On the 'republican' side, we have a carrot of a man single-handedly responsible for opening the US Market to a point where PMCs are flooding innocent cities like Los Santos, oppressing the poor in the name of the wealthy, turning a nation of the people into a company of the executives. On the other side, the 'Democratic', a man with Alzheimers is victorious over a man that wants to give the country back to the people. Why is the Alzheimers-patient victorious? Because he has more money than rationality! He spends more than he will ever be able to remember! RESULTS AS OF 25/APR/2020 - SOURCE: GOOGLE.COM FACEBROWSER LEAVE A COMMENT! USERNAME: [If blank put ANON#XXXX] MESSAGE:
  4. --disregard this one, did not see the comments disabled part--
  5. PRIVATE MILITARIES TO TAKE OVER LSPD TASKS GROSS INCOMPETENCE OF THE POLICE OPENS MARKET FOR PRIVATE 'SECURITY' CONTRACTORS - UNBELIEVABLE! LOS SANTOS - It's terrifying what is going on in our city. While tax money is spent on government staff's helicopter joyrides and people in the poorer regions are forced to resort to crime in order to sustain their families and get out of educational or health debt, it all gets taken a step further. Due to the gross incompetence and unprofessionalism of our local 'LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY' (Police), more and more people are forced to resort to so called 'Private Securities' and military contractors to ensure their own safety. These 'Private Security'-People are even more ruthless than the police, held to no accountability or protocol and much more militarized than our 'SWAT'-teams, which already stands for 'Specialised Warfare against minorities Team', as everyone knows. We must raise up now and change this broken system! Give America back to the people! MILITARY-GRADE ARMORED VANS AND 'PATROL'-CARS OUTFITTED WITH SIRENS AND BULLETPROOF GLASS, IN AN ANONYMOUS PRIVATE MILITARY'S LOT FACEBROWSER LEAVE A COMMENT! USERNAME: [If blank put ANON#XXXX] MESSAGE:
  6. Rekhoem

    [One of many shady links brings you to this terribly made website, which takes ages to load from a probably extremely poor device it was stored on. Almost all links are broken, and so is the formatting.] [Somewhere you can notice a link so terribly made, it has the same color as the background. It takes you to a discussion section, where you can post comments anonymously or with a pseudonym. USER: (If Blank, ANON#XXXX) MESSAGE BODY ]
  7. lore friendly ones pls tyvm
  8. I'd like this to be put into action. What specifically annoys me is, when a policeman or a mugger ties you up and checks your inventory, they do "/do where is XXX located" before RPing to specifically reach into that pocket. It'd be much better if they had to RP out where they check before being allowed to view your inventory and take anything. e.g. "t/me slips on a pair of nitrile gloves, her hands reaching forth to the person. They run across the exterior of his legs, first the right, then the left, before briefly tapping the rear and crotch, feeling around the waistline and finally checking the area underneath the shoulders."
  9. Rekhoem

    Still looking. 😞
  10. Rekhoem

    Still looking.
  11. Rekhoem

    Requirements: -Isolated, preferably in the middle of a desert. If not applicable, somewhere on the edge of Grapeseed or Sandy Shores works too. -Working 120V or 230V energy outlets, public Water+Electricity access, at least minimal TV-/Phone-Reception -Size is irrelevant -Should be accessible by car or, if not accessible by car, be less than 3 minutes footwalk away from the next road Contact: -E-Mail: [email protected] -Otherwise lease leave your offer here Misc: -Not looking for any RENTABLE property. -Wether it's a house, shack or garage does not matter so long as it has four walls and a roof. -Condition is irrelevant as long as the building is not FUBAR
  12. Alright. I'll take question 1, 2 and 4 there. Question 3 remains here, however, as it's closer related to server management than PD.