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  1. ElDiablo

    The Paisa Car

    This faction's lore has nothing to do with the Northern California BB's at all. We are based on the real border brothers that, as the name indicates, operate at the border areas between Mexico and U.S.A. mainly in California and Arizona states. I'm not sure where are you getting your information from, respectfully I tell you that it has nothing to do with the faction's idea. We had someone saying similar things in the past and he even claimed to have "homies from Oakland" when in reality he was a dude from UK. So please do extensive research or send forum PM's when in doubt of a faction's concept. As most people know, I'm Mexican in real life. We can talk in pirvate about the topic any further if you want. The whole "bb's are considered no good" it's not true, whoever told you these things might be from Northern Cali or something. Here is a very recent video that mentions the topic. We have been doing this concept since 2018 in LSRP and our idea sources were not from the internet.
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