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  1. ElDiablo

    Pa' Toda La Bandera 'Amonos Rikis
  2. ElDiablo

    The faction aims to portray a legitimate set of Border Brothers 22 prison gang released members operating in the city of Los Santos and the state of San Andreas whom are involved in the smuggling of different types of narcotics in bulk amounts from the border areas of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas and expects its members to have the highest standards of roleplay quality. The faction will also have a prison wing and is willing to teach any new members about hispanic or prison roleplay. For any inquiries, please forum PM @ElDiablo and/or @Writer.
  3. ElDiablo

    Buena suerte, compadritos.
  4. ElDiablo

  5. ElDiablo

    Vinatería Sonora Mi Esposa Pasatiempo
  6. ElDiablo

    Vinatería Sonora Mi Esposa Pasatiempo
  7. Come visit us at Bay City Avenue #44!