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  1. I would love this but we already have one situated around the corner that covers this region. Shouldn't we just assign a patrol to go here as part of their patrol? Had this on LSRP didnt last very long.
  2. Peak.


    I feel like this would only benefit a small group of people and wouldn't hold up in the long run. Don't really support it 😛
  3. Would love a yearly natural/man-made disaster, those were amazing back in the day. Or a decent festival with XM Radios.
  4. Better if actually registered script wise, pretty sure you've got to set it yourself if im not mistaken.
  5. /damages - that would help a lot especially with medical RP and investigatory purposes. More events from the community outreach team.
  6. Definitely, everyone should have an equal right of applying to law-enforcement and should not be judged based on where they were born. +1
  7. I would disagree, he was mean to me when I pulled him over 😐
  8. I always find joining law enforcement as a good start, it introduces you to the major factions and locations throughout the server. Plus theres generally always something to do! 🙂
  9. Again, another DM orientated suggestion or if not a niche subject that no-one would really benefit. Wouldn't really want to see loads of players walking around with Muskets in Davis. -1
  10. This looks good, hopefully you can take it far!
  11. Pretty sure something is already being drafted for this!
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