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  1. I just updated the gpu's drivers and it's all good so far. Let's keep it open for 2-3 days and I will let y'all know.
  2. Call me tonight, 6667. Good wage and bonuses.
  3. buyout, call me on 6667
  4. Hello, my brother had your same problem. Launch GTA V and check if Social Club goes in offline mode, if yes disable your firewall and try to launch RAGE. If it works, you gonna set the default settings of your firewall.
  5. I did the bios update because the cpu was not compatible with my mobo, not to increase performances xd anyway I'll see this week what I can do.
  6. Anyway I was planning to buy another cpu, ryzen 5 3600. Should I do a bios update? MOBO is Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. B450 AORUS M (AM4) and I already did a bios udpate to use the current cpu I have (ryzen 3 3200g).
  7. So how I can fix it? Gotta change CPU?
  8. Hey I have a similar problem, but in my case the cpu (ryzen 3 3200g) goes from 80% to 100% and the gpu (Rx 570 8gb) should be around the 60%. The problem is when the cpu goes mad (100%) my game can't load roads and buildings, vehicles and players (so I can kill or destroy player's vehicle). This is so weird because it's a new issue for me. I gotta say, gta online works fine.
  9. 😳
  10. The problem is when someone who is about to kill himself calls the 911. Is not realistic
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