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  1. Magnolia Records Artist/CEO Bell latest Music Video: Watch Here
  2. NEW SINGLE ALERT Magnolia Records artist Rahama Bell & Damian "Come Ova" off the NEW EP "Livin like a BOSS" LISTEN HERE! First Verse - Damian Hook - Kennith Second Verse - Bell
  3. Bell

    Tags removed, appreciate it
  4. Bell

    CONSTRUCTION REQUEST Full name: Raheme Bell Phone/Email: _ 4817038 or [email protected] (Discord - Bell #2384) Description of request: Cream colored paint for the inside of the offices, conference room, several offices and a decent lobby size. Property location(address) __8358 West Vinewood____________ Basic material cost price: Dollars: $120,000.00 + Ores: 300 ((OOC request thread)):
  5. Bell

    @norrig sent you a message
  6. Bell

    Appreciate the love fam!
  7. Character Name: Raheme Bell Faction name and thread (If needed) : Magnolia Records LLC Forum Name: Bell Discord Name: Bell #2384 Location of your request (If needed): West Vinewood Interior ID you would like to have(from the list): ID:46 Reason for this request (You may go in detail): Magnolia Records is looking to obtain a decent size office space for our Assistants, Secretary, Managers, and a location for auditions. We currently rp at the location below outdoors, but we often have people come by to audition for a record deal or to interview for a position at magnolia records. We also need a place to rp artist being indoors working on music, in the back of our building is where we hold company events such as pool parties. Exterior screenshots of the requested property:
  8. Bell

    Appreciate the support from our listeners! Not too bad of a start!
  9. Bell

    Shoutout to our newest artist Desmond Banks, Just signed a record deal with a 20k signing bonus. Album coming soon! #magnoliarecords
  10. Bell

    I appreciate it!
  11. Bell

    An important business meeting, wish us luck!
  12. Bell

    Vehicle training, high profile celeb coming through!
  13. Bell

    Company re-structure in process, I don't care what your position is, you going to pass this physically training!!!
  14. Bell

    I appreciate it! Yes we don't require players to make rl music in order to get signed, we currently have 2 people (including myself) who make rl music for their character. For those who don't make music, we match a rl artist with your character (of course with your permission) for rp. I hope that answered your question!
  15. Bell

    Back in action!