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  1. Name: vadiama25 Rating: ⭐⭐ Comment: Idk if the part where the girl gets DPed is relevant to the rest of the plot, but it was still my favorite scene. The rest kinda sucked tho
  2. Jović & Morozova is a law firm operating from Los Santos and accepting clients throughout the San Andreas region. Established in 2015, we have prided ourselves in diligently providing legal counsel of varying degrees, including consultations, criminal and civil litigation and representation, contracts, and much more. Our experienced and professional lawyers and specialists are prepared to assist you in navigating any legal complications or concerns you or someone you know may be experiencing. Retainers Clients who have our lawyers on retainer will be prioritized and have an attorney readily available should the client require legal services, ranging from immediate legal advice to long-term representation. Criminal Representation Our criminal defense attorneys pride themselves in their ability to tirelessly advocate for clients who are facing criminal sanctions. We are always prepared to place the wishes of our clients first while providing informative and accurate legal advice throughout the duration of criminal proceedings. Our affirmation is to ensure our clients receive the fairest possible trial under the law via meticulously testing the validity of all and any allegations against them. We always guarantee confidentiality. Civil Representation Our lawyers are ready to challenge civil wrongdoings that may have occurred against you or a loved one. Though we always seek to negotiate outside of court first, our team is always prepared to fight for the compensation you deserve for any violations you have wrongfully experienced. We are happy to pursue justice for you, as well as protect you from civil injustices that may be launched against you. Contracts We have experience drafting a wide array of contracts for different styles of agreements, such as employment contracts, leasing and/or rental agreements, wills, confidentiality clauses, and much more. Our professional and legally-binding documents can and will be geared to match the needs of your future endeavors. Consultations and Legal Advice Have you or someone you know made a mistake and require legal advice on how to proceed? Do you have a feeling you may be able to file a lawsuit but are unsure? Are there questions you want to ask an attorney? We are prepared to help during appointments that can be scheduled with our team members. Other Are there specific legal services that you require which are not listed above? Contact us and we will be happy to assist you however we can. Mr. Vasilije Jović, B.A., J.D. Name Partner, Founder Vasilije began studying law at the University of Belgrade in Serbia prior to moving to San Andreas to pursue a law degree through the University of San Andreas, Los Santos, and went on to open his own law firm. Having accumulated over ten years of experience practicing, he specializes in criminal and civil litigation and antitrust. Email: [email protected] (( forum PM )) Phone Number: 7295103 Mrs. Pēnelópeia Morozova, B.A., J.D. Name Partner Pēnelópeia immigrated to Los Santos from Greece when she was sixteen years old. After earning her U.S. citizenship, she went on to study at and graduate from the University of San Andreas, Los Santos with a law degree. She now has over 6 years of experience as an attorney and specializes in criminal defense and contracts. Email: [email protected] (( forum PM )) Phone Number: 30245284 Our litigators can be reached via the contact information provided on our ATTORNEYS page. Typically, you will be reached out to within 24 to 48 hours. Please include information such as the practice area relevant to your situation and a brief description of your circumstances when inquiring about our services. All accommodating fees will be provided to you prior to you signing on our lawyers. Note that we cannot accept every case that is submitted to us.
  3. Hello, My name is Mariana Nobrega. I am looking for an attorney who specializes or has experience in lawsuits. I intend to sue another party for damages against my property. If you are capable and interested, please send me an email with your name, bar registry number, and fees. I can be reached at [email protected] (( forum PM )). Thank you! UPDATE: No longer necessary!
  4. I find it incredibly difficult to locate other lawyers in game. I am concerned with the fact that, if research was done on cases and logs or forum private messages were uncovered, we would see minimal interactions between other attorneys/clients and instead more of a gravitation towards the use of Discord for ease of access or under the impression that the information would be easy to acquire and thus it justifies Discord arrangements. Other groups do not have the same privileges. Another thing I'm concerned with is wait times but it's a hard one to combat. You want to have a thorough and well-roleplayed case, but you also don't want people to be locked up for beyond what they should be as it cripples their enjoyment. I feel as though time served should always be default when it comes to court cases. This is a game, after all.
  5. Similar to the SD and PD topics except for the judiciary system. This pertains to anything relating to criminal/civil court cases and the procedures/roleplay which surround them. If you've engaged with the judiciary system to some degree, whether that's through actively roleplaying within it as a lawyer or as a client, keeping up with cases, or meeting lawyers in game, I'd love to hear your opinions on how things go. I've thrown a few guiding questions down below--you don't have to answer any of them if you don't want to, but they're there in case anyone is stuck on what they can contribute to the discussion. Have you had any positive or negative experiences while participating in the judiciary system? What did you enjoy about the positive experiences? How could the negative experiences have been turned into positives one? Are you satisfied with the way the [constantly improving] judiciary system is currently functioning? If you are, what elements do you like about the system? If not, what optimizations would you suggest? Are there features you would like to see incorporated in the judiciary system? Alternatively, are there features which are already incorporated but you would like to see them more flushed out/detailed? Have you noticed any discrepancies with how the judiciary system operates compared to in real life? Are these discrepancies reasonable given game limitations or are they game-breaking and immersion-breaking? Do you think engaging with judiciary roleplay is easy or hard? Do you find it fun or tedious? Why? Do you find it easy to locate and speak with lawyers in game/in character?
  6. Interior: Exterior: Top floor apartment. Parking available all around the building with an outdoor pool at the back. Market Price: $240,000 Renovations: $17,347 Total: $257,347 Starting Price: $260,000 Buyout: $350,000 Minimum Bid Increase: $5,000
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