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  1. JayB

    [4SALE] Speedo Van

    Sold privately. L&A
  2. JayB

    [4SALE] Speedo Van

    Speedo for sale. Selling my Speedo van, bought brand new last month. It's travelled a total of only 17 miles since the purchase, the Speedo comes with the full performance package aswell as security packaging including upgraded clutch and flywheel, discs, pads and callipers, turbo, lock, alarm and anti-theft system installed, along with an engine ECU remap. This van currently has 29 days left of insurance. I'm looking for $65,000 for this van, non-negotiable. Please call me on 71770092, or send an email.
  3. My man doing bits out here! Got eyes on this ?
  4. JayB


    Vehicle has already been sold, sorry for late response. L&A
  5. JayB


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