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  1. paulus

    Come and check our stock!
  2. paulus

  3. paulus

  4. paulus

    My offer remains available. @Gregaaa
  5. paulus

    I can take it for 55,000$.
  6. paulus

    The price has been lowered.
  7. paulus

    The advertisement is not available anymore.
  8. paulus

    All my congratulations go to @Brox, who helped me from the very beginning in order to make a good application and provided all the necessary support when I had a problem with GTAW, no matters what the problem was.
  9. paulus

    90,000$, negociable.
  10. paulus

    I am selling a rare Virgo Custom, one of the fewest in Los Santos. It comes with a bunch of upgrades and the insurance paid for a whole month. The car has some aesthetic modifications and hydraulics added-on. Asking price: 85,000$ negociable.