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  1. Liam_Airey

    This. Always a fun challenge both IC and OOC to head out to an open venue with no money on your person and beg your way to the entrance fee, if you make the money to get in without a hitch you've still met a few new names, if it doesn't go so well you've still got yourself a hell of a lot more RP possibilities.
  2. It goes both ways, you don't really seem like you know what you're talking about. A rule against powergaming isn't some safety net for people who want to win in every situation and defend every attack, it's a rule that punishes BOTH SIDES for acting stupid. You throw a punch at my character and I magically defend it even though realistically I wouldn't be able to? That's powergame, I'd be punished for it. You throw a punch at my character and assume it hits, clocking me with a scripwise punch before I can even type out a response, EVEN if it's me "losing" in this situation? That's powergame, you would be punished for it. It's antisocial-rp, makes you look like all you wanna do is win, powergaming ISN'T GIVING ANOTHER PLAYER A CHANCE TO DEFEND THEMSELVES, It's GIVING ANOTHER PLAYER A CHANCE TO RP, big difference and you should KNOW that while signing up for a HEAVY RP SERVER.
  3. And that's what I'm saying, you're 100% right in what you're saying about surprise attacks, nobody can defend themselves 100% of the time but understand I'm not saying let people DEFEND everything you throw at them, more show them respect and let them RP out their actions/reactions, if they're powergaming by defending against stuff they wouldn't be able to react to? They're breaking the rules. If someone sucker punched me IC I'd actually wanna emote HOW I got my ass knocked out to add to the RP, I don't need someone overwhelming me with punches like I don't realise it's a heavy RP server, i'm maybe one of the biggest RP losers when i comes to actual RP, seriously don't think I've won a single fight hahah so please understand where I'm coming from here.
  4. As i said in my reply, punches can't be dodged until you're actually hit and placed in to the "fighting" stance, losing heath and putting you at a disadvantage even if you was 100% ready and prepared for it, HOWEVER I don't want to talk mainly about scriptwise brawling, guns are a whole different situation too so please don't bring in random topics that don't really relate to try prove your point. Your very first reply assumes ALL players will cheat, if you charge down the street and sucker punch someone from behind, all RP'd out like it should be, the party being attacked SHOULD RP that realistically, chances are being stunned or knocked out and that's how they should react, works both ways, they magically defend themselves? They're powergaming, they're breaking the rules and should be punished. Once AGAIN, this is a HEAVY RP server, people are expected to RP out realistically. Your defence for punching people with no form of decent RP just seems to stem from you being scared of players breaking the rules.
  5. Once again, context. Scripwise punch beats ALL, even if I'm ready for it. You can't defend against a scripwise punch until you're hit and the game defaults to the fighting state, by then you're already down on your luck even if you was expecting it and roleplaying everything, it's powergaming.
  6. Over the last few months I've started to see a rise of characters powergaming their actions when it comes to fighting and/or punching other players, this powergame normally comes in the form of an emote akin to "/me rushes X, punching him/her square in the face" before following up with a scripwise punch, whenever I've brought this up with staff or other players I've always been told it's a grey area and that they're never too sure if they can act on it, this suggestion is to ask that this is fixed with a proper explanation of whats considered PG and whats not, a few decent examples sprinkled in there to help players actually understand what flies and what doesn't. The most we've had explained about the topic at hand ripped straight from the rules thread is "It is not allowed to force actions upon another player." but just like how I started this topic off, there's way too much of a grey area here to actually understand whats expected of players and their RP. I'd like to see it clearly stated that players MUST wait for a response while RP'ing any sort of conflict that stems for RP, giving both parties a chance to actually RP, this is advertised as a HEAVY RP server, punching a player after typing out a /me with no chance to respond is NOT HEAVY RP and should be a punishable offence, I'll quote the Wikipedia page on Powergaming just to give some context to what I'm saying: "In online text-based role-playing games that emphasize collaborative role-play over acquiring levels or skills, a player can be described as a powergamer if he or she presumes or declares that his or her own action against another player character is successful without giving the other player character the freedom to act on his or her own prerogative." "In such games, in which a sense of community and rapport between players is seen as crucial and conducive to the game's overall well-being, powergaming is generally regarded as extremely offensive behaviour if it is not stated in the rules as being a bannable offense." People may argue "well, punching someone IRL is unexpected! If you're in a heated argument you should be ready!" and in a sense they're right, I understand, the problem with this is when context comes in to play. If I'm intentionally provoking someone IC and I'm expecting a punch with the aim to defend myself against it, the example I gave at the start of the thread automatically cuts off any chance of me actually being able to RP that, it's powergame, you're forcing an action upon me even if realistically it wouldn't of worked or at the very least been slowed down, saying this a lot here but this is a HEAVY RP SERVER, there's no excuse for this type of behaviour. I'll leave this suggestion here just so I'm not ranting too much but the TL:DR is basically: Explain what powergaming is in the rules and CLEARLY STATE what can and can't be done with a few decent and relatable examples, clocking someone with a punch after an emote without giving them a chance to emote is 100% powergame and should be stated in the rules, if it's not a current breach of the rules it SHOULD BE, we're a heavy RP server, enforce it. Thank you.
  7. Liam_Airey

    Fingers crossed with the new implementation of synchronised animations for dragging around corpses we can also get animations with other players. I need to shake some motherfuckers hand god damn it
  8. Liam_Airey

  9. Liam_Airey

  10. Liam_Airey

    What specs are you running? GTA 5 is known for it's memory leaks and if you're running 8gb's of ram or lower you're gonna start stuttering and lagging after a few mins of play, I recently upgraded from 8gb to 16gb of ram (an extra stick of 8gb ram) and this issue cleared itself up as I had the same issue, if you can't upgrade your ram I'm probably gonna have to say you'll be stuck with the stuttering but if you're running 16gb's or more I'm really not too sure what it could be. Just to confirm in a normal session of GTA 5 the memory usage slowly rises to around 9gb's and more depending on how long you're playing, so even though 8gb's of ram is supposed to be "enough" for GTA 5 it really isn't. EDIT: Just thought i'd slip a screenshot in here just to show you what my memory raises to after around half an hour of being IG. As you can see it takes up to around 9gb of ram (on the right), even though the recommended specs for GTA 5 is 8gb, I'm assuming all the updates and DLC from the initial release have knocked it over so once again if you're rocking 8gb of ram you're unfortunately gonna need to upgrade or put up with the stutters. Only solution I could give if you can't upgrade is restarting the game every time it starts to stutter, but obviously that can only be a short term, annoying solution.
  11. Liam_Airey

    Never really thought about the idea but honestly I wouldn't be against it. With how much customisation there is on offer and how every character always seems to have their own unique vehicles, clothes, properties ETC, I think it'd work perfectly. The ONLY problem I see is how would you go around finding the names of say someone breaking the rules? I understand admins would "see" all character's names and mask ID's above their head but what about player reports?
  12. Liam_Airey

    Honestly thought it'd be a suggestion a lot of people would agree with but guess not, feel free to lock the topic as I don't wanna clutter the suggestions with something that's obviously not gonna pull through.
  13. Liam_Airey

    I'm not too sure how you could abuse this more then you can /id, it doesn't provide you with any sort of advantage and would only clear up people's confusion with certain character's activity. I guess you could argue that people would use it to check player's activity and if they're not on often take over their territory? But then again that feels almost like an IC issue as they'd still not be around and checking /id from time to time would give the same results. Not to mention the command is obviously for OOC use, nothing to do with IC stuff like voicemails and such.
  14. Liam_Airey

    I'm a little confused, I'm talking about other characters, not your own. And even if you could check characters on the UPC I don't think it means the suggestion isn't valid, you could easily argue /ID isn't needed when you can just type the name of a character in for most commands but it's there for convenience's sake, like I said before it's more of a QoL improvement.
  15. Short description: Allow players to use a command to see when a specific character was logged on to the server last. Detailed description: Super simple suggestion, it'd be great to be able to use a command akin to /lastonline to check when the last time a character was used on the server. Commands to add: /lastonline Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server?: Not only is it a nice QoL feature but it'd clear up a lot of confusion when it comes to reports and such, it's also nice to see if a player you played with last week for example is actually active or not and I don't really see a reason why it SHOULDN'T be added. Additional information: N/A