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  1. I don't know man, you must've just had some bad clashes. I haven't been here long but all of my personal cases have been pretty good to be honest, from both "sides" of roleplay. That's just what it boils down too, peoples different experiences. I think though personally people complain about "they have no guns to lose, we have things to lose" is an irrelevant point. You should be scared of just dying not losing OOC assets and so should the police. The police are definitely fearful of dying too. It looks bad if you die and you're out of duty and have to go back to the PD etc.... It's not the same collateral but atleast neither side wants to die. PD just have things in the script you can point at and shout "unfair" at. Which is good, for someone that is mainly an illegal RP and is only experiencing legal now (also not an LEO), I can tell you it should be that way. It's unfair in real life too, isn't it? Police aren't gonna lose their guns irl, or pay for their car damages or anything like that. They still care about living. The point I'm making shortened is if everyone was worried about dying ICly regardless of their OOC penalty then we'd be better off. You're telling me that criminals don't go, "ah fuck it" and unload on 50 police officers when they're alone to get out of situations some times? Just to get out of an OOC sentence?
  2. Problem is, and it's evident in all the posts, you're all acting PD vs illegal roleplay. There's just as many culprits of PG, MG, unrealistic etc on both sides. Yes, there's "robo-cops" but there's also illegal roleplayers who are screaming "Fuck twelve, police killa!" at passing cruisers and then complaining when they get police attention.
  3. GTA roleplay has never been to high standard in general which may rub some of you the wrong way, but it hasn't. A lot of illegal roleplay (something that I've put years into) has high standards of roleplay between their groups, but outside? Not so much. The same goes for legal too, to an extent. It's not just about roleplaying fear and all the things you're expected to do, sometimes you have to go a little above. I remember OOCly getting mocked when I roleplayed having a panic attack infront of a gang I was apart of after being chased by police. My character didn't know what to do or what to say and was scared for his life that he'd end up in prison and not be able to make money for his single mother. I was told that I was trying to be an "edgy" character lmao... I'll say this once and hopefully someone will take it in; gangsters / police are not mentally indestructible characters. It doesn't matter how much death and shootings you see in your life, it doesn't get easier. Why do you think soliders in the real world come home with severe PTSD? No character has seen enough to be fearless of anything. Anybody in the real world who appears fearless is just fronting it, something I'd understand if roleplayed correctly. Unloading out of a parked vehicle to shoot up a police officer that pulled you over just because you have a weapon in the car is so unrealistic, especially if you haven't even tried to evade first. Just because you OOCly know you'll have time to kill them and be gone before backup comes doesn't mean you wouldn't be fearful of consequences after such as CCTV recognising your car fleeing away or forensics finding evidence on you. The same goes for a police officer patrolling on foot to talk too a gang, known for committing crimes up to the level of MURDER. It's all to do with OOCly knowing you're not at risk, why? Because it would be DM for them to kill you just for being there. There is no DM in the real world. If they wanted to shoot at you they could, and in some cases, probably would. The border needs to be broken around what you know OOCly the consequences of your actions could be compared to your IC ones and the standards of both types of roleplay would sky rocket. Edit : Also sorry to break it to you but you're sitting behind a computer. You're not representing a real gang and you're not banging. One thing that drove me away from GTA RP over the last few years is this mindset. People uploading shootout videos OOCly mocking how many "ops" they've killed. I'd rather see videos of you being in realistic, cover based shoot outs... Maybe even missing some shots on purpose to simulate your characters adrenaline wearing off. Gangs are a fun and great concept to play out as a character, but the line becomes blurred for a lot of people. You're all ending up living a life like "YBN Nahmir", where you're deluding yourself into what you really are, someone who ROLEPLAYS on GTA. (There's no shame in that but it's far from what you're deluding yourself into)
  4. One which is a buggy mess and the other that isn't exactly entertaining. It's got to attract people who don't partake in the fighting roleplay to come and watch and paying to come and see lines on lines of combat text won't keep anybodys attention.
  5. Counting down the days bro. Can't wait.
  6. Brilliant man, thanks for your support! I'm a pretty poor player ICly and asset wise but it's not something that bothers me. If I have to spend all my money on fighters prizes etc then I will. However I think finding ways to make it profitable ICly is all part of the fun, for me the sky is the limit. We could look for sponsorships, run ad breaks on our footage etc. I also think it'll be fun if fighters do actually gain an almost celebrity like stature on the server, even if only a little bit and we can see them develop into doing their own ads and personal endorsements.
  7. The specific stats to each thing will need to be play tested and thawed out but the basic premise goes as follow: -You train ICly to get stats within the game. For arguments sake lets say a training session is 30 minutes and you got 10 stat points in the game. - You have to SS to prove this. -You can only train three times a week so ICly you can't overtrain and OOCly people who can't be as active can keep up. - You get more points depending whether you train in a gym or at home, or with a trainer or alone. - You get points for participating in fights and more depending on your outcome. These stats can be put into the skill you ICly trained. So for example if you spent your time hitting a punch bag these points can be allocated to any of the striking stats such as striking speed / power etc. These points can also buy the perks in the game and additional moves etc.
  8. I think you've got confused at my point. The fighters will be played through UFC but it will be AI controlled and not player controlled. It's a simulated fight but players have control over their stats through how often they train ICly within GTA world etc. Everything will be done in GTA world, just the fight itself will be simulated through the UFC game.
  9. I think it allows youtube videos to be streamed to screens within the game, like GMOD used too if you ever played that? I think it's a little buggy here atm though.
  10. We've decided that using the cinema script would allow the best of both worlds.
  11. You've kind of hit the nail on the head for me tbh bro. I never intended to come across and say that the way you did it wouldn't work and couldn't, but it's like you said it can get a little tedious to watch. It's going to take a lot of balancing and testing of a system before it can go ahead but I think I have the drive to do it but I guess only time will tell on that one. If I do go ahead with it I'd more than happy to get you involved, even as a sit back role if you feel you don't have the time or to get you fully on board running the show. I appreciate what you set up and don't want to undermine your efforts; I just personally think this would be a way to keep up some great roleplay AND keep it entertaining for ALL involved. Thank-you for your honest feedback and again, be happy to have you apart.
  12. I respect your points but your forza and shooting comparison isn't exactly fair. We don't need to go to Forza because we have a solid driving system that doesn't require you to /me pretending to be in a car. We have a PF/Illegal gun system which is brilliant alongside GTA V shooting mechanics; we don't have to /me shooting people with a pretend gun. We don't have the fighting mechanic and frankly as much as this is a roleplay server, nobody finds it entertaining to watch two guys throw /me's at each other with a /roll afterwards. The roleplay it will create and the immersion, as stated above by another player, that it will provide will vastly make up for the other areas of roleplay around it, such as fan interaction and everyone being on the same page with what they've just witnessed. You watch a couple of minutes per round of a stream whilst still tabbed in if possible and everbody has just witnessed what happened. What sounds more exciting in these examples. You are watching a stream of something similar to this.... Everybody sees that and goes crazy ICly, "Did you just see that, he's out cold!" "Do you see the state of his face, he's so bloody!" Or you see somebody "/me throws a head kick", /roll and wins roll, "/me knocks opponent out cold." Sometimes having stuff up to the imagination is a good thing but in this case, how're you supposed to be hyped up and amped about that /me, in comparison to the video?
  13. I get that but in the same theory it means you shouldn't have to tab for any of the above. Auctions should be real things you go to and you should be signing up for jobs in the police force at the frontal desk. Again I'd just like to point out that people have mobile phones which they could watch these fights on and therefore still be tabbed in to comment ICly with their friends the reactions their character would have to the fight.
  14. I fully understand your point and it isn't wrong at all, it does take away from being in-game a little. I just think the pay off for a few minutes tabbing or looking at a phone will make the OVERALL roleplay more realistic. You know when you can actually see the power of that knockout kick and not just through text, or how bloodied someone got from all the punches? Everyone in-game has seen the same thing and not portrayed the text at different levels. As much as you may still disagree, and I understand why, I hope this just shows you where I'm coming from. Also may I just add that in this day and age surely people have a mobile phone they can watch twitch on or another device? Auctions aren't IG and you have to tab for them, so are police applications etc. People tab for a variety of things, at worst case scenario they have no other device to watch the fight and they have to tab for a couple of minutes I don't get what difference it makes.
  15. None offence taken by either of you, I posted for feedback and it's really appreciated. I understand your theories and my plans can be adapted. I think a good medium would be maybe simulate the results before hand and the fighters almost reanact what happened ICly? The fans don't know the outcome and nobody does ICly, only the fighters OOCly. I just think, not to take any credit away from the other system as it is great and extensive, it's just a silly to judge a fight off rolls of dices. It is also silly to do it my way but atleast it has a little more excitement to it. Also, radio stations are hosted 3rd party for clubs etc sometimes and therefore they simarlily can't be overseen by management. Luckily the script allows them to stream in-game so they don' have the problem of tabbing but I still think they fall into the same boat. I just think there's not much oversight really needed by the server administration for this either, all that's being simulated is a result. There's no reason for anybody to want to rig a result and not really a way to do it without people obviously knowing if that's what you may be concerned about. Thank you again for for your feedback though, I'm taking it all on board.
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