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  1. Serrano has now been sold. Burrito sport and LCC Avarus are still for sale.
  2. Sand king has been sold, rest still available
  3. Selling all of the vehicles listed below, send me a message to my email ((forum pm)) with your best offers.
  4. The point that's trying to be made is not make it easier for people to get PF licenses, if anything make it A LOT harder for people to apply for it. I'm all for it but if you're telling me that anyone with a PF license cannot engage in ANY form of illegal RP is a joke, not saying people should go around murdering people with PF guns cuz that's just stupid and unrealistic, a rule can be implemented to say that people can't go around and do mad shit like that. But there shouldn't be a massive divide between the two. Where you're forced to be a legal RPer when you have a PF license. Are illegal guns really that much in circulation? When the people who control the market for illegal weapons are charging people EXTORTIONATE prices for weapons. So why should a person who just got 40 hours done and has 200k to his name then pay 150k for a M4. Or should he apply for a PF license, get a gun for 10k?
  5. Looking forward to how this plays out
  6. Like what I'm seeing here, going places.
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