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Blue Hunchos A1

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  1. Blue Hunchos A1

    Seaside ABZ

    I tell my niggas go and they gone get off 😷 yall got this.
  2. Damn why yall had to grease dude up like that? 🤕
  3. The only way to truly fix this would be if they completely fixed the sync on this server, it gets tiresome trying to glitch fight for a whole 5-10 mins to knock someone out via script-wise.
  4. Forreal, people are def gonna MG that if turf maps were available.
  5. Exactly but they're not gonna bother to do their research and get insight from people who come from those types of environments in real life. They rather just say "you're deathmatching" and admin-jail/ban you for however long they want.
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