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Davis Felon

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  1. Davis Felon

    Don't be sick Jedai. You aren't even reading the thread right, let's not spam, just DM me babygirl they wide open.
  2. Davis Felon

    ON god.
  3. Davis Felon

    That's the problem with the server, PD can do whatever the hell they want and it's always "Take it IC! Make an IA report!" but the instant a criminal does something they are getting hawked down OOC for all types of rule break rather than cops taking it IC. Even look at the thread. Cops are literally saying their is an increase in murderrate and it's OOC? Lol.
  4. Davis Felon

    Thanks. Bishop will be back soon 😉
  5. Davis Felon

    We finna lock this shit down!
  6. Davis Felon

    Might wanna put this in the right place tho if you want it to go anywhere - Suggestions.
  7. Davis Felon

    If anything I'd say make it $2,000,000 in 1000 hours. Anything else is economy breaking.
  8. Davis Felon

    lol I did the same thing to them before.
  9. Davis Felon

    Any admin can get us a legit check please.
  10. Davis Felon

    Sounds immersive as fuck, this a major +1.
  11. I don't see the point of this, literally.
  12. Davis Felon

  13. Davis Felon

    You the fucking goat boy.
  14. Davis Felon

    The Ballad I
  15. Davis Felon

    More to come soon.... Champions Of The United States