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  1. TheUnknown54

    I was desynced and typed "t" twice. I was hoping my connection would establish back in time but it didn't. With my desync I did lose you. Our clients both showed two different situations.
  2. TheUnknown54

    1. I didn't make contact because I've already lost her in the pursuit by the time I started to time out, so I assumed it was concluded. I also didn't hear any sirens in the area which lead me to believe they gave up. Also do note I didn't spawn back into the server where they saw me disconnect, as it spawns me close to where my client lost connection. 2. Yes it was related to that, as they used IC information to track me down via my car's plates, which could've been gotten while I was stuck during the timeout.
  3. TheUnknown54

    I was long gone before the sequence of the timeout started, it takes around 10-20 seconds to disconnect, then the re-connection that has to take place. It spawns me back to where I started losing connection, which is 10-20 seconds before I was stuck in that location. And then again as I stated, my tires kept moving which should've been enough of a sign to see I was losing connection, yet your ignorance still goes ahead with the report. Every time you cops don't win, you either report or throw your shit till you get the satisfaction you wanted. Time for the server to realize that. I'll wait for the handling admin to solve this, I'm done.
  4. TheUnknown54

    I'd also like to note that if you paid attention to the evidence @Lewwwy presented, you'd notice the vehicles tires kept going in that exact position my car was stuck. If I at any point tabbed or brought up the menus to exit the game, that would've stopped.
  5. TheUnknown54

    I live in a geographical location where we're having storms which is affecting my network. If you'd check the logs at the time where I "logged to avoid", you'd see I was back within minutes. I lost the officer within 10-20 seconds, when my internet dropped. I spawned back to where I was before the timeout STARTED. Which means I wouldn't spawn where they had me, which could explain the reason they waited long and thought I Iogged to avoid. If they PM'd me I would've been happy to re-rp the situation.