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  1. Username: SomeFucker123 Comment: The Sheriffs Department is to blame, in all honesty. First a officer, anonymous as they said, decided to make a racist comment towards the protesters. If I am correct, this is what started the city's problem. Then, they go ahead and open fire with beanbag rounds on the civilians? What is this? That's not how you handle things. If you want the cooperation of the citizens of the city you need to give them a reason for their operation. Firing upon them with less than lethal firearms and ammunition, will not get their cooperation, it will only make the problem worse. More and more people will start to join in the protesting. Keep the sheriffs in Blaine County where they belong, they only cause trouble in the city. As for the protesters. You're also fucking stupid. Your friend gets hit by a car, what happens? You call 9-1-1. Who responds? The fire department. Why in the fucks name would you stupid fucks burn down the one place that has no involvement in your violence with law enforcement? They did NOTHING to you. The Los Santos County Fire Department is one of the key organisations within the state, and without them, we'd all be doomed. Stop protesting and stop dialling 9-1-1 when you need help, because if this is how you react you shouldn't be allowed to make use of the resources provided to assist you in a matter such as instances with crimes, structure fires, vehicular fires, medical aid, etc. Fuck outta here you stupid fucks. Think for what you are protesting, don't just protest because you can and because its your right to do so. Fucking THINK. Use your fucking head.
  2. This thread will follow the life & development of Lucifer Velazquez. Lucifer Velazquez, also known as Diablo following his Mexican Heritage, is a twenty-two year old Hispanic Male in the Vagos Motorcycle Club. He was born and raised in San Bernardino, where his father, Miguel "Stoney" Velazquez, left him to be brought up into the world. Raised by the president of Vagos San Bernardino and his single mother, he swiftly fell into the wrong path as he grew older. The President of the San Bernardino charter swore to keep Lucifer a secret, in the process taking Lucifer in as his own, in order to keep him and his friend, Stoney, safe. Blood is weakness. Throughout his teenage years he was in the juvenile court for repeated petty theft crimes such as shop lifting, where he was then sentenced to a year of community service. Within his time in community service, he fell in with the wrong people, only committing greater crimes there after. He gained street smarts, running through the streets and alleys, knowing when to hit someone and where he could score easy cash. Falling into the usage of drugs was no question, he picked up on marijuana fast, working it into his daily livelihood. Where he went, marijuana was with him. Soon after, word of his devious acts spread through the club, his "father" called upon him, and pulled him to the club. He tried to bring him out of the petty crimes, and into the world of criminals. It wasn't long till Lucifer prospected for the charter, thereafter making a full patch. Fast tracking to this day, the word of Miguel Velazquez, a former president's death, heard throughout the Vagos Charters. It is then when the president of San Bernardino pulled him closer, telling him the truth. Out of rage, Lucifer went Nomad and headed straight for Blaine County, San Andreas, Joaquin Delgado and Vick Richards being his point of contact. His ride to San Andreas was swift, and happened without any thought. His first instinct was to visit his father's grave, and group up with those he called his brothers. He wanted to learn more about him, wanted to learn what type of man he was, and in the process, join up with the San Andreas charters. The burning of the Yellow Jack Inn, almost taking Lucifer's alive.
  3. USERNAME: Diablo12345 COMMENT: "came to a shock to the peaceful community of Los Santos" Yea right. Like you can call Los Santos peaceful.
  4. The guard card isn't required for you to operate as a security guard. It is only required for when you wish to work as an armed security guard, thus a PF license is required, as without a PF license you cannot purchase a firearm. So in that case, having a guard card without a PF will make zero sense. Considering the forty hours rule, it might be that they just forgot to update it for the CCW and Guard Card, as I'd assume they will do. The forty hours time you have to wait before you can attain the PF license is what I'd assume, to prevent abuse of the license from players that had just joined the community, and I can see why. I have seen multiple questions in the GTA World Discord's support chat of new community members asking where to apply for a PF. Where I don't see the wrong in that, I just think they updated the rule to prevent everyone from immediately going and getting the license without knowing what restrictions are on PF holders. Changing how they have it now will mean a fourth license will have to be brought out in order to keep the Guard Card as it is, which is intended for security guards that want to carry a firearm when working. There's no need to change it, it's good as it is.
  5. Regulating Blaine County II
  6. Goodluck with this bro! Take it far!
  7. Dominator Classic - $175,000 Selling my Dominator Classic. It has 206 miles on the clock. Fitted with a brand new engine, along with a turbocharger to give extra speed and acceleration. Gear Box newly purchased and installed. Insurance still has sixteen (16) days left. Priced at $9750 per month. It is registered. Anti Theft Module level 4 installed. Contact: Mace @ 4986 or [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  8. Regulating Blaine County
  9. @Brox and @Cara for being two of the best go-to admins with any questions and concerns you might have.
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