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  1. TheUnknown54

    I like what I see.
  2. TheUnknown54

  3. TheUnknown54

    Vapid Dominator $60,000 The vehicle has been used for less than 3 weeks. It is fully modified except for Suspension. Vehicle statistics:
  4. TheUnknown54

    I'm looking to buy a Benefactor Schafter V12. Any offers will be welcomed. Please use the contact methods bellow with offers. Thanks. Damon, 1660082 or email me at [email protected] ((Forum PM))
  5. TheUnknown54

    It's sad to see this go. Had great RP with the people from this faction. Will be missed.
  6. TheUnknown54

    Reply from Damon Tempest: Willing to buy it for 70 grand.
  7. TheUnknown54

    Keep it up. Looks amazing.
  8. TheUnknown54

    O'Connor Security Services The O'Connor security services aims to provide a safe environment in certain areas of Los Santos and in Paleto. The company can do this by providing: Providing patrols around the areas of Los Santos and Paleto Providing security for your business establishments and/or homes. Security guards for your business' opening, e.g. Nightclubs. Safe transportation of valuable items. The installation of CCTV systems, alarm systems and the installation of safes. Onsite and Offsite monitoring with CCTV for your business/home. Armed responses to home invasions, or when you feel unsafe in an area where you have suspicion over certain parties present. Providing safety over the areas we cover in general. The main mission for the company is to create an atmosphere of safety in the areas of Los Santos and Paleto. Send any inquiries to: [email protected] ((Forum PM to me.)) To become a client today: Email us at [email protected] ((Forum PM to me.)) To become a staff member today: Email us at [email protected] ((Forum PM to me.))
  9. TheUnknown54

    Vehicle has been sold.
  10. TheUnknown54

    Kuruma has been sold.
  11. TheUnknown54

    Dinka Akuma Price: $50,000 Upgrades: Engine (4), Transmission (3), Brakes (3) and it has Turbo installed. All vehicles are registered. Contact me (Damon) by my e-mail ((forum pm)) or call me on 1660082