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  1. Oh, damn I didn't see them when I looked through. Apologies for the double suggestion. Thanks Jovis for pointing it out.
  2. Short description: Add interiors to more large vehicles, like the Marquis and the Tug. Detailed description: Just like the interiors have been added to the Campers in game, interiors could also be added to other larger vehicles. These would not be limited to the ones I have suggested. Commands to add: N/A Items to add: New interiors for certain vehicles. How would your suggestion improve the server?: I believe there are plenty of people who would love to RP either having a trip out in their nice high end Marquis. There could also be less than reputable people who could make fantastic use of an interior on a tug boat. Additional information: If anyone can think of other vehicles that could use an interior, throw them in the comments. I am sure there are more that would benefit from this system.
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