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  1. Not sure if this is a thing that can be done, if not i'll most likely just make a new forum account but I was wondering if anybody held the power to change my forum name? @Nervous would be obvious person to ask about this so is there anything you can do for me? I want it changing from Know to Knowing (small change I know.) If you could do this for me it'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  2. Know

    Some creative angles here, liked and followed. 🙂
  3. Know

    Is this happening consistently or is it something that only happens every so often?
  4. Know

    Yeah I can't lie, every point you made is a legit concern. This is something that is HUGE when we're talking about the health of the server, so of course there are going to be lots of questions. This is something that needs to be worked on by a group of individuals and needs a long time to be adjusted and worked out. So although it is a suggestion, this is not something that should be rushed.
  5. Know

    I feel as though your comment came off as being smug, which is ironic considering you didn't bother to read literally the first reply i've made to this thread. Good job.
  6. Know

    I like the idea a lot. Whether or not it will take off or be profitable for you icly is EXTREMELY questionable. As long as you understand that this is a lot of responsibility for yourself, then all is good. If you have the determination and work ethic to make this a thing then this could be something that sticks for a long time, good luck and sign me up!
  7. Know

    Yeah, completely missed your point, sorry. Weirdly enough i'm actually a long time EA UFC player from a while back, I just didn't bother to read much of your post so I apologise. if we're talking about UFC 3 how would you determine the statistics of each fighter, who would determine it?
  8. Know

    I suppose i'm just too new to the server then. My case is very unique too as i've been RolePlaying on GTA V since the servers were first Pioneered correctly in 2015, so economies are always changing. I like a challenge though, thanks for your input.
  9. Know

    Agree with everything you said. The LSRP system was broken, but the idea of savings that are moderated and reviewed by the government are very real and could play a role in this community. It is however a big ask and a big change, also very risky.
  10. Know

    Not sure if this is true, but if it is that's absolutely incredible and I like that A LOT. Simulating a real economy is always difficult and that's a massive first step to doing so. Like you said though, you've made millions without grinding jobs. This is great for yourself but some people aren't so lucky in these kinds of ventures. It's not that they lack the ability though, it's more so to do with guidance and people showing them the way. There isn't quite enough of that. I came from FiveRP in 2017 where I had millions myself, and i'm now having to start fresh in a completely new different type of economy which i'm struggling to grasp. This is my own IC issue though, and should be dealt accordingly. I agree with everything you have said, yet I still think savings accounts arent as absurd as some people are making them out to be, especially when in a moderate amount.
  11. Know

    I actually agree with what you said, I feel like even the 200k head start is WAY overpowered and should certainly be less. The savings idea is NOT a bad idea for the economy though, if you moderate it and keep it at a low income (maybe 2 million after 1000 hours like somebody else said) then it shouldn't break the economy. I get that realism is extremely important, but you need something that will keep people coming back. I've no experience running a roleplay server so like I say, this is only my opinion.
  12. Know

    This seems reasonable. The thing is, none of the script jobs really match my character, and the 100s of thousands required to build a business can only be obtained through said scripts so you cannot expect every single player to take their script job 100% seriously (Ofcourse we Rp these jobs as it makes for a more immersive world, but you'd be hard pressed to find some people inside of this server that will tell you "I work as a trucker on the side and a business owner as a main".) This is just my two cents, I don't mind grinding out the script jobs for some extra cash for now as I have faith more opportunists will be added to the server with time. The savings idea isn't too bad though, like I said in my OP, tweak it to fit the current economy. Not everybody should have 20 million after 1000 hours. Nerf it, if it seems overpowered then make the money much less.
  13. Know

    It creates ridiculous amounts of money for people who are actively playing the game and keeping the player base alive which makes sense does it not? People aren't making millions over the course of a week, it takes 100s and 100s of hours to create this wealth. As apposed to somebody playing 100s and 100s of hours in GTA V and having to grind doing jobs that are not suitable for their character.
  14. Know

    Why so? The LSRP economy and server has been around for over 10+ years and is still consistently doing well in every sense. This is not a bad idea and worked really well in that server.
  15. Know

    It's a good idea in theory, no matter which way you go around it. My only issue is this. Firstly, like you say people will use the role-play mechanics to power game as they often do in these types of situations. If you opted for a non-roleplay mechanic and used just the base game to simulate the fights, this is also an issue. The player base varies from where they are at in the world, and the ping/response time of people are VASTLY different. This would give people clear advantages in these kinds of exchanges as i've seen it do before.