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  1. xRandomGuy

    Back in town. (not an SUV btw)
  2. xRandomGuy

    This was fixed in the last update:
  3. xRandomGuy

    I agree, this should be enforced in any place where CCTVs were roleplayed being placed and there is a camera object to support it (as otherwise the player could claim he had no way of knowing the camera is there). If there is an out-of-character conflict, out-of-character evidence will need to be provided to confirm the actions happened in the sight of the camera and then the camera footage can be roleplayed.
  4. xRandomGuy

    My issue with this is enforcing the rule you're suggesting. "A player will not escalate to killing another player over a situation their character would not realistically respond that way to in real life." Anyone can simply say their character is insane and thus have a reason to respond erratically and violently when there wasn't much justification for it. That's why at the end of the day this is down to admins' judgement to ask the right questions and find out whether this falls under Deathmatch, which is a current, existing rule, or not.
  5. xRandomGuy

    Congratulations everyone!
  6. xRandomGuy

  7. xRandomGuy

  8. xRandomGuy

    Anyone using a STEAM version of the game - this is a working fix, confirmed.
  9. xRandomGuy

  10. xRandomGuy

    As Justus stated, there will be a checkbox upon namechanging on the UCP to remove all current tattoos. As for removing them normally, like stated by others it's a very expensive process and should be so in-game as well. Think about the tattoo you're getting for your character and make sure it's something that fits you and you want to do. If you do it without thinking, it's just something you need to deal with later on IC.
  11. xRandomGuy

    Congratulations everybody.
  12. xRandomGuy

    I see where you're coming from, but I don't think the solution you gave is the way to go either.
  13. xRandomGuy

    /frisk with an option to accept or deny for the other player is good. /mug isn't, we don't want to turn this into a cops and robbers server.
  14. xRandomGuy

    Would love to see a system like that where outfits can be moved between players (as long as both are from the same gender & has the custom ped skin, to avoid bugs/issues when applying). Let's get more opinions on this though.
  15. xRandomGuy

    I was thinking about a general agriculutre/farming script for a while. A definite yes. Would especially like to see legal plant farming with actual dynamic in-game plant objects to camouflage later added marijuana growing scripts, if such should exist. This would ensure growing any plant outside wouldn't immediately be assumed illegal as it shouldn't. Forwarding!