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  1. You guys are diamonds among the rubble.
  2. A robbery gone wrong has riled up an otherwise quiet night after Robert “The Turk” Schmidt, an alleged soldier in the East Los Santos mob, was murdered in Mirror Park on Tuesday morning. At around 01:00 AM on Tuesday, shots were fired in the alleyway behind American Cuts & Trims on the crossing of East Mirror Drive and Mirror Park Boulevard. Nearby police responded to the scene and found the lifeless body of Robert Schmidt, 47, on the stairway leading up to a backstreet apartment. Bystanders described the scene as gruesome and gory. Fleeing from the scene was Anthony O’Mara, a known loan shark in the East Vinewood—Mirror Park area, who is suspected of involvement in the murder of Schmidt. O’Mara was arrested, however those who caught a glimpse of the scene reported that the perpetrators had arrived in a black sedan and with screeching tires, and departed in the same manner. Locals reported that the apartment itself was regularly used for backroom gambling such as poker. Schmidt, a reputed member of East Los Santos’ organized crime scene, was considered a loyal soldier in the MacArthur crime family in the 2000s and ran a profitable operation involving vending machines, though most of his criminal activities had dried up at the turn of the decade. Most of his former crew were arrested and indicted for racketeering and violent crimes. Schmidt developed an alcohol problem and had gone off-road since then and was allegedly in debt for over $50,000, a number that continued to rise throughout his gambling ventures. O’Mara has denied any involvement in the murder and has instead described the night’s events as a robbery gone wrong. “We played some cards with a few friends like we do every week,” he said, and claimed the perpetrators arrived and forcefully took their evening’s winnings. However, with the recent release of two top dogs in Schmidt’s old criminal circles and an increase in mob activity in East LS, police have indicated the murder may be some sort of spring cleaning in the underworld—despite the lack of any direct evidence for such claims.
  3. “This is an arena, a stamping ground, where only the most vigorous animals may hope to hold their own. What is all history but the epic of a colossal campaign, the final Armageddon of which is never likely to be fought, because, when men cease to fight — they cease to be Men.” The MacArthur Organized Crime Group, also informally known as the East Side Cavalry, is an organized crime group based out of East Los Santos involved in various activities such as loansharking, murder-for-hire, extortion, drug trafficking, bookmaking and robbery. Its membership is predominantly made up of European-Americans. Their reign stretched from the early to late 2000s, and has since shown the telltale signs of a resurgence. Established in the early 2000s, the MacArthur Gang came to life as a result of a lucrative loansharking scheme operated out of La Mesa, East Los Santos, and was comprised of small-time thugs and misfits who took advantage of the neighborhood’s underdeveloped economic condition that even the local government apparently failed to remedy efficiently. MacArthur profited off this by lending cash to and funding backstreet businesses and drug addicts at usurious rates. Francis MacArthur—a hard-headed, no-good crook—spearheaded this loosely organized gang of rogues and applied a measure of intimidation to establish his circle. He employed Eugene Kilhaney—an Irish-American robber notorious for his burly figure—as his debt collector and sent him on hit-and-run jobs to fly the flag and groomed him to be a loyal pitbull. Though tenderfoot, MacArthur and Kilhaney formed a competent pair and soon recruited various like-minded thieves into their circle, expanding into extortion, bookmaking and drug trafficking in the form of heroin and cocaine, as well as ecstasy through a connection with Henry “Dirty Hank” Nelissen, an Amsterdam-based importer. In 2002, the gang’s top bookmaker, Frederick "Freddy Nines" Newman, and heroin wholesaler, Robert "Bobby Black" Bell were indicted on illegal gambling and drug trafficking charges respectively. The crime ring then endured a brief internal uproar; members of Bell’s crew fabricated rumors of an active cooperator in the gang’s middle management which led to the shooting of Samuel Gordon—a Scottish-American enforcer whose unrelated charges were mysteriously dropped a month prior—as a suspected informant. In retaliation, Kilhaney as well as two enforcers including Arnold Gorski, were dispatched to murder the perpetrators and iron out any further problems, which MacArthur jokingly described as “sending in the cavalry.” This quip earned them the moniker East Side Cavalry. In December 2009, both MacArthur and Kilhaney as well as fellow enforcer Ronald Lynch were jointly arrested after allegedly severely abusing two bookmakers accused of skimming profits, inflicting serious bodily injury. Lynch’s charges were subsequently dropped, citing a lack of evidence and no proven participation, whereas the former pair were indicted on two counts of aggravated assault and various minor charges. Both were doomed to a full decade in prison, however MacArthur received an additional eight months for his leading role. Unlike most organized crime groups where its structure calls for a succession of leadership, the MacArthur-Kilhaney Group missed such a framework. Its fierce dependence on the two figureheads led to the gradual disbandment of its leftovers who split up in minor groups, deciding to operate alone rather than crowning a new king from their midst. However, with Kilhaney's release in early 2020 and MacArthur's even fresh release in July, experts predict a resurgence of undesired mob activity in the East Los Santos area. OOC The MacArthur Organized Crime Group wishes to portray a gathering of criminals, racketeers, crooks and thugs joined together as a white organized crime group. We aim to provide a realistic roleplaying environment in a modern day setting. This means that we expect a high level of roleplay with a keen eye for detail from both our members and aspirants. We encourage those interested in joining to thoroughly think through a character concept that fits within the boundaries of our group. We hold the right to character kill any aspiring members. Permission to post screenshots must be given by a leader. Questions and concerns can be forwarded to @The Dirty Duke or @Alexion.
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