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  1. Dios

    There are various prominent factions that display the rigor we expect in terms of gang roleplay but at the same time there are a bunch, because I'd be lying if I said there weren't, that don't meet that standard. They do get dealt with but in time. The gang roleplay scene in itself is improving on the server and bear in mind when making comparisons to LSRP, the standards there have only recently improved after about ten years of runtime(?), of course it's not where it should be by any means, but there have been drastic improvements and there will continue to be improvements till we're at/we exceed expectations. It's only getting better from here so stick around and indulge yourself where possible, especially if you've got a great background in the illegal roleplay scene! ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. Dios

    set the bar high
  3. Dios

  4. Dios

    I've got two at the moment, one primarily focused on police, and the other's a kid that got kicked out his house for smoking too much weed, so he basically just vibes around and goes with the flow, literally. My second character wasn't made with the intention of being good or bad, but rather just being there, because I wanna see where he ends up from an IC standpoint on his lonesome. I intend on molding him via his interactions and that's it. A third character's in the works too but he/she's on the backburner for now.
  5. Dios

  6. fuck the opps Great work though Nervous ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. Dios

    Imagine surf competitions in Los Santos. Whoa.
  8. Dios

    in god we trust
  9. Dios

    very quick and to the point sacred nice guide
  10. Dios

    Banned for not passing the vibe check 'Lmao'
  11. that rose tattoo's seen so many nefarious acts
  12. You guys are doing a brilliant job so far with your press releases and stories. Just wanna let you know b/c I don't think you guys get enough credit! ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. Dios

    Reagan this is FIRE
  14. Dios

    You can buy a forum name-change via GTAW points on the UCP. ucp.gta.world
  15. Dios

    We don't at the moment. If/when we do, the mod is going to look similar to this: