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  1. Jäger

    I think it's pretty clear that at this point that people just generally enjoy getting into pursuits with the PD. It's fun, and enjoyable for both sides when it stays realistic. But honestly as someone who's roleplayed a cop for eight years now, you are never going to have the PD be able to actually take part in a pursuit without the use of voice communication for it. But that's the only real reason it's needed. Otherwise it's impossible to organize and direct 5+ people to chase after a vehicle going at *as fast as holding down W can get them*. Something that criminal RP will very seldom see the need for. If an officer is using TS to call for backup with 0 RP while surrounded by other people or just generally not emoting they're using their radio when other people would be able to notice it should be metagaming/powergaming like anyone else would. It is enforced within the faction though, and when people abuse it they aren't just ignored.
  2. Jäger

    I honestly feel like it would be much less intrusive and easier to deal with if it was only the "..." without the brackets and if it was simply attached to the end of a players name above their head instead of some hover text that is so far up it blocks ame's and honestly gets clustered if a bunch of people are around. At least if it was on the same line you could easily track it back to see who's typing if there's a group of players.