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  1. What in your opinion defines a good roleplayer? I think what defines a good roleplayer, in my experience, is the ability to clearly, and concisely describe your actions so that everybody can definitively understand your actions. I also define a good roleplayer as somebody who is patient, and takes realistic approaches towards things. Understanding not only your character, and your character's motivations, but understanding how society sees your character, and what roles your character is expected to bend towards based on ethnic and cultural levels, as well as gender roles in society as well. What qualities must a good roleplayer have? Patience, more than anything a good roleplay needs patience to let scenes unfold, and occur in front of them. They also need to able to look at larger pictures, and look beyond what will happen tomorrow, but how certain things will affect them weeks or months down the line. What do you look for the most in someone when you roleplay with them? Common sense. Do good roleplayers necessarily have to have knowledge in multiple types of roleplay (government, legal, illegal)? Absolutely not, it wouldn't make sense for most characters to know everything about other types of roleplay, understanding certain gangs or government divisions etc.
  2. Reading through these posts, I think a lot of people agree that there's just a lot of violence between gangs, as in real life, but a disproportionate amount of violence between gangs that just isn't that realistic for real life. I think a lot of people who roleplay street gangs generally want the same thing, less shootouts, lets wars, and so forth. I think a big part of the issue for this, however, is new and undocumented gangs that pop up on the server. From my experience, It's all too common for new, undocumented gangs to suddenly appear with about 4-5 members, and suddenly wants to start issues with a well established faction that has been around for several months+. I think what we need in the gang roleplay is passive roleplay, definitely. However this is hard to achieve when other gangs are constantly provoking and escalating in unrealistic manners. This isn't to say gangs don't exactly passively RP. I jump around to many faction threads and love the passive roleplay I see, so this "I wish to see more passive RP" is more directed towards new and developing gangs mainly, but you know. Gang RP has it's up and it's downs. We do what we can.
  3. Suuup. Victoria Vale / Sharon Stone / Mary Elizabeth Mensa. Was in Rhythms Vago's / Blackwater / eMe.
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