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  1. These names keep getting worse and worse, I love it. Supporting obviously, would love to get a visual representation of which version someone's using but hey, that's a whole other suggestion in itself.
  2. Said it like a million times already so I apologize if I'm parroting myself but if you're playing a homeless / VERY poor character please for the love of god don't RP your bank account, it makes things WIDELY different then "typical" RP and turns GTAW from some social simulator to a borderline survival game. You'll bust your ass to make borderline nothing and be stuck between either buying food, gas or clothes for the weather and before you know it you've got nothing at all and you're back at it, trying to find different ways of making cash, it's really fun honestly and the idea that ALL your cash and items can be taken at any moment (because chances are you'll never have over 5k from panhandling) is terrifying and SHOULD be. Thankfully never had many unprovoked assaults though, if I ever did I'd take it IC as L.S being a fucking cesspit of a city.
  3. Well I'll have to respectfully say that's stupid. Having an entire section of RP and game balance "balanced" by cosmetics and cosmetics alone is very weird.
  4. 50/50 on it all honestly. Yeah, people buying it based of OOC meta apposed to something their character would realistically own isn't great but what can you really expect when it's one of the cheapest motorcycles IC while also being one of the fastest? Should be on players to have realistic assets for portrayal's sake but it's also on staff/devs to have it priced properly.
  5. Mainly because it's one of the fastest bikes in the game, honestly have no idea why it's priced at a measly 20k.
  6. Back when we had the Strawberry Bums up and running we'd have duos of a single man and woman post up outside businesses across the city, the men to stop any people who tried to get hands on and the women for sympathy and Jesus, we'd make like 5k in a night it was insane. Try that as a single dude and the most you can make is like, 500 - 600 in a night. I do wish the more well-off characters wouldn't always try to either fuck and/or save the homeless every chance they got though, gets a little old when you've got people pulling up in sports cars trying to be some knight in shining armor offering to buy them places to stay and cars when IRL people in them situations would turn their nose up at the homeless and consider them dangerous, and definitely not a quick fuck.
  7. To add on to Lamb's statement a lot of clothing is just outright bugged with the current version of RageMP, excluding all the clothing post-255 there's a ton of clothing that isn't restricted to LEO's and still doesn't load, but work perfectly fine with RageMP 1.1. In conclusion: gimmie gimme 1.1y.
  8. Extremely petty I know but the hat/shirt/pants/etc on commands taking the lazy route and just refreshing the entire outfit instead of the individual parts, for example: You've taken your shirt, hat, glasses and backpack off and want to throw your hat and ONLY your hat back on, you use /hat on which refreshes your entire outfit forcing you to /glasses off, /decals off, /shirt off all over again to get back to where you wanted, nothing game breaking of course but very UGH educing.
  9. More for the collection: https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/long-hair-for-mp-male-fivem-ready https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/long-hair-undercut-for-mp-male-fivem-ready https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/curly-bangs-for-mp-female-fivem-ready https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/january-jacket-peregrine-sp-fivem-ready The two male haircuts IG:
  10. Not too sure why everybody's hounding, he's legit agreeing with your points.
  11. Clarification for people outside of first responder RP, how many suicidal turned suicide 911 phone calls come in for say a week?
  12. Complaining about them complaining about what they're forced to see by using an example of something you're not seeing in the first place is contradicting what you're trying to prove. And like my above reply, I don't agree with their point, I just don't really agree with yours either.
  13. Unless you're trying to being snarky through my reply I don't agree with Alyssa's point.
  14. The problem is them seeing it without consent, your own point contradicts what you're trying to say.
  15. Stupid examples of portrayal should be punished but hey, people do weird shit IRL when they're on the edge so I'm 50/50 on it. Think of situations where people have killed their families and calmly called the police to confess, or people like Paul Michael Stephani, its a weirdly grey area to police when it comes to RP.
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