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    Had the same problem so went out my way to extract the hair models from the server files and pack them up, feel free to share it around if anybody else needs em. http://www.mediafire.com/file/8aody9fvtfi0tos/OooCoolHairs.rar/file

    I agree with IRL branded clothing items being a little eeeeh because of the obvious conflict but Jesus, settle down it ain't that serious. Hoping the pack or at least parts of it are added when we get the chance but I can look past slight "continuity" issues with brands if it means more AND better looking clothes.

    Even though I don't 100% agree with what DOLL did (even though they seeked persmission from the artist) the whole situation surrounding this was stupid from both sides. THAT report being a great example of what NOT to do from both sides of the argument.

    Seen people catch slack over it either way, can't remember which character exactly but I remember them using a cover of I THINK "Smells Like Teen Spirit" as their character's interpretation of it (uploaded as an audio file on FB) and someone was in the comments foaming at the mouth linking all this persons IRL covers to try shame this character's "cover." I don't mind people having a problem with this whole weird IC/OOC mash up where music exists in both "worlds" which causes this weird conflict but you're a prick if you go out your way like that to ruin people's fun when it's harmless overall.

    If they were given permission to do so, would this still be an issue in your eyes with the artists being an actual IRL artist? Also because it's more interesting for the topic overall, say I want to make a musical character and pay someone to sing lyrics using Fiverr, them being an obvious OOC real life person and a possible use for someone else, would it still be okay for everybody to act obnoxious and comment about how it's this person or that if they're an obvious public artist selling works?

    Even though I agree with your points I don't think anybody here is inherently "stealing" people's music and/or bragging about it, the DOLL situation for example is the exact opposite of that and I feel it's one of the main reasons a thread like this was made. People aren't really complaining about "stealing" music but more the weird conflict between IC "music" and OOC music mashing together to create a big confusing continuity error type situation.

    I suppose it's a weird grey area overall, PERSONALLY I don't give a shit as long as it's not something stupid like Taylor Swift (or any other mainstream artist) and something more suited towards their character, underground artists for example. What would you suggest for people wanting to have a musical character, excluding sinking years of their life to learn how to make something decent? (Ninja edit aside)

    If the original artist gives permission for a player to use their music as their "characters", do you mind?

    Very strange, maybe try creating a new character if you have a slot free just to test and see if it's an account wide thing or just the character you're using, fingers crossed it's fixed soon!

    Mind me asking how you went about it and what you bought when trying what I said?

    I'd check my reply just above, easy to replicate.

    Just to confirm DON'T delete your character, this is a bug me and a few friends have seemed to crack, I assumed it was reported and forwarded but i'll check in a few and report it again if it's not. BASICALLY any option that allows you to purchase for all outfits (hair, makeup, plastic surgeon etc) is BROKEN right now, it'll still charge you and apply the changes but as soon as you either change character or relog it'll revert back to normal. Only workaround until the devs fix the issue is buying whatever you're wanting for each outfit slot one by one, it's expensive as hell but it's all you can do at this moment in time. So for example you wanna change your hair, you'll need to select the hair you're wanting and instead of choosing the "buy for all outfits" option you'll need to buy it for slot one, then slot two, then three, all the way until you loop back around to 0. Price of haircuts atm with this bug are 2k, surgery being 6k. Sucks but at least for now this is the only work around.

    Sucks because I love RP'ing out traffic stops especially DUI's but the state of the client makes it hard on the criminals end too. I remember going from bar to bar one night on a character of mine, slowly getting worse and worse at ever bar I stopped by and was never pulled over, even after intentionally swerving in to oncoming lanes which I'm assuming the police thought was desync. Real kicker is I was only caught because of my tints, they never clocked my character was drunk until I was obvious with my speech and presented /do's about the smell.

    If it is it's not stated, once again he's talking about two MINORS ERP'ing, not someone commiting pedophilia. (minor x adult)