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  1. eyebrows

  2. eyebrows

    I'm sure you're aware of the problems and scenarios that led up to this. You will be un-banned on the premise that this improves and as a result, I will be in touch with you should anything crop up again. We're striving to higher the standards of not just the server, but of gang roleplay in general and you have not done this any justice. I do hope this improves. Merry Christmas.
  3. eyebrows

    Please appeal on the 21/12/2018 if you're still interested in being a part of the community.
  4. eyebrows

    Your roleplay as of late has been nothing but abysmal. You lack development and overall continuity - the concept you're trying to portray is difficult when attempted to be done right, but you've easily been acting in conflict with the overall aims of not only the faction, but the servers aimed-for standards as a whole. This has been detrimental to those coming into contact with you and is a clear (bad) influence on your fellow faction members. However. I do see room for improvement. The ban is mine. This is nothing to do with your childishness towards Rukka. You have been monitored for a while, and while I wanted to first approach you, the stupidity of cardboard L's was all too much to bear. An admin stepped in on your roleplay not too long ago. The ban was to stand at 30 days.
  5. eyebrows

    Closing this in a few hours. Final chance to make a difference and get your opinion heard.
  6. eyebrows

    I really like this. Well thought out and specific to role. It’s very nice to see the LSFD considering hiring non-fire personnel.
  7. eyebrows

    I guess this is now merging into the previous thread I created about what you’d like to see to help a roleplay environment as an illegal organisation for example. Thank you to those who have contributed to the thread so far.
  8. eyebrows

    As a TA I’m sure you can appreciate this from a staff point of view as well as a player. Nobodies destroying anyone’s fun by stating the reasons for not wanting snow, the same way for example I’m not letting people who want the snow ruin MY “fun”. Your first paragraph seems a little closed minded but we all have different perspectives on what RP should entail as well as the environment around us. I fully appreciate your side however much I disagree with you. Nobodies saying the weather turned to 24/7 sunny either and I think this is just jading the actual points. I am honestly dreading this though from a staff POV, lore and GTA environment aside.
  9. eyebrows

    Closing this on Monday as people don’t seem to care about it as much as I thought they would. Final opinions would be appreciated.
  10. eyebrows

    I wish people would make their mind up on what they want from the server, people here blow hot and cold and change up when it suits them for a moment of chaos. Because this is what it’ll turn into. Chaos. No for snow from me.
  11. eyebrows

    Anything like BRS will never make it to official if the status was to remain - thank you for your input though.
  12. eyebrows

    Supplier has already been revamped and those currently involved in the system have had no complaints as of yet - this is not about drugs or guns.
  13. eyebrows

    Official Factions Here we go... It has come to Faction Management's attention that it is time for an overhaul of the "official" system and general process for our quality factions. Before this happens, we would like to get the communities opinion prior to making a final decision. The question ultimately is this - Is it time to get rid of the official status? Now, before people go into melt down and start being negative, this is purely to get information and opinions before we DO make that final call, if we're unable to keep this civilized the decision will be made without community input so please do remember that before you post. In addition, I would like to encourage people to post their reasoning behind a yes, no or maybe and include suggestions on how we go forward. If we keep it, what do you want to see? If it's removed, again, what would you like to see in replacement of the status? If you do not wish to post and would rather put your suggestion across privately, please feel free to inbox me.
  14. eyebrows

    Unbanned. This will be your final warning and chance.