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  1. eyebrows

    Okay, enough bullshit.
  2. It was never addressed to us past the complaints, which is a shame, as people do like to set things on fire but the fear is always “FD don’t want it” due to the complaining we received. Atleast we know that isn’t the case now (I guess), so hopefully it’ll improve and happen more often.
  3. eyebrows

    1) this isn’t the same as what you submitted to fm 2) it’s being reviewed as per the process 3) archived until further notice
  4. I received complaints that there were too many fires for FD to deal with/didn’t want, so a lot of admins stopped bothering.
  5. eyebrows

  6. eyebrows

    Closed until further notice.
  7. Ha ha. We dont condone OOC recruitment, it’s a tricky subject as of course we appreciate that factions need their foundations set but past that it’s an issue of metagame and is punishable. Good luck, hope to hear from you soon OP.
  8. eyebrows

    You’re roleplaying in America, remember that.
  9. eyebrows

    Jobs are out there to be part of your characters life. It’s about roleplay.
  10. eyebrows

    Guess this is again a case of a thread being created before the point is investigated. Any issues with specific individuals within PD/FD not portraying their character to a good standard given their rank and income etc can be reported to both FM and PLM as has been reiterated a thousand times. Budget cuts happened a couple months ago, not sure if it was made news headlines but hey ho. They get less than what they used to.
  11. eyebrows

    Let’s see. Origianlly people moaned “how can FM let people open these factions!!” Pre-application. Now it’s “nobody can open one!” Post application. Can’t win, can’t please everyone, gonna do what I do until we get some decent staff members and roleplayers to uphold standards. Funnily enough, we don’t get many people contacting us outside of “can I be a serial killer” to a) ask us questions or b) understand the process. I won’t feed ignorance and I don’t have the patience for whining. We have supplier applications opening very soon, with a new update we’ve been preparing for it to give people a broader spectrum that does not just focus on the typical drug and gun running as well as new additions. Will we introduce SAMPesque black market ordering? Hahahahaha fuck no. Can you hire contract killers through a system? Not while I’m here, no. Ive always said I’m open to ideas and people coming to me but instead people love a good moan on a thread instead of speaking to the one person who can change it - me. So honestly, I won’t take a word of this in.
  12. eyebrows

    Closed for inactivity. If you ever feel the need to bring this back, do feel free to PM me.
  13. eyebrows

    Archived. Should you ever wish to bring this back, please do PM me. For now, it'll remain closed.
  14. eyebrows

    Hey lets RP a time when Natasha's faction was around... can't forget women walking the streets of Davis in miniskirts with AK47s.
  15. eyebrows

    Area information and background was suggested a while ago by one of our admins however there were issues with it being accepted. And again it brings me back to my point of... if a faction, for example, was that abysmal and got shut down OOC because of how abysmal it was... would I really want people playing in to their history? It's not as black and white as it seems.