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  1. eyebrows

    Glad to see at least one thing continued as normal. Good luck.
  2. eyebrows

    You and I know the reason this was created, and the server is lucky to have had you to do it. You've done a fantastic job, as I told you in private, but this should honestly be something openly used by the main law enforcement factions on this server. Many thanks for the hard work, Augustus.
  3. eyebrows

    The thing is, people are so quick to point the finger at FM for wanting to enforce a set of standards but this ultimately lies with management. The current FM team is not experienced enough to deal with it, especially from an illegal RP POV as the staff team itself as a whole is top-heavy in PD orientation which means attention is sparse, so I hope they as a subteam receive some help from PLM and management in setting some guidelines as I tried to implement before I left. The server in its entirety would most definitely benefit, at least then there's a mutual direction that both staff and players could attempt to follow.
  4. eyebrows

    The mass resignations were absolutely fuck all to do with the illegal factions (though it added to a lot of 'fuck it' 's). I was pretty tired of reading about spies, terrorists and female assassins to be fair. I have no clue what direction the server is going to head in, all I hope is that the people that remain enforce a good standard of quality and that we don't start a game of dominos whereby one retarded thing opens, so then another thinks they can too and so on and so forth. I wish anyone trying the best of luck.
  5. eyebrows

    Do your research before thinking about opening anything. Good luck.
  6. eyebrows

    Nice to see discord friends sucking each others dick here. Two of which were told no and instead of arguing their point to Ethanol whilst I was on absence, they replied “okay, that’s fine.” We don’t deny people because “there’s too many Hispanic factions”. So that’s just ridiculous, we simply tell people to join what’s already out there dependent on members and reasoning - we had a multitude of complaints about people in and related to a bunch of Hispanic orientated factions using alt characters to join their friends hispanic orientated factions and pass on information so to reduce risk they were asked why they didn’t join one of those preexisting to which they replied and stated they wanted to create another reach for LaWeWontName which isn’t acceptable given the amount of sporadic gangs who needed numbers/support who are already in association with said organisation. So in essence it was to help those already established and stop overpopulation of carbon copies for something they are already a part of. We look at a multitude of things such as who the faction is made up of and the wider implications. Now, for example, one of you here wanted to create a set that had a wider implication on PRISON RP (you’re basically bottle necking a certain organisation from being created without your permission and you knew exactly what you were doing) and we want strong prison roleplayers not to be grabbed by the balls OOC by your little Vespucci gang. Additionally, we see the same people who have been accepted before hop from thing to thing to thing as well as members who have PLM reports on them. The rollin 100 thing is something I’d happily look at but again, did they come to me? No they didn’t, allow me to polish my crystal ball to see they’re unhappy. We aren’t confrontational and I’ve said a million times (yet I will say it again) I am happy for people to have a conversation with me about these things, yet everyone prefers to talk shit on Discord and bring it to a thread and in all honestly it makes me not care too much anymore. I see the same names pop up who complain about “how is X on the server!!” then get upset when we tighten standards up because it doesn’t suit them or their friend, then I see people complain it’s too difficult and so we ease up a little and let people through only to loop round and I hear “how did fm allow this faction??”. We can’t win, and it isn’t a winning or losing game ultimately. Next time, come and speak to me about your denial. It will go one of three ways. 1) I will take it on chin and admit the decision made was wrong and I can overturn the decision. 2) You’ll still remain denied. 3) We can work through it together, and who knows it might actually help us show management the continuity is needed. Just speak to me before you go shooting yourself in the only foot you have left.
  7. Media Outlet Section Welcome to the Media Outlet section. This section will be home to everything media orientated and is the place showcase your faction thread and everything you and your IC colleagues do on a day to day basis. Keep it up to date with your business screenshots and links to everything IC journalism-related. In order to be recognized as a media outlet on the server, you’ll need to follow the same process all factions follow as outlined here: https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/topic/7710-must-read-information-on-creating-a-faction/ However, there is another step to complete when you submit your thread. You’ll have to include this section alongside your application in order to get access the In-Game commands: Completed threads and questionnaires are to be forwarded to @SpawnMatrix. Disclaimer: If the faction fails to remain active and provide a high standard of roleplay it will be closed down. Similarly, if the commands granted are abused, they will be removed and the faction closed down after the members receive their individual punishments.
  8. eyebrows

    Okay, enough bullshit.
  9. It was never addressed to us past the complaints, which is a shame, as people do like to set things on fire but the fear is always “FD don’t want it” due to the complaining we received. Atleast we know that isn’t the case now (I guess), so hopefully it’ll improve and happen more often.
  10. eyebrows

    1) this isn’t the same as what you submitted to fm 2) it’s being reviewed as per the process 3) archived until further notice
  11. I received complaints that there were too many fires for FD to deal with/didn’t want, so a lot of admins stopped bothering.
  12. eyebrows

  13. eyebrows

    Closed until further notice.
  14. Ha ha. We dont condone OOC recruitment, it’s a tricky subject as of course we appreciate that factions need their foundations set but past that it’s an issue of metagame and is punishable. Good luck, hope to hear from you soon OP.
  15. eyebrows

    You’re roleplaying in America, remember that.