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  1. eyebrows

    Inactive - closed & archived.
  2. Will be taking some time to catch up and read over this tonight.
  3. eyebrows

    Just post a report or report the quality to PLM. i’m happy to give an opinion if you’d like to pm me as an admin.
  4. eyebrows

  5. eyebrows

    For the last couple days there have been lag spikes in the server and during this time we had breakin requests. I personally denied these requests for two reasons. The first being the server wasn’t stable enough for me to watch you without interference, and the second was I couldn’t spend forever watching and if the server crashed spending another half an hour watching again. We like to roleplay as much as players do, we sometimes get swamped in not only reports but in subteam activity too. We get teleport requests every five minutes that just don’t let up. I’m sorry you’ve had a bad experience with the break in requests but please believe that these do get accepted.
  6. eyebrows

    No. You can PM me though I’m sure you don’t need to know why.
  7. eyebrows

    Things are beyond better stability wise, we have a couple crashes every now and then that are often fixed right away!
  8. eyebrows

    There’s already talks of this with certain members of the community and faction management. But it’s nice to see other people are thinking the same, just a shame you hadn’t approached us beforehand. Not sure if this is an OOC recruitment thread or a general question for whether people would find this RP interesting. I definitely would, but I don’t see it working on the server just yet.
  9. eyebrows

    Locked per leader request.
  10. eyebrows

    Sorry you feel that way. I find a lot curious but it would reflect badly on me as an admin to post. It’s a shame but god forbid I tell people to deal with something IC if they want it sooner, right? Shock horror! I understand why people want it, it’s already in the works, but we have no correctional facility to aid prisoner life imprisonment roleplay which I’m an advocate of.
  11. eyebrows

    I think you know exactly why I have such an attitude toward certain remarks made as you personally have been part of the issue of no consequences to certain actions. The suggestion would be wonderful if we had a DOC as I stated earlier. The only way to push it sooner without DOC is IC through government action because I won’t be vouching for it OOC any sooner than necessary that’s for sure.
  12. eyebrows

    On hold until further notice.
  13. eyebrows

    Just lol. Unfortunately, a few of the people contributing have clogged the actual discussion up with unnecessary comments. I don't see this happening yet. Not until we have DOC and the law to back it up from IC POV. Something that should be treated as, and petitioned for, on an IC basis.