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  1. eyebrows

    Because PK's exist. Isn't that the point of what people have been getting at? People would rather PK and spawn again, rinse and repeat. You answered your own question. Wrong. The whole community wouldn't suffer. I gave an example of why PK's have become a problem in my eyes the very same way you feel CK's are problematic. I mention a solo patrol and you swoop in with 15 armed cops? Chill your LEO brain out for a minute. This is why I said I don't see it happening, there are far too many variables. Anyway, I'll just re-emphasize that I don't see it happening anytime soon because we could never agree rules around it. You're part of the rare few as some aren't accepting of punishment let alone a CK. I totally agree with that. Things outside the LEO bubble aren't fine. We have PD people in staff who openly try force CK's on criminals, and it can never be rules for one and not the other. I fully agree that people could have a "I'll CK him before he CK's me" mentality pushed by this, which again is why I said I can't see it happening any time soon due to no agreement on rules being able to be met because it isn't just the players who have a split in standards, it's staff too. We'd never be able to agree on a collective that suited everyone. Unfortunately it's a utilitarian mentality. That's nothing to do with this conversation really. But I see your point.
  2. eyebrows

    I’m all for it. I’ve bordered on forcing two CK wars this month alone because PK’s had ruined all development and continuity within the community/factions I was dealing with. This was then ended with people ”RK’ing” because they spawn back in and get involved all over again. Endless cycle of bullshit - that’s all PK’s are, especially where factions are concerned. I also think the tables need to be turned on LEO factions. There’s a strong attitude of forcing CK’s on criminals who force death without dying scriptwise (which I agree with) but there’s never role reversal. Come into a gang neighbourhood on your solo patrol and talk shit? Better take that CK. Unfortunately I don’t see it happening any time soon. The community is so divided over what makes high standard roleplay that we could never agree a set of rules around it. This is why we have the CK applications.
  3. eyebrows

    We’re all asking the same question and it’s nothing Nervous can answer. Locked.
  4. eyebrows

    @Hitachi Knight is this topic still relevant?
  5. eyebrows

    No reply, locked.
  6. eyebrows

    If you need any further help let us know.
  7. eyebrows

    As above, there are some issues with the PED skins. I would recommend using the character customisation instead.
  8. eyebrows

  9. eyebrows

    The answer to this is yes. If there’s an active report then we require you to remain in game.
  10. eyebrows

    Normally I wouldn't reply to such a thread but you of all people just had to go there didn't you? Is this salt because you're banned from anything GOV related by FM? Probably is. But as Rukka said, you had your chance to make "change" and you blew it. We don't run any show, Avro is more than capable of leading and does a good of job it. On topic? I like that the devs work endlessly and deal with our constant need for more. What I don't like? I couldn't possibly answer that.
  11. Did you seriously just bump a year old topic for that? It’s getting better.
  12. eyebrows

    Inactive, L&A.
  13. eyebrows

    System is currently being revised based upon the replies received from the community and internal staff discussions, applications received will be delayed until further notice.
  14. eyebrows

    I'll start off by saying this - I did not spend my time PM'ing every single faction leader (yourself included) on the server to gather their suggestions/concerns/updates for no reason. This thread was and is completely unnecessary as you already included this in our one to one discussion which is being used to collate information and be used appropriately. Now unfortunately for ME, my head of illegal factions is on absence, my head of legal has only just returned and I've been working 12 hour shifts. We all do this voluntarily and we aren't here for attitude or ungrateful ideals. I'll address faction applications first of all. Faction applications were brought in for many reasons as the server was slipping in standard diabolically. We had female Russian assassins in a faction running around with AK47's in the streets. shooting up mobs and gangs. We had all purple everything GTA5 lore factions turning up in gang territory, referring to single player things. We had cartels speaking fluent Spanish in the middle of Los Santos trying to force upon others they were the be all and end all of Colombian cocaine without so much as a supplier application. And even to this day, we have ridiculous concepts and down right stupidity filtering through. We had people coming to us "why's this faction been allowed to set up?" or "why are you shutting us down/coming to us when we've been up for weeks!!!". The application process takes a long time, granted and is nothing I've never NOT admitted to. We do our research, we have back & forths and we also have lives. We do not have applications to prevent duplication of concepts. This is beyond irrelevant and holds no play in how we deal with a faction application. You've clearly been misinformed or misjudged. This opens up the flood gates, and believe me you do not see some of the things we do. As for faction activity? We do not need a tonne of factions, many of the ones we have are sparse as it is. The server isn't at 500 players don't forget, and the majority of our players reside in LEO roles still. I would rather have a medium sized portion of illegal/citizen factions with fruitful numbers than 30+ with 2-5 members. It's nothing to do with creativity. As I said to someone a few nights ago, interesting doesn't always mean good. I would rather nip something in the bud, advise someone to develop their skills and concept a bit more than have them post a thread only to get closed and go through that demoralizing conversation of "why have you let me be open for 3 weeks then." which is conversations we've had before. It's unfair on either side. Some things are outdated, yes. When I took over FM I went through to update as much as possible, but unfortunately we get swamped with a lot and these things aren't always updated. As for the faction handlers - they're a thing for problem factions. You asked for one from Ethanol, got no reply because he was on other duties, you came to me and I replied within a DAY and informed you that you wouldn't receive and apologized for the inconvenience - shame you missed that out. I contact every single faction leader personally every few weeks to see how the faction is getting on. You are not getting shipments so that's getting shut down straight away. We don't tell you what the outcome is, but we let you know it's being handled. When you in particular have more than one person PMin'g me to add information sporadically, it gets cluttered. Please see the above reasons. I'm unsure as to when you joined, but the server was in an abysmal state with the standard of both roleplayers and factions (hence why we created Player Quality Management, and faction applications). I would rather be able to speak to people beforehand than shut down down 3-4 weeks in, wasting their time and my time as I'd then have to spend my free time spectating instead of roleplaying/doing reports - and who wants to be spectated? This is personal because of your faction app, and I'll respond to you in private if you have an issue. Feel free to PM me or Discord message me, We assist many factions that are open already. Blindly throwing things like this out only makes it look as though that doesn't happen under false pretenses, so try and avoid that in future. It's getting revamped, we've had 2-3 topics about this over the last few months to get a general idea of what the community wants. Not sure if you didn't know that or left this out? Add that to nobody suitable as of yet and you have your answer. It's Easter weekend and I'll get around to doing what I can, nothing's getting removed/changed.
  15. eyebrows

    I don’t think it’s a good idea at all. Metagame would be rife, it would be used to report factions/people for inactivity and a means to take over IC territory. “Well on the map it says it ain’t active so I’m gonna move my gang here while you’re offline.”