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  1. We'll discuss this internally.
  2. Archived due to inactivity.
  3. Just a friendly reminder that this is a faction thread, not a discussion thread. If you have criticisms or reports about the faction, by all means, report it to my inbox in a proper manner and following the faction report format. Thanks, don't sidetrack the thread again.
  4. You'll need to follow the process for getting a faction, information can be found in this thread.
  5. haha yes gamer

  6. whoa u change name.. why didnt you change it to goofzilla??? 

  7. Jax

    Gallery unmute me men.

    1. spawn.


      im wish 

    2. Jax


      terrible green name.

  8. Well Cheers, I respect the come back at a different time. Im sure ill come back with a fresher attitude.

  9. When you PK, you forget everything leading up to the events that unfolded that resulted in your characters death. Now how would it make sense to RP gunshot wounds after you respawn if your character was killed in that altercation? Your character in that life would be in a morgue. So, in essence, you're starting a "New Life" but with the same character. Now, this is a very short explanation of a PK so take it with a grain of salt, I don't want to type out an essay for this as it just needs to be defined more clearly within our server rules in the future. Now that we've cleared that up, this thread can get back on the topic of PK / Value of Life and not argue about something minuscule that doesn't really pertain to this thread, thanks.
  10. spawn.

    NPC's in Los Santos

    ye i misread it like a dingus but anyways store keeps and such in my opinion should be allowed to be roleplayed, Like what Chef stated as long as they aren't used to give an advantage to someone and why not it just adds to rp if anything. then i dont think theres an issue. The rule should be reworded and I think should allow passive types of RP with store keeps and other things that give no advantages to the player and only really add to the RP that the player wishes to do.
  11. In order to have a faction you need to go through the correct process of applying for one. Not just circumvent the system by putting up a screenshots gallery thread. All the needed information can be found in this thread:
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