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  1. MaliC


    This thread will show the development of a Mad Swans Bloods gang affiliated member that goes by the name Jamerrell "TYG G-Bone" Greene. Character Name(s) and Alias(es): Jamerrell Greene - "G-Bone" [BORN & RAISED] [PUT ON] Generation/Age: Jamerrell (age 18) - @79 Tiny Young Gangsters [TYG] Known For: Jamerrell - known as a tiny young gangster in the hood. - He earned his respect by throwing hands with his enemies, - Jamerrell is hotheaded, he usually bangs on social media aswell. Family Members From The Gang?: - Clayton Greene - Jamerrell's father, he was killed in the conflicts between Kitchen Crips and Swans. - Shawnta Greene - Jamerrell's older sister. ( //Lady YG//)
  2. It's not powergaming. At the end of the day it's another person's opinion behind a monitor. If that is powergaming then half of the players would be punished for doing that. That forum report was retarded and I don't really care.
  3. Imagine forum reporting for that when everyone literally does it. It's not powergaming my nigga. You can run away scriptwise, I don't know what you're talking about. Do you really want someone with a knife to do a /me stabs then wait for 5 mins for the other person to reply in /do? That's basically waiting for someone to grab their gun to kill you. I get that you reported for your virtual girlfriend but it's not that deep.
  4. MaliC

    Limit on age?

    Assuming you're a PD RPer that has no clue how gang RP works or any knowledge about it. Atleast they're not spawning 30 years old with a full beard and ginger hair and apply for PD so they can shoot people all day and be robocops. I'm totally against the 13 year old prostitute though.
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