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  1. Formed the Two Sicilies as Epirus, and just got my first punch into the Ottoman's face. Payback is a bitch, time to reclaim the Ionian coast!
  2. It doesn't matter because in real life it gets sold for parts to mechanic garages in the black market. You won't get 100K out of 100K, but it's well worth the risk because those parts can sell in the black market for 50-60% of the total car value. This is the reason why in real life the meter-square of a garage is higher valued than the meter-square price of an apartment.
  3. I completely agree with it and love this idea. People will start to put their brain to use and purchase garages like in real life. How many of you own a car worth more than 80,000$ and leave it on the streets? It could also bring life to a business such as parking lots, where people know their vehicle is safe. Suddenly everybody is not worried because they are OOCly untouchable, and I find it disgusting. 100% support.
  4. While I have to start off by saying that I immensely appreciate and value people's voluntary work to help the characters under accusation, I will write down some points that are not necessarily negative, but that could use some work to facilitate the process for players who are foreign to this area. I would like for the court cases to hold more power, be it for the person who was deemed guilty from the police, be it from the police officer who wrongfully put a person in prison to hold consequences. It would overall increase the professionalism from the PD ranks, while as for people who demand defense, they can have their serving time increased in case they are still proven guilty. I personally found it hard, because the bottom players like myself are given little information on what will happen, or how does it happen while as for finding lawyers, I did struggle quite a bit. To put it short; this system is definitely one of the best things the server has to offer, but it needs facilitating which is not completely onto your shoulders, so do not stress much about it. Keep it up. EDIT: I call for more power, because I spent a week of being unable to roleplay and do time in jail to wait for the verdict for the sake of saving my character's clean record, but on the other hand people with major crimes got out sooner, which is a penalty for some people as it blockades them from roleplaying anything else rather than sitting in prison for times longer than people who have done worse.
  5. Username: SS_Skanderbeg1912 Comment: Time to wipe out all the dyke gypsies, about time they crawl back to their ratholes.
  6. They have been AFK-ing without closing the game since last night before the update came out. It is a common thing during early morning hours.
  7. I love it as it is. If somebody is stupid enough to go in an area with a lot of money or goods in his pockets that is his loss and I'll also have a good fucking laugh at it. I'm on the civillian side and as much as I dislike IC having violence around my neighborhood in Vespucci, I love it OOCly. I don't see the point of changing a server layout, cucking the roleplay of dozens of people simply because of some players not liking what happens in front of their characters eyes. Don't like it? Move on/out. Should I also add that this whole discussion is being made for a period of less than 2 months left? In October it gets colder so less and less people will be on the beach, while gangsters and overall criminals roleplay throughout 12 months with the same intensity. On Topic: Del Perro Pier PD should be functional. It clearly is necessary.
  8. I politely disagree. I think this must be tackled IC from LSPD, as crime is their concern. There are hundreds of miles worth of shore, you can easily move your roleplay to a shore that has less crime. There is a reason why I sunbath IC on the other side of the pier, or Chumash/Paleto. I have been RPign in the same area for just as much, and found a way around it ICly. (Keep in mind, I actually live and daily have to go in front of the local hispanic gang, and the skinheads on the other side, while also running my business just across from an African American character) It is easy to ask others to do something out of the game, but if you really want to set up the standard of the server, tackle things in-character. While I can easily understand that you are so invested due to the frequent usage of the word "lifeguard" and bring it up quite often, I think you guys should find a solution from your characters just as well, because these are the circumstances both our characters (sadly) have found themselves in, in the "wild-west" as you like to call it.
  9. It's not realistic either to have two lifeguard stations and 6 lifeguards on duty for a total of 1-5 people who are on the shore, but clearly the ratio is highly inflated such as is the amount of vandal acts. I see this as an IC issue and it should be solved via IC intervention. If somebody is that motivated, stupid, or whatever you want to call it to run your pockets in a public spot, then let him carry that risk in his character and move on. EDIT: Do not take this personal, this is simply to say that I prefer looking at things in-character based on the GTA W dimension and not based on IRL statistics and correlations.
  10. I'd prefer having more colorful cops. Kind ones, honest ones, racist ones, corrupt ones. Not just the typical pull over, fine 2.5k "drive safe". Play your character's persona not his duty.
  11. Username: Barabt Obama Comment: worry not brothers, she abandoned the kitchen and they are just taking her back where she belongs
  12. Leave it as it is so the sweaty nerds report the triggerhappy idiots on forums, and we, the middle chads win after each ban from those reports. Think long term my dude.
  13. Advertisement queue. I have broken two keyboards so far because some random person out there is spamming the timer to pump his useless car sale advert for the 10th time.
  14. Backgammon. Best table game in the world.
  15. Playing as Epirus, was forced by Ottomans to completely abandon South-Eastern Europe, but at least nobody can bully me now in Southern Europe & Africa. Trying to get "Two Sicilies" and then hopefully Italy, that would be quite a huge accomplishment as Epirus. Okay! Time to form Two Sicilies as Epirus. Never thought I'd survive the Ottomans but moving west was the right move!
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