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  1. Brujah

    TJ will send her toes.
  2. Brujah

  3. Brujah

    the darkside of GTAW forums OT: R1 + Triangle is not forbidden here.
  4. Brujah

    "<cultofMOONA>: streeeaaaamm iss hereeee!!!! <VULGAR>: ew're not worthy!!!!! QUEEEN!! <eatmylimbsAriii>: hell yeaaaa, time to fuckkkk! <proncollectorr34>: disembowl me........ ToT <sadisticp333nis>: time to whip my dick out... <toooedgyforurparents99>: ah shit here we go again <ifuckedemily>: TJ!!!!!!! <STANTARARYDER>: I wish I could fuck TJ! :(((( <bloodwhore666>: mamamamamama-miaaaa! <thesabbat>: bite me! Bite meee, queen! T_T <ohhhonnooohoohhh>: when r u doing porn, TJ??? <nohopeleft>: I HAVE WAITED THE WHOLE WEEK FOR THIS! <hurtville23>: yessss! time for blood! <painsylvania666>: my friend told me this chick is the real deal <ppoooondinggg>: @painsylvania666 trust me SHE IS!!! <tj_has_tapeworms_and_gonorrhea>: marry me TJ! marrry meee! <psychopath_fetish32>: I am going to kill myself watching this one day, the final death" * Right off the bat, the online audience is treated to a sight of her wholly human set of teeth turning into a monster's maw. The image is both revolting and fascinating. * @TJ_the_vamp raises her left arm for everyone to see... and then, bites. * The fangs immediately turn her arm into a horrifying, gorey mess. It's unclear if she used them to slash or bite. * @TJ_the_vamp flashes a monstrous smile and starts smearing blood all over her hand to maximize the image of the violent image. She licks the blood up like a dog. * @TJ_the_vamp shows her arm to the viewers and shows a bloody smile, she falls back onto the bed laughing her ass off. * The chat goes nuts. "<cultofMOONA>: omggggggggggg!! <VULGAR>: kill me QUEEN ! KILL ME! <eatmylimbsAriii>: clipped! CLIPPED! MORE MASTURBATION MATERIAL FOR ME! <proncollectorr34>: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa <sadisticp333nis>: FUCK. ME! <toooedgyforurparents99>: nobody can compete against tj <ifuckedemily>: YESSSSSSSSSS!!! <STANTARARYDER>: i am officially gone cut myself for TJ <bloodwhore666>: ahduadiuagsiufgaiusgfjsaigfasgfasigf <thesabbat>: bite me next bite me nexet <ohhhonnooohoohhh>: QUEEEEEEEN OF DARKNESSSS!!!! <nohopeleft>: I WANNA DIE! I WANNA DIE NOW!!! <hurtville23>: omggg I love this hoeeeee ;( <painsylvania666>: WTFFFFF???!!!! <ppoooondinggg>: hahahahaah yes! YES! MORE!! <tj_has_tapeworms_and_gonorrhea>: fuckkkkk I came all over my keyboard!!! <psychopath_fetish32>: more! MORE MORE!!!"
  5. Brujah

    we're something else
  6. Brujah

    echt mooi