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  1. Username: bunny72 Comment: he didnt even have a lawyer!! death row, a punishment reserved exclusively for the poor and less fortunate!
  2. USERNAME: bunny72 MESSAGE: road pirates
  3. Abdulaziz

    You're implying police officers get away with 'randomly' searching individuals cannot be held accountable because this is a game, which is not the case. The faction has an Internal Affairs Group which you can submit personnel complaint to, although I acknowledge a gang banger isn't going to walk down to a police station to submit a complaint on a police officer. Alternatively, the server has a fully functioning judicial system where you can contest the legality of a search. But the simple truth is that reasonable suspicion is a very easy standard to satisfy and many officers can often come with one on the spot. To put this into context. I find it stupid to shoot a cop because you had two grams of marijuana and an illegal firearm in your possession. This is something that you get very little jail time for (relative to other more 'serious' crimes). Notice that I said it's stupid, not unrealistic. Why? Simply because there are some especially dumb gang bangers in real life that do not think about the consequences of their actions. They would rather much try to shoot their way out of the situation. However, you cannot blame the other parties for the decisions you decide to make. On the other hand, some gang bangers would rather choose to be arrested with the two grams of marijuana and illegal firearm, then challenge the legality of the search with the help of a lawyer (public defender, usually) at a court of law, which most of the time they don't and just end up actually pleading guilty. Gang members or suspected affiliates are more likely to get searched and/or arrested. This is true in real life as well. To no one's surprise, gang members often live in areas of poor socio-economic status riddled with violent crimes. They cannot afford to hire a good lawyer to contest charges when the need arises, so they end up pleading guilty to the charges. In that case that someone tries to contest the charge(s), there's a reason why the prison was implemented or if you're lucky enough, then you might be released on bond. All in all, I feel like this is an in-character concern at its core. I'll finish this by saying that I understand getting harassed and searched by the police 24/7 is not fun and roleplay between both sides should be beyond just frisking gang members and getting into shootouts with them. Both sides should try and level with each other from an out-of-character perspective to provide enjoyable roleplay for both parties. I won't say this goes for all gang roleplayers or try to generalize this as there are some pretty decent ones, but most gang roleplayers who you try to approach or interact with will instantly hit you with "fuck off pig" classic.
  4. * Gregory Walker, a boomer, accidentally clicks the ad. He closes it not too long after.
  5. Abdulaziz

    Congrats everyone.
  6. Abdulaziz

  7. Abdulaziz