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  1. Hello. I'm not new to text-based roleplay, but I am new to it in GTA. I've currently submitted an application, and then gone around to do my favourite activity- browse ban appeals. I noticed at least two or three bans for 'sub-par english' or 'bad grammar/punctuation errors'. I've scoured the rules sections and see no rules pertaining to people needing perfect A+ level English, especially considering that I've definitely seen typos in official posts on this forum, I thought the barrier of entry was the application system. I'm curious what the current precedent is for banning people over grammatical errors. This seems shocking to me as I've never seen such a thing done on any text based community; Such sorts of bans have, to my knowledge and experience, widely been considered elitist and unfair. I myself am dyslexic and partially blind, thus am prone to the occaisional slurry of errors from trying to type by rote too quickly without doublechecking. Apologies in advance if this question is considered rude here, especially with my status as a nobody.
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