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  1. Your right to know Written by Callie Palencia Written on the 21st of FEB, 2020. It appears that Jesus Christ himself has blessed our holy sanctuary of a city and has afforded such amazing luxuries that our EU friends have, affordable health care! I know, it really sounds like a joke or some internet meme, but it's true! Vinewood Medical Center has confirmed that it's announcing it's affordable health care in a blog post yesterday outlining the details of it's new plans. LSN has reached out to them for a brief chat and we was happy to get a statement from them. Vinewood Medical Clinic pricing In their blog they outline that the Vinewood Medical Clinic now offers the cheapest medication in the entire state, offering them at $25 per tablet/pill and that all medical sessions ranging from needle exchanges to psychiatric evalutions are now free of charge. While the Clinic doesn't officially support nor endorses illegal drugs, nor will it ever provide them to anyone without a perscription, they're doing this to curb the progression in STI affected patients. Overall we see this as a healthy change for Los Santos but we don't expect the United States to follow suit, considering the 44 million of people on Medicare and still face insane sky high medical bills, I for one am happy to support the Vinewood Medical Clinic and it has now been given the LSN Mark of Approval in terms of quality and unmatched services & offerings. Doctor Jennifer Prescott provided this statement to LSN SPONSOR SPOT
  2. Username: Admin Comment: Article has been adjusted to include a statement from the Fire Department.
  3. Your right to know Written Date: 19/FEB/2020 Written by: Callie Palencia Firefighters preparing to enter the building - Credits - Callie Palencia. A large blaze happened in Downtown Vinewood at The Pink Sandwich 21:35, Los Santos Fire Department and Los Santos Police officials revealed to LSN, the exact reasons behind the fire is still unclear as an investigation is conducted by the Fire Marshals and LSPD. Rumors believe that this was an arson attack on the business, but the exact motives behind such an act is still very unclear, people debating if it was Russians or even bikers behind the initial attack. Yet this leaves so many questions unanswered and we don't expect many answers soon. State Fire Marshals - Callie Palencia Credits The owner of the business was not made apparent, nor was anyone willing to identify themselves as the owner. LSN is still waiting for an official statement from Fire Department officials. As of the time of writing Fire Marshals have arrived on the scene and are conducting an investigation into the matter, no-one was wounded in the incident and the road blocks will remain in place for some time. Fire Department Statement "The Pink Sandwich - At 8:40 PM on Wednesday, February the 19th 2020, firefighters were dispatched to a large structure fire during operational hours at a popular nightclub located in Vinewood. Recently put up for sale in December of 2019, the building is assumed to be taken under new ownership as well as many upgrade renovations done to the structure. With the recent activity pouring into the renovated establishment, The Pink Sandwich of Vinewood has became a hot spot for locals. In conclusion, the building suffered major fire damage as well as water damage during the hour long fight. The structural integrity of the building has been deemed unsafe. The fire is currently being investigated by the State Fire Marshals. Currently, the cause of the fire is unknown. Firefighters inside noticed hints of ignitable liquids that can be related to a possible arsonist attack.Have any tips that could assist in our investigation? Contact a State Fire Marshal." Full link to the statement LSPD Media Relations statement "At the time of around 21:35, the LSPD received a nine-one-one call about a fire happening here at the Pink Sandwich, specifically near the entrence of the vehicle. Upon arriving on scene, the LSPD did confirm an active fire, in which the LSFD has responded to and is currently working on battling. At this time, from what we are aware of, there was no serious or life threatening injuries. The LSPD is working on a incident report and forwarding this incident to the correct divisions, specifically our Detectives, and as-well pending a Fire Marshal from the LSFD's side. However, at this time, the incident is still under investigation, with no determined outcome at this time. At this time, we have no confirmed wounded civilians that have been brought to our attention, and the LSPD does not have a direct statement at this time with regards if this was arson or not, we are still pending a full investigation.Uh, on the exact amount.. I do not know off the top of my head, but I would say around ten Officers on scene, as we have a few partnered units here. However the usage of the resources is needed to close down the road, and as-well for the safety.. Of the civilians around us, to keep them back and allow the LSFD to work as needed. Currently, at the moment we do not know when the situation will be deemed safe by the LSFD, lastime I checked, they were still working on fighting the fire but from what I have seen, it is under control. We hope to have the road re-open within the next hour or so, but could take longer depending on an Investigation from a Fire Marshall from the LSFD's side, or the possibility of a Detective from LSPD." Nick Muller, Los Santos Police Department spokesperson
  4. Your right to know Written Date: 18/FEB/2020 Written by: Callie Palencia Vespucci Sports - Credits - Callie Palencia. Vespucci Sports is the true pinnacle of exercise and entertainment, offering many lavish services from a beautiful and state of the art training and exercise rooms to even a fully fledged combat ring downstairs within the basement. Even from walking into the building, it's a great site for eyes, you're immediatly met by a receptionist desk and beyond that is a few steps which leads to the actual gym. The gym is very modern and has a lot of high tech equipment, it's not lacking by any stretch in the technology department, offering many flatscreen TVs and a seround sound system through the gym to provide ample music to the guests they have, and that's not starting with the small kitchen area. In the other room with the plenty of exercise machines and several yoga mats. Vespucci Sports is not for the faint hearted, if you're looking for a great facility with staff that care, Vespucci Sports gets the LSN seal of approval for it's interior design, it's overall layout and amazing staff during it's events. Oh, did I miss out on events? Vespucci Sports often hosts fighting tournaments in the arena for it's many asteemed fighters from both male and female classes. LSN has previously reported on the fight nights in the past, it was a great load of fun, lots of people from across the city watched along the spectical, which was professionally voiced over by two commentators.
  5. Name: Admin Comment: All criminal records in the United States are of public record, LSPD acted within a Criminal Record request, in which anyone can request. If Richard Hampton wishes to file legal action, that's within his right to do so. LSNN is ready to stand by and defend our brand. But we'll stand by the word of the law, Richard Hampton is a criminal and a fraudster. LSNN welcomes any spurious litigation so G6, bring it on. Comments are disabled as of 16:57.
  6. User: Admin Comment: Nothing fake here, all facts. --
  7. Your right to know Written Date: 15/FEB/2020 Written by: Callie Palencia Disclaimer: This article is protected by Article 1, Section 2 of the San Andreas constitution on free speech and press. Gruppe 6, a company that has been shrouded within controversy after controversy ranging from the Chief Executive Officer being arrested, to a number of employees being arrested, and now onto the latest controversy, a civil suit accusing them of neglegence and battery. It simply doesn't end, it's always something that causes controversy. In a Freedom of Information request, the LSPD revealed that Austin Kern was arrested for Felony FB 204. Battery yesterday at 14:49. The person(s) in question are Austin Kern, a G6 employee who was arrested yesterday for violently assaulting a San Chianski 24/7 worker who was attempting to report on duty and it's alleged he was violently grabbed from behind and forced outside to be held against his will. Per CCTV footage that has been reviewed by LSN staff, Kern knew that the employee worked there and repeatedly refused to let him work, due to his injuries and reportedly slapped the employee across the face. According to court documents that have been filed, the plaintiff is accusing G6 of negligence, battery and false imprisonment. PACER users can track the case online or at the Davis Court House during normal working hours (9 - 5) The Plaintiff, Yoska Makula provided this statement to LSN. LSN has on multiple occasions reached out to G6 Security for a official comment, but our calls was met with silence. Footer: The next article will be a business review, hopefully to be published tomorrow / monday.
  8. ... Your right to know. Background Los Santos News Network was founded back in 2018 with a focus on independence and honest journalism by Callie Palencia. A 24 year old ULSA student in her final year. LSN popularity has rocketed skywards in the last two months, thanks to a lack of official news publications and a lack of interest from individuals. LSN doesn't operate on behalf of shareholders nor stakeholders, LSN is 100% owned by the employees, for the employees and will never take any investments that include shareholder stakes. While this may seem unprofitable, LSN isn't a for profit company nor does it have plans to be. Recruitment LSN currently recruiting ONE position for volunteer journalist, check out our FB page job posting for more information. Disclosure: The job will not offer any sort of wage, but submitting stories for submission will be paid for. Contact Us Do you know a company, public servant(s) thats acted out of line and may of broken the law? LSNN Leaks is here for you and we'll happily share your story if we investigate it thoroughly, all we ask for is your patience. Email us at [email protected] ((Forum DM)) If you wish to contact LSN for advertisements / media comments / other please utilize [email protected] ((Forum DM)) (( Credits / Shout outs To John Farron for the inspiration and I plan on keeping up what you started. @Midsummer Night's Dream for the new logo and everyone that supports this project of mine. ))
  9. LSNN

    I believe you need to change the Torso value? Or a relog might fix that? I've never seen this before. E: Tits, wrong account.
  10. Los Santos News Written by: Callie Palencia Date written: 12/FEB/2020 January has been a busy month here at LSN, we've been very busy conducting some investigations and a few tours courtesy of the Los Santos Police. Again, a small apologizes go out but it's nothing too major I don't think. But let's get into it! NOTE: All of our cases listed in here must be closed, we do NOT report on active cases. Civil Courts Two cases was filed within the Civil Courts, Cross Capital LLC and GWC and Golfing Society. Docket: Cross Capital LLC v. Gareth Ranoke. Judge: Noah Breckenridge Ruling: Defendant sanctioned, ordered to pay $177'000 to Cross Capital LLC and forfeit his business as collateral. Docket: GWC and Golfing Society v. Ivy Halliwell Judge: Edward Cline Ruling: Out of Court settlement. Criminal Courts There was a total of nine cases submitted, 3 of them was dismissed before trial ((2 was voided by server admins)) Docket: [CF 001-20] State of San Andreas v. Paige Robertson Judge: Oswald Fredrickson Ruling: Found Guilty of Assault and Trespassing Docket: [CF 002-20] State of San Andreas v. Darius Velasco Judge: Oswald Fredrickson Ruling: Found Guilty of MC 415. Driving Without a Valid License | MC 304. Petty Theft | FB 218. Armed Robbery | FC 120. Evading a Peace Officer Docket: [CF 003-20] State of San Andreas v. Sylvia Taylor Judge: Oswald Fredrickson Ruling: Found Guilty of FC 109. Tampering with Evidence | FC 113. Obstruction of Public Duty Docket: [CF 004-20] State of San Andreas v. James Greco Judge: Oswald Fredrickson Ruling: Found Guilty of MC 412. Driving under the Influence of Alcohol or Narcotics [DUI] | MC 407. Reckless Driving Docket: [CF 006-20] State of San Andreas v. Jimmy Hanks Judge: Francis Turner Ruling: Found Guilty of MB 205. Criminal Threats | MBC 310. Vandalism, Not Guilty on MC 201. Assault Docket: [CF 009-20] State of San Andreas v. Vyacheslav Maksimilian Judge: Francis Turner Ruling: Found Guilty of M(C) 607. SHAFT Code Violation Docket: [CF 011-20] State of San Andreas v. Kaylee Coil Judge: Oswald Fredrickson Ruling: Found Guilty of IC 411. Illegally Tinted Windows | MC 407. Reckless Driving Docket: [CF 013-20] State of San Andreas v. Raul Fierro Judge: Isaac Rhodes Ruling: Found Guilty of FC 603. Possession of a Prohibited Firearm | FC 509. Drug Trafficking Criminal Appeals There was one appeal submitted to the Appellate Court Docket: [AP 001-20] Ryan Parslack v. State of San Andreas Judge: Bruce Mayer Ruling: Lower courts ruling was reversed as there was insufficient evidence beyond a reasonable doubt and the court failed to take into account mitigating factors. Traffic Courts Two cases was filed within the Traffic Courts, a Rick Wyse and a Danielle Mancuso. Docket: [TF 001-20] Rick Wyse v. Los Santos Police Department Judge: Juliet Pierce Ruling: Guilty, charges remain, $0 fine. Docket: [TF 002-20] Danielle Mancuso v. Los Santos Police Department Judge: Isaac Rhodes Ruling: Not Guilty, 1x charge of IC 409. Negligent Operation of a Vehicle expunged. Law Amendments No new laws enacted, but since the opening of the new County Jail, times have been adjusted accordingly. ((credits to @Midsummer Night's Dream for new logo ❤️ ))
  11. Los Santos News Writer: Callie Palencia Date of writing: 09/FEB/2020 Mayor Vincent Rockford, Chief Charles Hughes, Assistant Chief Vincent Lagorio The Los Santos Police and the Mayor of Los Santos, Vincent Rockford unveiled the new LSPD Headquarters located at Vespucci Beach today to a few journalists, Sherrif's and Fire Department officials. Chief Hughes was incredibly excited to unveil the new facility as it has been in the works for almost 2 years now. Chief Hughes and Lagorio gave the invited participants a large tour of the facility which spanned over 3 floors and two sub basements ranging from the reception and general offices, to the Detective Bureau's floor, to even the K9 kennels with the barking dogs and all. Security was a big focus on this project, ranging from the CCTV which covers every single floor to panic alarms across the main receptionist area in where the Civilian staff for the LSPD work. The LSPD obviously spent a lot of funds on this new facility but it wasn't announced nor confirmed when we attended the huge opening. The LSPD spokesperson said it plans on releasing a press release later this evening with some extra details on the grand unveiling. We'll be sure to link it here when it goes live. We asked a series of questions to the Chief after the event. Q: What'll happen with the 'old' LSPD station? Will this be the main station now? A: The way our department is set up, is that it's divided into several bureaus. Each bureau has their own designation. This building, our headquarters, will be used by the Bureaus whose areas I've shown you around today. Think of your administrative divisions, uh, the detectives, special weapons, etcetera. Our main Bureau however, the Operations Bureau, is not stationed here. Not in that same way. The Operations Bureau has access to several patrol stations around the city which are exclusively assigned to them and for their usage. Our previous main station, uh, Mission Row Station, will be continued to be used by the Operations Bureau, while all those other things are being moved here. However, Mission Row Station is not to remain the only patrol station for much longer. Q: I see, and how long did this whole project take, roughly a few months? A: Planning on this project started back at the start of... twenty nineteen, late twenty eighteen. The actual work started in September of last year. Just after Chief Morrison resigned. Q: Overall the work is incredibly impressive, lots of hard work has gone into this place. A: Well. Of course I cannot take credit for that. The actual putting together of this whole thing was done by professionals who we hired for the job. But the overall... design and the creativeness that went into this was a group effort. I'm as surprised as you are. Q: What's the next major plans for the LSPD, in terms of properties, any new dedicated training facilities, or such? A: Well. At the moment we have several more mothballed properties around the state. Beyond that we have our contract with the National Guard on using Fort Zancudo, we've got headquarters here and a station in Mission Row. Our plans are to start renovating the mothballed stations we have around the station - think of La Puerta, Vinewood, etcetera. And to start using them as soon as our numbers are up. Mayor Rockford has been a continued supporter of the uh, growth of our organization. Thanks to his support we've been able to take on many new young officers. These new officers will need a good space to work in. So, as we expand, we start to make use of more of those properties that are currently not active. So yeah- to answer your question, we are very much looking forward to opening up new stations around the city. It provides us with more opportunities to work with local community leaders and provide a safe haven for those that need it. End Note: Los Santos News was invited by the Los Santos Police Department's Media Relations and Community Affairs Division. ((thanks to @Big_Smokes & co for the event. ))
  12. Los Santos News Writer: Callie Palencia Date of writing: 08/JAN/2020 Part two of our investigation into G6's antics over the past week has uncovered a treasure trove of new information on the former G6 Executive, Richard Hampton. LSN sources exclusively revealed to us last week that he was arrested, now after a Freedom of Information Request, the LSPD handed over the arrest records of Richard Hampton who pleaded guilty to 4 charges. LSN was provided this information by a unknown Facebrowser account who provided us detailed accounts of what he had done which was later confirmed via a FOI request in which Richard Hampton was charged with MC 215 Fraud, MC 214 Forgery, FC 109 Tampering with Evidence and FC 113. Obstruction of Public Duty. Richard Hampton knowingly and intentionally delayed the LSPD when he was arrested and had forged documents on him, this begs the question of why the LS Government still works with a shady corporation like G6. This is the opening of a treasure trove of information as we're unsure of what else he's lied about. The LS Government continues to remain silent on the issues of G6 and multiple people have spoken out against G6 as a whole, including a LS Jewish Community announced a protest at the G6 HQ today at 6:00 PM. Details on the protest can be located:
  13. Los Santos News Writer: Callie Palencia Date of writing: 02/JAN/2020 Preface: Article was delayed due to unforeseen issues Los Santos News Sources has revealed to us that Richard Hampton, the current Chief Executive Officer of Gruppe 6 Security, the leading security company within Los Santos with security contracts with the Los Santos Government has been arrested a few days ago. The exact circumstances surrounding his arrest is yet to be revealed, LSN has reached out to Richard Hampton for official comments on the matter. But we don't think he'll respond since he's in jail. According to LSC (Los Santos Court) digital records Richard has yet to be arraigned at the Los Santos Court. LSNN was able to learn that G6 security has been sold onto another member of G6, Barry Bogan, who will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer. G6 repeatedly declined to comment on why Richard was arrested, nor did they comment on the future of G6. LSNN has reached out to the LS Government for comment on if they'll continue to work with G6 in the future. This isn't the first time a G6 member has been in trouble with the law, Daniella Hazelton was arrested for a SHAFT code violation a week ago, but the charges was ultimately dismissed. Case Ref: (State of San Andreas v. Daniella Hazelton) Gruppe 6 offers multiple tiers of services, ranging from business security to to bodyguard services, even private security details for the Los Santos Government. This is slowly becoming part and parcel of the security industry in Los Santos, dating back several months many high profile arrests was made of a Executive Security staffs for felony charges, all which was found guilty. While conducting background checks for this story, LSN confirmed that all of Executive Security staff has passed background checks. we're currently in the process of verifying G6 has the same standards. [CONTACT CALLIE PALENCIA FOR ADVERTISEMENTS]