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  1. Firefighters Battle Vespucci Canals Blaze Fire Department rushed to battle the blazing construction site The Los Santos Fire Department battled a intense structure fire around 6:25 PM on Friday, multiple teams was deployed to help tackle the raging inferno to prevent other houses in the area from being damaged. No other properties was damaged in the fire and it was put out around 7:00 PM Firefighter battling the blaze - Credits: Los Santos News Network Los Santos News Network was able to talk with two senior staff on scene who was able to provide details on the incident and the fire. A statement was provided by both Chief Fire Marshal Carlton Jones and Captain Archie Lannon. "The Department initially received a 911 call, the main structure involved was a incomplete two story residential and it had no fire alarms installed, Quint-71, ENGINE-1, and Rescue 72 was dispatched, along with the State Fire Marshal. No victims was located." - Archie Lannon, Fire Captain "It will be a few days until we can get an estimate on what happened here. As of now, seems like a typical construction fire. Investigation will begin immediately. " - Chief Fire Marshal Carlton Jones lsnn.gta.world
  2. Fire Department hunts for answers, following Firefighter suicide The Los Santos Fire Department has confirmed to Los Santos News that a unnamed female on-duty Firefighter has committed suicide at Maze Bank in Pillbox Hill. The exact motives and reasoning behind this high profile incident remain unknown, along with how the Firefighter was able to bring a firearm on duty with her, also remains unknown. Fire Station Seven, El Burro Heights. Los Santos News spoke with several sources within the Fire Department, and they confirmed a MEDEVAC and a RA was dispatched to the scene, but she was found dead. It's believed that the scene is currently under investigation by the Los Santos Police Department. Fire Department issued a statement to Los Santos News early this afternoon. The Police Department has yet to issue a formal statement. "We can confirm that a firefighter committed suicide early this morning at Maze Bank, Pillbox Hill with the use of a firearm, when the department's units arrived on scene, the individual was found deceased on arrival. The current status of the internal investigation which has began shows that the individual had shown no request for our available mental health resources, this however is not fully determined as of yet. We have no further comment at this time and our heartfelt condolences go out to the loved ones of the individual." - Freddy Mellet, Public Relations Director PD Statement is enclosed "After gathering the information, we can confirm that at approximately 0400, LSPD units responded to a call regarding a suicidal person at Maze Bank Tower. A Crisis Negotiator was deployed to this, along with a K-9 and several patrol units. Despite best efforts by the negotiator, they were unable to prevent the individual from taking their own life. Resuscitation was attempted on the scene to no avail." - James McClaren, Media Relations Commanding Officer Los Santos News sends our condolences to the family and the loved ones. Callie Palencia lsnn.gta.world There will be no advertisements ran on this article.
  3. District Council Elections Announced Callie Palencia Governor Brandt reveals details on elections The Los Santos Governor Robert Brandt has released a statement this evening announcing the plans for District Council elections on the 25th of September, the inauguration is set to begin later on the 1st of October. In his press release he outlines details for the two month election process. See his full statement below. LOS SANTOS – Governor Robert Brandt issued the below statement today regarding the beginning of the election process for the mayoral and council elections within the city of Los Santos. "Following the resignation of Mayor Rockford, officials from the state government have been working hard to keep the city government moving, this was, however, only a temporary measure. The Government of San Andreas are delighted to announce that the time has come to announce elections for both the mayoral and council positions within the Los Santos Government. This statement serves formal notice for the beginning of the two-month election process. This is as per the respective State laws of the San Andreas, as well as the Election Code of the City of Los Santos, The State looks on with excitement as the next generation of leaders look to take the city of Los Santos a grand new leap forward. The District Council elections will begin on 25/SEP/2020. The District Council Inauguration will take place on 01/OCT/2020. Candidate registration will open in due course. To the people of Los Santos, the future is finally in your hands. Robert Brandt. Governor of San Andreas." The power truly is in your hands, Los Santos. Further Reading (For Relevant/Chained Stories) BREAKING: Mayor Rockford Resigns lsnn.gta.world
  4. Legion Square Locked Down Callie Palencia Fire Department deploys ladder trucks, following suicide attempts at Flecca Bank Legion Square was locked down for a second time this week following suicide attempts at the Fleeca Bank, forcing authorities to respond on mass. The exact motives behind the Jumpers is unknown, the attempt on Thursday was a female who will remain anonymous, due to LSNN policies of victims, the second incident was related to a male evading LSPD, and he was able to reach the roof, a unnamed LSPD officer stated. Fire Department Ladder Truck deploying its ladder to the roof on Thursday While the motives and exact reasoning behind the jumps remain unconfirmed. A spokesperson for Fleeca declined to comment. A Fire Department source brought up concerns on bringing the female jumper down on the apparatus instead of using the stairs at the rear of the building. The Fire Department returned the following comment: "Upon receiving a dispatch call detailing a suicidal individual on the top of a building at Legion Square on the twenty-third of July, Quint-71 was assigned to the scene. On Quint-71's arrival, firefighters embarked towards the building the suicidal individual was on top of and began deployment of a rescue air cushion which would dampen any jumping attempt made, severely lowering the risk of a fatality. Once the rescue air cushion was successfully deployed, as a further safety precaution; a safety net was also deployed off the fourth floor of the building. Given time, the negotiators from the Los Santos Police Department assigned to the incident had eventually talked down the suicidal individual and he was brought down to safety via the Quint's aerial ladder, shortly after then being transported to the psychiatric ward at Pillbox Medical center for review. As of current, why the patient was brought down on Quint-71's aerial ladder is under internal investigation and is not standard operating procedure, an individual at risk of jumping from height would only typically be brought down to safety via the ladders on various members of our fleet if it was determined absolutely necessary, typically in the event of no safer exit being available, like in certain structure fires." Freddy Mellet, Director of Public Relations A full album can be located at the link below. https://lsnn.gta.world/index.php?/gallery/category/7-the-legion-square-incident/ lsnn.gta.world
  5. Fire Department Opens Davis Fire Station Callie Palencia The Fire Department opens Station Three after destructive riots The Fire Department has formally reopened its Fire Station in Davis, following destructive rioting earlier this month which resulted in the exterior being damaged and an Engine being destroyed. This is the first time the Fire Department was targeted during protests. Engineer K. Holland demonstrating various tools and equipment on the Fire Truck. The Department demonstrated to the crowd the Fleet assigned to the Davis Fires Station, ranging from Swift Water Rescue, Fire Trucks and Rescue Ambulances. The Urban Search and Rescue division took lead of the event, as Kurt Holland, Taylor Porter and Molly Steele gave a tour around the Davis Fire Station. Freddy Mellet, Director of Public Relations provided a comment on the opening of the Fire Station. "I'd like to give a huge thank you to all of those who attended our Fire Station Three open house, in light of protesters storming the station and a few of our firefighters receiving small injuries during the riots, we're very thankful it's over and peace has been somewhat restored. We hope our efforts at this open house did a lot to educate the public and let them know the fire stations across the city are open to all, we like to strongly bind ourselves with our local communities." Mellet also mentioned about the recruitment being opened up, "On that note, we also hope people individuals who attended had a spark in interest, hopefully wishing to now join the department! If they do wish to join, they can watch out on our website for our recruitment re-opening, which I believe will happen on the twenty-seventh of this month." He finished off his statement by thanking Los Santos News for attending the event. "We'd also like to give LSNN a special thanks for attending and covering this event." Los Santos News thanks the Fire Department for inviting us to the event. To view our full gallery from the event: https://lsnn.gta.world/index.php?/gallery/album/2-open-house/ Further Reading (For Relevant/Chained Stories) Fire Department Website Fire Department Facebrowser lsnn.gta.world
  6. Article coverage is linked below.
  7. The Raton Canyon Race Callie Palencia The second season kicked off at the Raton Canyon! 10 racers took part in the new season The San Andreas Motorsport Association, initially called Rush in Automotive was founded back in 2019 by L. Miller and E. Coleman. Rush in Automotive eventually met up with the then mayor Vincent Rockford, and evolved into R-Motorsport Federation and it organised it's own championships, ever since the company has evolved into San Andreas Motorsport Association, they give out FIA and IMSA approved racing licenses as well. The Miller Racing team claimed victory in the R5 Group, hitting a 02:16.04 with a solid performance in his Flash GT. The Autoholics team scored a victory in the H5 Group with a 02:08.71 in their Sultan Classic, and finally Chris Rae, the independent driver won H3 Group with a 02:26.94 in his Savestra. Rogue Motorbike disrupting proceedings for about five minutes. The Fire Department and Los Santos Police was on site at the event conducting medical and road barriers. There was a brief incident on the track into the event, where LSPD had to escort a rogue motorbike from the track which was disrupting proceedings. There was no other incidents. Times and results: R5 Group Miller Racing Team: 02:16.04 (Driver: Lucas Miller Co-Driver: Avis Miller) (2 SARC Points) Bishop Racing; 02:24.84 (Driver Alex Bishop, Co-Driver: Moon Myung) (1 SARC Point) H5 Group Autoholics Motorsports: 02:08.71 (Driver: Eric Martini, Co-Driver: Katie Seounu) (2 SARC points) Guido Motorsports: 02:13.51 (Driver Alexis Thorne, Co-Driver: Albert Barney) (1 SARC point) Miller Racing Team: 02:14.39 (Driver: Kirsten Landry and David Torres) Independent: 02:15.24 (Driver: Lucas Levesque. Co-Driver: Tyler Hennessey) SRC Motorsports: 02:17.16 (Driver: Richard Ersatz, Co-Driver: Ayato Kogami) Autoholics Motorsports: 03:05.73 (Driver: Nathan Wilson, Co-Driver: Moon Myung) H3 Group Independent: 02:26.94 (Driver: Chris Banks, Co-Driver: Alexis Rae) (2 SARC Points) Independent: 02:29.15 (Driver: Alexis Rae, Co-Driver: Chris Banks) (1 SARC Point) Further Reading For all our photography, check out our Gallery Check out San Andreas Motorsports Association website! lsnn.gta.world
  8. Freedom of speech is a blessed thing.
  9. Meet the new Fire Chief! Callie Palencia Los Santos News had the chance to sit down with the Fire Chief Randy Sikes Los Santos News Network was able to setup a meeting with the newly inaugurated Fire Chief Randy Sikes and Freddy Mellet to talk about the future of the Fire Department and the plans of the future. We learned a lot of new things, including the new station that will be opened shortly! (Left to right) Freddy Mellet, Randy Sikes, Callie Palencia. Full Interview Callie Palencia: What changes do you plan on bringing forward to the department Randy Sikes: My immediate goal is to review and update our policies and procedures, allowing them to be better understood and clarify what is expected of my employees. We're also in the process of replacing most of our fleet, starting with our engine companies. Our technical rescue capabilities are being expanded with the purchase of new rescue trucks. And lastly, we're looking forward to expanding our operations into Paleto Bay and the surrounding areas through our volunteer program and hope to push for funding in doing so. Callie Palencia: When do you plan on making the purchase, any time soon? Randy Sikes: The purchases have been made and the trucks have been spec'd out. We purchased five new engines, a heavy rescue, HazMat, and off road rescue vehicle.We're awaiting for them to finish testing before they come to us. They have to be thoroughly tested by the manufacturer. --- Callie Palencia: The Fire Department has undergone heavy scrutiny from the public lately, especially with the past riots, How do you plan on improving the Fire Department's reputation? Randy Sikes: I'm happy to address specific concerns if you have them. With that said, going forward with our Public Relations team, we'll be getting more involved in the community by hosting community meetings where we can have discussions with the public and address any concerns they may have. --- Callie Palencia says: What do you feel can be improved within the Fire Department? And how will you tackle that Randy Sikes: Of course, this is one of the most important questions for a new Fire Chief. There is always room for improvement; one thing that we have to do is keep moving forward and not remain stagnant. We hope to lead by example in implementing a structure that works. Part of our recent improvements was the establishment of our Fire Academy, in which we bring on new candidates in an extensive training program that prepares them for the real deal. The academy streamlines the whole recruitment process, in contrast to individualized training in the past which took a lot of time and resources. Our training instructors have been doing a fantastic job in that regard. Lastly, my goal is to be as transparent as possible with my employees and be open to feedback and suggestions from both my employees and the public. This allows me to push forward changes that are most effective. --- Callie Palencia: I see, and speaking of transparency, how do you plan on being more transparent with the public; this can be anything from expenditures, general internal affairs data. I believe the old fire chief... Hunter? Was happy to release data upon request, when I did ask about it. Randy Sikes: Of course. We publish a monthly newsletter to the department which is a great source for finding relevant information of what's going on, as well as recognizing outstanding members and their accomplishments. Along with the previously mentioned community meetings, that should also allow further transparency in giving the public a platform to let us know about their suggestion and issues. Along with that, I will be happy to release internal affairs statistics and comment on completed investigations. These should all be seen in the near future from our ever-growing Public Relations division who are doing some outstanding work. --- Callie Palencia: Do you plan on opening any other Fire Stations? Randy Sikes: Yes, currently we have plans to open two more stations. Station One in Paleto Bay was previously closed due to manpower limitations, and we will be reopening it as a volunteer station in the near future. Station Two, in Rockford Hills, will also be opening very quickly. It'll house our headquarters staff, and all of our administration functions. We'll also consider staffing it with response vehicles, but that's long term. Last month, we also opened Station Six at Los Santos International Airport, which services LSIA, contains our Fire Academy, and houses our Air Operations Division. Needless to say, we're expanding pretty quickly. And that's also in great part to Chief Hunter. He had a vision of what he wanted the department to be, and I'm now helping carry it out. Callie Palencia: I see, when you say fully staffed Volunteer station, will that 100% volunteers? Randy Sikes: It will likely be a hybrid of paid staff and volunteers; at least at first. Our Captains are all full-time staff, so the station would have to be managed by them. That may change, depending on the needs of the department. --- Callie Palencia: Mental Health is a complex issue to cover, especially with Firefighters and EMS, how do you plan on supporting your staff that may suffer from mental health issues? Randy Sikes: Of course, this is something that hits very close to me. It's widely known that firefighters and other first responders undergo God's work on a day-to-day basis and often have to experience trauma that very few could imagine. There's a lot of mental pressure that can be seen from our employees as a result of what they experience in their jobs and we've made extensive efforts in allowing periods of leave on the basis of mental health. Every year across the country, there are more suicides in first responders than actual line-of-duty deaths. Part of the problem regarding mental health is the fear of talking to a psychologist; a stigma has risen around it not just in the fire department, but in general life. In an effort to help our staff in difficult times moving forward, we'll be expanding our network of available psychologists and chaplains that our staff can reach out to at any time. Another thing we'll be implementing is something that fire departments across the world already do, and that's a critical incident stress debriefing. This can be activated after a serious call where the attendees can sit down with one another and talk about what happened in an open forum. Sometimes when you bring outside people in to deal with these situations, it can cause us to be closed off. So what this does is allow them to talk about it with those who were actually there. The other thing I'll be addressing is the way we discipline staff who may be suffering from PTSD. In the past, it's common that people who are suffering from PTSD get little to no support from their department and I want to make sure we're not doing that. If someone's suffering, we need to be there to support them so they can move on. When striking down hard on employees because of bad behavior that stems from depression or PTSD, that pushes them further downhill. Instead, we need to take a step back and see why a member is acting out and get them the help we need before resorting to disciplinary action. Los Santos News thanks the Fire Department Media Relations and the Fire Chief for sitting down with us. Further Reading LSFD website LSFD Photos (Ran by Freddy Mellet) lsnn.gta.world
  10. We started way back in 2019 with a focus on court news and information from the courts, but then I got a bit bored of that and moved onto general purpose news. A lot of this effort is a team one, so I do thank my management team for helping out with the heavy workload we've been getting recently. We do hope to continue this for a while. Thank you for the kind words!
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  12. THIS TOPIC IS BREAKING NEWS The Governor of San Andreas, Robert Brandt, has confirmed the immediate resignation of Mayor Vincent Rockford today. The Governor has thanked Rockford for all his hard work in the city. Requests for comment on the matter have gone unanswered by the Media Relations team. The full statement is below.
  13. LSNN

    The recent riots

    Actually I mis-read the comment you made, my apologies. from the PD chief Charles Hughes: From our end, about fifty to sixty were ultimately involved in the incident over the course of it. I can't speak for the Sheriffs or Fire Departments, however. While the incident was ongoing, we were able to still maintain regular patrol services for 911 calls. All in all, our field commanders did well yesterday.
  14. LSNN

    The recent riots

    From our discussions with the PD Chief, PD had around 30 to 40 staff online, which was handling the riots / other areas.
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