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  1. Unfortunately, 'would' would not be essential if roleplay was a single-player experience. As there are other parties involved, it is easier to say "Cara would attempt to kill Amelio in the face." as... Well, actually, no. You are not incorrect... It could simply be "Cara attempts to kill Amelio in the face." I stand corrected, and need to consider this further...
  2. This has actually been somewhat an issue, if anything during my time on the server. The aim has largely been to form friendships, or very ordinary social circles through which any number of possible activities can take place. Instead... it seems all of the relationships formed have been largely romantic pursuits that are not only a little too sudden to appreciate fully, they're so frequent that it has become difficult to really consider any specific one as a serious matter. It seems more like the relationships exist purely for an opportunity to date, rather than to just be friends. Is this an opportunity for roleplay? Absolutely! It is a unique conflict that provides many interesting avenues through which a character can develope. But after so many repeats...
  3. This is something I had hoped to attempt before, however it ultimately struggles due to the nature of roleplay - people roleplay to escape from work. Any business successful enough to have a workplace environment and population to create roleplay would in essence be little more than an actual second job. Offices cost money, workers cost money, and the less people/space you can afford, the faster the roleplay becomes stale. The current roleplay dynamic just does not make it possible outside of tightly knit groups of roughly five people at a time. Anything larger is usually too much of a financial strain alone to be viable.
  4. Is it even really a next season if all the characters we enjoy seeing are completely removed from the show? I struggle to imagine Season two of a Batman series surviving to a third season without the titular character present.
  5. This summary as a whole fails to address a number of concerns. However, if you are certain and willing to stake your reputation on such bold claims as the automatic rejection of CK permissions that may even remotely be motivated by an extortion or other form of theft failure due to a response from the victim, I suppose the concerns expressed can be put at ease. By your word, a CK cannot be pursued if an extortion attempt backfires and results in opening possibly even an entire organization to risk. The bosses will just have to accept that a single man or woman responsible for their downfall, is ultimately immine to any long lasting retribution. With that settled, I think we can continue a pleasant discussion regarding examples of fun and functional extortion tactics. My personal favorite tends to be the intimidation of various patrons, to give an impression of an area being too unsafe to visit 'favorite' establishments.
  6. The complaints seem to largely be aimed towards the individuals who have no interest in making it interesting so much as making a situation in which they are rewarded with script profits, with literally no interest in the Dynamics outside of that. You are correct that it does present opportunity, but the result is more often something subpar and fraught with OOC complications.
  7. Most of the encounters I have had with the police have been fairly brief. It probably helps that there is some extensive effort to be cooperative and ready to help with their questions and procedure. Even during a ride along with several stops and repeating visitation from a taxi driver with legs that could melt a cheese sammich from across the room and a face that could give radiation poisoning worse than Chernobyl, the stops tended to be brief. In retrospect, the occasions in which the officer stopped that taxi driver were likely deliberately brief...
  8. The problem is, there is literally nothing that can be done to prove it if the people responsible are competent. Interactions can seem entirely random if coordinated with even a little skill, and outcomes are vastly easier to dictate when the aggressor has any number more than the one they wish to act against. What do we report? ...when by realistic coincidence, it is one of a crime organization that has been hit by your car or targeted you for a mugging they couldn't quite carry out, thus creating a completely legitimate reason for an IC grudge. It does not help that this is a behavior that is specifically also a key component to be successful with criminal activity. The same tools that make the most successful criminals IC, are equally if not more useful with discreetly handling OOC affairs. Now, if there was some assurance that a group be investigated randomly and thoroughly if one of their members was reported successfully, I could see reports being practical. It would even teach into each a greater emphasis on proper roleplay, rather than underhanded OOC shenanigans.
  9. With how some crews and gangs operate, this is very much the case. It is not unheard of for groups to act in response to incidents that might have had unfortunate implications for one of their own. Already crime rolplay seems more focused on script gains rather than roleplay, what is to stop the only very slight jump to lethal coincidence? Given the decision of pursuing OOC justice against one with the cost of my character's life after some arranged encounter, or simply leaving it be and keeping quiet, the choice seems obvious, no?
  10. It should be emphasized that the experience was enjoyable because participation was possible for both sides in the encounter. The muggers actually allowed engagement by offering opportunities that were not just "give us everything or we'll kill you and take everything". Their focus was not on script items, their focus was to create roleplay. That is what is often the difference - if the criminals create the scene with roleplay being the reward rather than strictly script success, it is very likely they will find less OOC conflict. If it were possible to do so without metagaming, I would likely try to reward such encounters.
  11. Perhaps not extorted, however the most recent mugging was actually quite fun. As opposed to the five second "/b show /inv or ill kill you", the muggers actually took time to search, asked what I was comfortable with giving up, and even went to some effort to let me participate in more ways than just showing my inventory. I gave them a fairly generous assortment of inventory items and cash as a result. If a criminal organization was similarly mindful, extortion roleplay would be both welcomed and fun.
  12. There is also an issue of GTAW being dependant on the GTAV, a Rockstar game and service, to exist at all. It is perhaps not so bad if legal representatives of a brand reach out and contact us, but what are we to do if they instead contact Rockstar/T2 (or whoever the publisher is) directly due to poor research/malice? It would likely end GTAW as a whole.
  13. I do understand the limitations, it was merely a concern that it would be left out to make space for modded attire.
  14. Honestly, I would hope that we can acquire the high roller dress from the normal GTAO attire options. An example
  15. Alas, if this were true, it would exist already. Unfortunately, no such generic office worker position currently exists outside of small minimalist administration teams, usually the bare minimum required to maintain a profit and often made up of managers rather than average office worker personnel. This is not an unusual phenomenon, and it even shows with the current starter jobs - regardless of every obstacle and requirement put in the way, people will cut as many corners and do as little actual work as possible to get back to finish the job so that they can get back to roleplay, as that is the core purpose of the server - roleplay.
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