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  1. Power

  2. Power

    Is this still availible?
  3. Power

    They have both been sold.
  4. Selling a Willard Faction and Vapid Guardian. Asking 20k For the Willard Faction and 65k for the Guardian. Negotiable. Send me an email ((PM)) with your name and number if you are interested.
  5. Power

    I have a upgraded Willard Faction. Willing to sell it for 15k. Two door coupe. Surprisingly fast, upgraded transmission and turbo charged as well. Let me know if you are interested.
  6. Power

    First name: Kareem Last name: Olajuwon Address: N/A Phone number: 45342564 Vehicle: Ranger XL Notes: Call and we can arrange delivery location. Willing to come to you as well.