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  1. Selling a Dealership business located in the luxurious Rockford hills. Very large lot can comfortable hold 40 vehicles. Throwing in a Tow Truck with the sale of the property a must need for any dealership business. Parking lot also featured on the side of the lot for customers. Starting Bid: $150,000 Buyout: $300,000
  2. You've had this up for a week with no interest. If you are willing to come down off the price I'd be interested. But no one is going to pay that much for something without a private entrance.
  3. Could you provide pictures of the exterior?
  4. Ah sick. Doing good brother always nice to run into someone from SARP.
  5. Who are you from SARP. Might be able to guess who I am from my username.
  6. Thank you! I own Los Santos Auto group I think one of the oldest vehicles I have I bought on July 2nd. I've had some cars/bikes for weeks. I didn't deal in high end cars to begin with but its gotten to the point its not even worth it to deal in cars over 60k. Now I can't operate on as small of margins as I use to and unfortunately I have to make significantly lower offers just to make it even remotely profitable. And its crazy how many people don't understand the concept of negotiating.
  7. This isn't realistic. Some of the player complaints I've seen made by cops. Getting gunned down by a gang of people because there friend is in a traffic stop. Players complain about things like this but don't realize or don't want to realize it's them and their fellow players that create this environment and force faction management to adapt.
  8. The 5 percent tax changes nothing. . All it does it force people to take less money for their cars because they know they still have to pay the tax on private sales. We are just going to do exactly what every other business does in real life when they get taxed, pass the expense onto the consumer. Don't make the same mistake LSRP did by making rules for every sort of "injustice" just because Admins have control over situations that don't exist in real life. Guess what people flip cars in real life to on all different levels and make good money doing with. Same with houses.
  9. This, I've seen so many many GTA roleplay communities make this mistake, Kowtow to the playerbase to make them happy reality they guys are just complaining about what they want with no care for the bigger picture and that is how bad decision get made. You just need good, smart leadership who can look at the facts and the needs of the server and make their own decision.
  10. I understand what you are saying but you can make that complaint about any business. Are mechanic shops paying for their heavy duty equipment and maintaining them? Is any business paying utilities, insurance, etc. You can do that endlessly with any business so I don't think this specific criticism is fair.
  11. Some of the things people are saying they would like to see. They don't mind seeing other people doing it if it helps with their immersion but they would never be willing to take the time do it themselves. Examples like people bringing up legal/civillian roleplay. And at the end of the day this is a game and no matter how dedicated you hope people are to keeping things "realistic" its never going to be that. The functions of the game are going to promote certain behavior for example people who roleplay middle class jobs like mechanic driving super cars. You don't think in real life if someone made enough money at McDonalds to drive BMW they wouldn't and people expect others when put into the same situation in this game not to do the same? The only reason the guy that works at your local mechanic isn't driving a lamborghini is either because he can't afford it or doesn't like it.
  12. A lot of people her have way too idealistic expectations for roleplay.
  13. I can only speak for myself office space is attached to where I am selling car. If you obtain the lease my way the only way to really do it if finding a place where you can put an office space. And I know a few other dealerships who are exactly the same way.
  14. Perfect example of what I mean by people being critical with having no knowledge of the system in place. Nothing personal man you aren't the only one in this thread to do this but there is already a system in place for that. I'll eloborate Anyone can open up an illegal dealership just find some random parking lot and start selling cars but you will shutdown fairly quickly by the Department of Finance and risk being fined up to 50k. To run a Dealership legally you have to be registered as a business on the Gov website. In order to register your business you need to list an address and show proof you own it as a lease which usually in the forum of a screenshot of the lease in your UCP. The Business registration only permits you to do your business on that property if there is physically commerce going on. Only way to obtain property for a dealership is through the lease system, admins won't approve property request for dealership atleast not initially. Either be lucky and apply for one of the leases that pop up in the lease request list or find your own spot make a property request and hope it gets approved. If the cap for dealership set by PM is already met then you are SOL. If you aren't a registered business and just try to start randomly selling cars you will be shut down. That is why you might see some random dealership pop up and then disappear the next day. All the legal dealership you see now PM approved all their leases including myself and we all had to register our business.
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