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  1. Majority of players here are tech savvy since we play games on PC, we most of the time try to deal with issues we encounter on PC on our own and fix shit.
  2. Highly depends your definition for brand new. If you buy a car in real life, the moment you bought it (without even driving yet!) it lost some of it's value. Upgrades do not help boost vehicle value beyond what it was purchased for(/vstats). Paying Brand New Registered price is a scam in my eyes, why? Because Registration TAX is just that TAX, it is not part of the vehicle value itself, that money goes to the Government to issue that vehicle a license plate to be legally on the road. That TAX does not justifies pricing a vehicle at that just cause the person put a lot of upgrades in it. More over, take a look at what a brand new car costs IRL and then look same car, but second hand price, you'll see NEVER sold for brand new price unless it is a One of a kind or old car that is classified as Collectors Item (meaning manufacturer no longer produces that specific model!). If you have a vehicle that was just bought, upgrades (performance / security) added onto it, mileage is under 25 miles, security is higher than 25 days yes, that vehicle should be sold for brand new non-registered price max. Because Asking higher is a scam. If people do not know the pricing, well, then taking an advantage over someone who does not know is no bueno. I've had friends who paid over 290k for an old 8F Drafter, around 320~330k, when said 8F was with about 2500 miles if I recall correctly, and $130,000 price in /vstats. By IC standards it's an older vehicle that was longer on the road, mileage speaks for itself here, a vehicle like that should not be sold over $130,000 in my book, one of the reasons I as a dealer avoid cars like that. We always speak of realism that, realism that, immersion that. But we ignore that regarding vehicles, we don't act or Roleplay as the vehicles age, have wear and tear on them and such just because the current system does not enforces it or does apply it. What ever people willing to pay, so you going to tell me, a car with 10,000 miles will worth same as 250 miles? I don't, because you need to do maintenance and god knows whether it was done on time or late as fuck and results in a bad car. Which we can not resolve since there is not way to swap engine and such. I'll take the VR market for example, since the Covid 19 hit you barely could lay your hands on a BRAND NEW set of any VR head set (Index, Vive, Oculus) and you saw people selling second hand for brand new price if not higher, because there was demand but limited supply due to pandemic. You've seen 3rd party resellers selling brand new Oculus Quest that originally cost $400 for a 64GB model for $700~800 because limited supply. Just recently in the last month or so we started seeing a drop in 2nd hand market price on those headsets and some becoming available from 1st party stores. In-game we do not face such an issue where we can't just stroll to nearest dealership and buy a brand new vehicle. Hence second hand market should not be higher than brand new non registered, I hope you understand what I am saying here. Moreover in real life we have a lot of sources that give you an estimate for a second hand vehicle and it's price range, which we do not have here. Something a community member attempted to do here, but was banned due to an issue he created himself.
  3. Then you've missed the Dubsta Sport's being sold for 170k or Komoda's sold for 150k and up? or a Hellfire that someone asked 220k for which is about 70k above what it actually costs. Some dealers agree to pay that and resell higher, in turn legitimizing the people to ask higher. With all due respect there is a reason why Nervous added the original purchase price in /vstats.
  4. Exactly, it will cause the current prices move higher up. The result will be put a rule saying that a vehicle can not be sold higher than what /vstats shows, since that would be realistic and kill the over priced vehicles I've seen where they ask brand new + registration price or even higher which with all honesty is a scam in my eyes.
  5. That is a nice idea, but not when people & Dealers included, over value their vehicles and ask beyond /vstats price. I've seen people ask above brand new registered price for a vehicle. If you want to add that percentage of tax, sure, but make it a rule that vehicles must not be sold above /vstats purchased price, because IRL you never see a vehicle sold above it's original brand new price unless it's a one off vehicle, or collectors vehicles which is no longer produced. But with all honesty that tax should be applied to car dealers if any. Otherwise it will be hurting private sales.
  6. Highly depends, a hit to the stomach can rupture an organ and lead to death, a painful one.
  7. I fully agree and like some of the rules and changes they added with this update, will prevent people from hoarding housing. Though I know for a fact (not sure if it is being enforced now) that a while back, a friend was banned for 6 months, prior the ban he had an apartment, upon his unban, he logs in, apartment still his. Shows admins do not do inactivity evictions.
  8. Regarding your 2nd point, totally agree, my character has a car collection but the most expensive cars are not above 250k, more over those cars were bought at different times slowly collecting them. I don't like seeing a car dealer do shit like what you said, had multiple instances where a person comes to my lot wants to buy a low end car that is worse than what they have, I openly told them IC that their current car is way better and they should not sell it to downgrade. I was honest, yes, I care for revenue for the business but not to the point where I will fuck over another player for profit.
  9. I have a friend, bought Drafter 8F for over what a brand new non registered one cost, while /vstats of his say 130k. He had no idea the prices were changed until I told him about it. One of the reasons I avoid buying cars like Drafter 8F, Komoda, Rebla because people over value it up to if not higher than brand new & registered.
  10. I've seen that done by multiple business owners who start a car lot near their main business to add more revenue. For example my character ended up running a car lot due to IC events that lead there, not because of money. More over, currently waiting on my office remodel to be done in order to utilize it for sales & add more value to the RP 🙂
  11. The problem stems that cars like the Drafter 8F that shows 130,000 in /vstats is sold as a brand new (290k and up) one or higher cars with 1500 miles are sold for the brand new price and above that. Problem is people jack prices above what the car really worth. Car price changes were done to multiple vehicles over the last year or so and allot of people who are new to the server and even older players do not know this. @eMe @mj2002 more over in my opinion reselling a second hand car above what /vstats shows is scamming for all intents and purposes regardless if it's a private entity or a business who does it. Otherwise, why else Nervous go through eh hassle of adding that into /vstats, to prevent people from over paying on cars that had it's car price changed. As I see it people relatively fail to actually understand why Mileage does play a role in the cars price. I am all for this idea, let PM deal with poor RP dealers. You see the not serious ones come and go, the ones that stick around do something better. My character never had a beef with another dealer for the entirety of the duration of keeping the lot open, even recommends people check other lots if my lot does not have what they look for.
  12. Because in most cases I've had an offer made after I was asked a price for lets say I vehicle I bought for 70,000 I price it 87,000. The person asks for the price of the vehicle, I say 87,000, to which he proceeds to make a counter offer of 60,000 (not everyone do it, but there are people like that), a person like this, I won't even bother haggling because if I agree to his offer I am loosing money here, not even breaking even. I've had other instances where I bought a car 80,000, priced at 97,000. A person came and asked about the vehicle, asked the price, and right after that said how about 90,000 I took him on it, why? Because he offered me something reasonable and in the end that was the price I would honestly be willing to sell the car at. What I am trying to say is, you come to a Business, if a Business is not profitable it will close and shutdown. You can easily notice the dealers that close and re-open on a new location with new name, why? Because probably their lot is not as successful so changing the name and location could help try again. So far I see 3 car lots that are hard sticking around and actually make good money while making good deals to others. Moreover when someone comes to my lot and asks about specific cars I always mention price is negotiable, letting them know I'll be willing to haggle to an extent of course. Some people even come in and do a trade in, give me a car and cash for another car, in most cases they upgrade like that. What I want to say here, stick with the dealers that actually gave you a good deal more than once on selling or buying a car (does not have to be my lot) because the owners will remember you and be willing to haggle and help you because you are a return costumer.
  13. My office is right next to the lot I am using to sell cars at. Like you step outside the office turn to your left and you are at the lot. Also Sunset Autos has similar layout of you exit the office turn left and you at the lot. Office exists at multiple lots I know off. Short list of lots that actually have an office meaning they own the property and parking (List of what I know!) : Hawks Motors - Right outside the office. Rockford Lot - Office roof is the lot. Hot Autos - Right outside the office. Sunset Autos - Right outside the office. These are the ones that I know for a fact that have a proper office linked right next to their car lot. So yes, if you legally obtain land and register as a business then you are a business for all intents an purposes. Moreover I do not condone rushed roleplay during a car sale, properly processing a sale is the interesting part of the roleplay while car dealing, the opportunity to haggle on the price. Currently there are 2 lots that are somewhat hosted on public or previously owned lots that I believe are not properly registered, meaning they are busing the current situation where the Governmental site's not accessible so you can't register properly, causing the fact that no one is actually taking action against them YET. I hope action will be taken against them, with an option either file for an office lease & register business or shutdown.
  14. Highly depends on the interior in my opinion, but yes, some interiors look better at night than at day time. Especially since we can't change the texture color on the objects due to limitations of the game and such. So I am not against it as long as it's Roleplay-ed properly.
  15. I avoid saying "Fully maxed", instead I usually say "Has multiple performance upgrades", after which I'll give more detail to the other party if asked for clarification.
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