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Vash Baldeus

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  1. Vash Baldeus

    What happens if a situation happened where two or more people were in a gun fight that resulted in an admin situation, this system can not be automatic. Meaning an admin has to decide if it's PK or CK, which will add more work to what Admins do now.
  2. Vash Baldeus

    I agree, if a person does it repetitively and more than 3 times, catch his ass, take away his asset. That shit happens IRL.
  3. Vash Baldeus

    I'd agree for Repeat offenders to have their shit confiscated/crushed as they endanger not only themselves & LSPD but also the by standers.
  4. Vash Baldeus

    Repeat offenders yes. By repeat I mean like first offense a major ticket, second offense is double or triple first ticket, third offense he's out of a Pariah. I personally never evade, I prefer to reduce the hassle for myself with PD.
  5. Vash Baldeus

    I agree with this.
  6. Vash Baldeus

    Cause I personally had an incident where a cruiser ran into my car while it was mid chase of someone, and drove off. You think it is realistic? I don't. You don't ram your car and almost T Bone another car and just like that drive off as if nothing happened.
  7. Vash Baldeus

    That does not mean it is Exempt.
  8. Vash Baldeus

    Last time the car I seen had LSPD ## on plate, not a proper plate according to what you Say.
  9. Vash Baldeus

    Not my issue is it? Double standards much. You want to abide & enforce the law? Follow it yourself. You don't abide the law you are trying to enforce, don't enforce it. Why I am so clung to it? Cause in case a Police Cruiser damages a civilians vehicle, whom shall he contact an imaginary insurance company?
  10. Vash Baldeus

    I'll add something to the Realism you've stated, their Cruisers are not insured script wise, yet they enforce that law. Double standards by all counts, you can't go against the law. I believe Nervous showed once how the budget is covered for Departments and Government, so why not count that in there hm? It's Insurance part of maintenance of a vehicle. Tracing can be accurate if you use 3 different cell towers or more, that way it can be accurate, yet I've yet to see ANY cell towers in the northern part of the map, starting from Sandy Shores and heading North. Phone system and reception should be reworked, which will cause Tracing be reworked as well.
  11. Vash Baldeus

  12. Vash Baldeus

  13. Vash Baldeus

    Young female looking for work, for offers contact 6377419
  14. Vash Baldeus

    Albany Washington - $65,000 - NEW Dinka Blista Compact - $37,000 - NEW Albany Cavalcade II - $85,000 - NEW Savestra - $75,000 - NEW Benefactor Schafter V12 - $180,000 - NEW