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  1. My homie Shietrek got this. Take it far.
  2. I like ya' cut G'. Looks good, take it far.
  3. This is some quality content.
  4. why's Benjamin not blond?
  5. He won't be messing with Hawk again, that's for sure.
  6. Finally a Norteno faction. Take it far.
  7. Had good and fun time reading all of these screenshots. Keep the good work up.
  8. Quality and fun read. Jin is a poser btw.
  9. Hello, there might be a solution to your error. Have you checked out the guide about RageMP modding? (Credits to @Sterren) Also, what mod are trying to download? Is it updated?
  10. @[email protected]@MrsHamster last but not least, @Chey Congratulations to you, and the rest! Well done, appreciate the effort.
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