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  1. Username: GoReds13 Comment: fucc a dead wilbur on dead c-boys, all my homies lspdk lssdk on ccb nigga id smoke a cop *Comment would be posted from a Vespucci Beach IP address*
  2. Casper from that big bad Florencia gang
  3. The big problem is with quite a bit of police officers on the server is they don’t roleplay a character as many other players on the server do. There is very little character development amongst most police officers and as many people have stated before, many of them act in a “robocop” type of way. You can tell this is prevalent when many 13-16 year old characters are treated the exact same way as a 26 year old one. Of course, this is not the case with all cops on the server. But I will confidently say that a lot of the time it’s hard to RP as a criminal on the server due to the fact that most of the time whenever you shoot at someone, a police cruiser will come rushing down the street within 10 seconds. I understand how areas like Davis and South Central are low income, high crime, and gang infested areas. But it’s simply unrealistic and frustrating when every single time you shoot someone your pretty much guaranteed to face the police immediately. I personally enjoy role playing a character in county jail, however, I can see why many people wouldn’t want to and it’s not the direction they want to take with their character. But with how the police operate in the “ghetto” areas, it’s hard to develop a gang character.
  4. Zhaloi is a great role player from my experience with him, good luck!
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