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  1. sasha

    don't mind that thing on the wall, we're strictly NLF here . . . Minh represent . . .
  2. sasha

    3/10 cus bad team
  3. sasha

    Selling a black retro Elegy w/ turbo amongst other mods. Text me @ 8971154 or leave a message here to bid.
  4. sasha

    Looking for a used Annis Elegy Retro, hit me up with offers on mail ((forum pm)) or post on this.
  5. sasha

    davis viet cong boys good luck looks great !!
  6. sasha

    was in a hurry so couldn't clean my room, but here it is:
  7. sasha

    Yeah, def had to do some fixing. The RO/RS games are great though, and the community is amazing, so I feel like it's worth it.
  8. sasha

    can definitely recommend rs2:vietnam after about 700 hours, great game
  9. sasha

    This makes me want to create an alt, always wanted to compete for the best downhill on Akina ! Looks amazing, good luck !
  10. sasha

    Breaking & entering https://youtu.be/8Y4eFnLRIzI
  11. sasha

    banned for being makkebakke
  12. sasha

    Nice hair