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  1. Subject: [Lucas_Breaux] [Albany Buccaneer Custom (Buccaneer2)] Content: I bought the Albany Buccaneer Custom without knowing that the roof wasn't synced with the people around me. It can be on for me and off on the next persons screen. UCP / Login Name: kttSASHA Character Name: Lucas_Breaux Items & Amount Lost $89400 Exact time and date: I bought it around a few days before I was banned 6 months ago. (25th of June I think) Reason: Bought a bugged car. Evidence: I can show you in-game if you would like, as I can only screenshot my own perspective.
  2. sasha

  3. sasha

    I agree to these terms, yes.
  4. sasha

    The metagaming is definitely unjustifiable, I still don't get why I thought it was okay to do that back then. As far as the murder goes, in my opinion it was the result of subpar RP that should've never ended up like that and it is purely regret. I acknowledge these dumb actions and I feel that I've matured and that I am above those things. If I am unbanned, I want to participate in quality roleplay and stay away from breaking rules and subpar RP, those things benefit nobody in the end. (Also I'm not sure what you mean about being in trouble with admin team "as much as I have", as far as I remember this ban has been my only conflict? Can't check it anywhere so correct if I am wrong.) @Maca
  5. sasha

    SUBJECT: [Lucas_Breaux] [Maca] Date of ban: 25/06/2018 Ban reason: Consistent metagame & poor reasons to kill. Explanation: When I got banned I was told it was for 3 months, now 6 months has passed. I feel that I've learnt my lesson and I am not interested in breaking the rules again. Evidence: 3 months ago, after the ban time passed, you told me to make an appeal.
  6. sasha

    don't mind that thing on the wall, we're strictly NLF here . . . Minh represent . . .
  7. sasha

    3/10 cus bad team
  8. sasha

    Selling a black retro Elegy w/ turbo amongst other mods. Text me @ 8971154 or leave a message here to bid.
  9. sasha

    SUBJECT: [Nigi#6946] [Nervous] Date of ban: 19-06-18 Ban Reason: Not specified Explanation: I think I was banned for posting memes about a dead rapper (XXXtentacion obv). I don't see the problem in clowning someone who has strangled and beaten his spouse along with having 13 other felonies lol. I'm 101% sure if I had posted a meme about OJ simpson or something I wouldn't be banned. Evidence: discord logs
  10. sasha

    Looking for a used Annis Elegy Retro, hit me up with offers on mail ((forum pm)) or post on this.
  11. sasha

    davis viet cong boys good luck looks great !!
  12. sasha

    was in a hurry so couldn't clean my room, but here it is: