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  1. The more attentive LSPD officers already camp out there sometimes when there's businesses open, but having it designated as an actual safe zone might restrict some of the RP going on over there.
  2. Interceptors are like others mentioned restricted to a rather serious degree. They're not your typical patrol vehicle that responds to 911 call. They're pro-active assets attributed to a specialized division. Assets that that focus on speed enforcement first and foremost. Are they fast? Bet they are, cause they're designed to do what their name says. Intercept. Even out of the entire division that reserves the privilege of using them, only a handful of officers (read: A dozen or so out of a department of 200+) are dedicated interceptors that really know how to maximize the output of the car. Contrary to what most people say, it's not a car without weaknesses, it most definitely has them. And even a good driver can only mitigate those weaknesses to a degree. There are cars out there (Looking at you elegy) that once maxed out in terms of upgrades, can easily outperform an interceptor, or at the very least, make whoever's driving them break a sweat. They are however also used as reaction-assets by officers that are certified to use them in the event of pursuits. They fill the gap in the event there's no active interceptor in the field. But that takes time, and they aren't as experienced as specialized officers. The reason people keep bringing up the interceptor, is because the people who use them most regularly, are also the people who know what it's strengths and weaknesses are. They are used to pursuits, know the geography, the streets, and developed strategies specifically for pursuits, practice routinely to make themselves better drives with it, and above all. Active in-game wise aswell. Coupled with the lamentations of people who paid alot of money to fully upgrade their exotic import and then get busted and get upset about it.
  3. /locktolls And then get 911 call after 911 call of angry upset ppl Greatest. time. Ever.
  4. If you're across the street, not getting in the way, or too close. Nobody will care that you film. If you however are close, and refuse to back up when being told so repeatedly, then they'll move you. Seems to me there's more to this than what you are letting on.
  5. I link but never get a message from the GTAW discord bot
  6. You can always request information on the website. Reporters have a dedicated section where they can request information regarding certain events. Someone from MRCAD will then go through reports or get in contact with people on shift that know anything about the incident. Or in certain cases, they'll tell you they'll release a press release themselves later on. That way you can tell
  7. I'm afraid you haven't been able to find it, but I can assure you, PD does passive RP way more. You just don't see it as an outsider. Really not uncommon for someone to be sitting in a parking lot filing paperwork, when another unit rolls up, says hi & starts talking, then another shows up, etc. People take breaks, people go to drive-thru's with their partners. Most police officers that do this however are ones that have been in faction for a while, as new people focus all their attention on making it through their probation and don't really "have time" to socialize & take breaks. Detectives sometimes hold bullpen jamboree's (Coffee breaks whilst swapping intell) at their headquarters. Metrocops (Metropolitan tactical officers) sometimes practice on their own in the gym, some go running. Some go cycling. Like I said, regular people don't usualy stumble onto this, as most officers tend to shy away from the public and prefer to take breaks together away from the general public. (We're all very introvert) But like Goddessoflife already mentioned, there's an entire division known as MRCAD (Media Relations and Community Affairs Division) dedicated to doing just that, going from business to business, ensuring event safety, liasing with the community, you name it.
  8. Can always join the lean mean blue machine!
  9. That's interesting. But why order to kill a cop. Like I said, there is nothing but extremely bad consequences attached to it. To me, the uninitiated, it makes far more sense to order to kill a rival gang member, or anyone BUT a cop. Worst a rival banger can do is be upset with you guys and retaliate. Where if you kill a cop, the entire city's department of (Realistically anyway) thousands of people turns their undivided rage and attention squarely onto y-o-u and everyone associated to you. Is it purely for the notoriety? Why do certain OG's murder their own for bringing heat to their hood, when others like this case, applaud it, different gang different rules?
  10. I'm going to keep the civilized discussion going, what WAS the reason provided. ? I'll play with an open hand, my experience with gangs comes from friends who are passionate about it. My experience and my preference lies firmly in the LEO ballpark. But even for me, an outsider to the whole gang scene, it's obvious what kind of horrible idea shooting police officers is in broad daylight. Regardless of numbers. Even for a "notorious" streetgang, you aught to know that doing that kind of stunt is instantly putting you on every agency's radar. Every specialized division is now going to take special interest in you in the worst way immaginable, everything gets put under a magnifying glass. And not just you, everyone associated to you. To me as someone who has 0 idea of what goes on in that aspect it just seems immensly foolish, but I'd be more than happy to see the other side of the fence.
  11. So a topic asking what you want or don't want to see from gang rp'ers isn't the place to post a video outlining exactly what 1 of the major issues is with gang RP. Gotcha. Understandable.
  12. And you think that video isn't cause for real concern?
  13. Are you positive about that? Edit. Nvm
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